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Noob theme solos

About me, I'm a professional guitarist &music producers, with Algerian roots, making 360° from North African&traditional music to electronic music.

I'm good at creating/introducing the fusion of oriental/arabic/middle-eastern melodies in occidental music, in a modern way of grooves and harmony.
It doesn't have to be only this kind of music, if you already have a melody for your song, and you know how you want it, we can try the experience!

i have a special and unique touch in playin guitar solos, and In creating themes. Check the track on my profile to have an idea.

I'm experienced with mixing tracks up to 80 tracks per song, depends on the gender of the music.

i do also vocals mix, tuning, reducing breath editing ..etc

hit me with a message if you need more informations or have any questions, I'm friendly and like to share experiences :)

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

this is an example of my work and guitar touch

I was the producer, mixing /mastering engineer and solos player in this production

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