I create songs.

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Like all great composers; give them an emotion they will write you a symphony. I write symphonies I need a vocalist to make them a reality. I write with a passion and it is to impact and instill emotion into others. Lets collaborate and make our dreams become our reality. All you want in life is to make it and all I want to do is help you.

Young music enthusiast that wants his work to be heard by millions. I have one dream and that dream is to be the ember that sparks a fire. Not all embers make their own fire but are the cause of something big. I don't dream to be the face behind the song. I want someone else to live that. I dream to have my work and talent put out there for all to hear. All in return would be a fair cut of the revenue and my name in the credits of who the song was written by. If you want to go through this journey and make the memories of some of the worlds best artists had then lets go. I'll be your Bernie Taupin and you will be my Elton John.

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I am looking for a partnership that will result into fame. Let me write for you and make something that has ever been heard before but is loved by everyone.

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