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Mixing, music and sound design - Tom ter Veen

Hi! I have been busy working at my craft for about 4 years now. Mastering Ableton and diving in the world of music production, mixing and sound design. I love it, and I am always looking for the next step. Let's connect and just talk. I am willing to give you lot's of value! Also willing to do some free work, let's discuss it! Greets, Tom

Producer, Mixer, Mastering - Leifur Orn

I want to help you achieve the sound that you're looking for!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dars Matias

In many years of playing with a band and now mixing and mastering a song, i became so passionate in making every song great and just enjoy a good sounding music which i believe what everybody wants.

Producer, Mixing, Mastering  - Ajja

Musician since age 9. Recording engineer since age 14.

I doing Art) - Sdominanta

I do everything that is beautiful

 - beatsbyphelix

Hip-hop producer

Mixing & Mastering - Scaevus Studio

Musician that loves do everything in the music: play, listen, record, work...

Mixing, Mastering & Reamping - RW Audio

Hey there! My Name is Rene, i'm 23 and a Audio Nerd.

Remotely mix, master, produce - Ryan Cavanaugh

I've been writing and mixing my own music, but would love to be able to help out by mixing or producing for others that are not as proficient!

Composer/Producer/Mixer - Jordan Brooks

I'm a composer and producer with 8 years of experience, specifically focusing on electronic, orchestral, and ambient genres. Emotion, clarity, and direction are elements I will bring to your project.

Music Producer, Vocalist - Jo Jaleel

A music producer and vocalist of 3 years from Manchester, UK specialising in Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk and R&B.

Music Composer - SU-T

Freelance Music Composer

Mixing, Arranging, Scoring - Rob Wolk

I like to find the balance between accessible and unique. How can you communicate your authentic self in a way that the most amount of people will groove to? I'm a composer, drummer, producer, and engineer. Experience and interest in all styles of music (rock, hip-hop, classical, experimental).

Mixing and Mastering - Nicholas Catalano

Affordable mixing, mastering, and audio editing, done professionally

Music editing, mixing, comping - Frank Furter Studio

Frank Furter Media Lab is a company dedicated to audio specialized edition, be it vocal comping, comping, tuning, quantization, restoration and mixing, either stereo or 5.1 surround.

Mix/Master Engineer, Guitarist - Michael Henss

15 years experience as a songwriter, session bassist, session guitarist, mix engineer, and mastering engineer.

Drummer / Arranger / Producer  - Ash

boot and cats. boots, boots and cats

Music producer - Telde music

I work with music production. I have done a lot of remixes and are now making my own music.

Drum/ Record/ Mix/ Edit/ SD - Ronnie B

Drumming for 14yrs and mixing/ recording for 10. I constantly study and mix to enhance my mixes. Im kind of addicted to the grind. I do everything in Pro Tools with a majority of Waves and Universal Audio plugins and some analog outboard gear. I can provide reamping and or al-a-cart services if thats what you need as well.

Music for Sync-Producer/Mixer - Ellis Dews

Whether you're an artist looking to release a project, a songwriter seeking a publishing deal or maybe getting your music placed in Film/TV and commercials. I approach each and every project with your end goal in mind.

Mixing / Producing / Recording - Coffee House Studio

Does your music sound like Caliente Basura? (Hot Garbage) I will mix your tracks and make them sound GOOD. I have some major credits on some major labels but all from the shadows, So if your looking to sound radio ready I'm your engineer!

Mixing and Mastering engineer  - Johnny Helms

Johnny Helms has over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, most notably working in music. He has been the owner and operator of the Music Lab in Niagara Falls NY since 2009 where he has worked as a composer, producer, musician and audio engineer.

Music Producer - Austin Handly

Hi there! My name is Austin, i'm a Music Producer from the Beehive state of Utah! I have a passion for coffee roasting, rock climbing & of course songwriting! I've been writing songs from a young age and have over 6 years of Music Production experience with Ableton Live! I'd love to speak with you about future goals & see how I can be of service!

Mastering, Mixing, Production - Joey Diehl

Hi, I'm Joey! I am an Audio Engineer and Mastering Engineer (Brett Young, Gavin DeGraw, Seaforth) and I want to help you make an amazing record. Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Demo Production, Mastering, Songwriting; whatever the need, together we can bring your project to life!

Producer, Mixer - Chris

Over 15 million streams online with sync placements for a broad range of clients including Showtime USA and Channel 9 as well as features from international tastemakers MrSuicidesheep and Chill Nation. Signed to Mushroom Publishing.

Session Guitarist - Ryan Stead

Need to take your tracks to the next level? I've recorded on countless top 40 songs across many genres. Can cover very creative-complex options to the simplest hook lines all in one session.

Music Producer - Songwriter - Kiol

Music producer, songwriter and arranger since 2015. With more than 300 songs self-written and produced, more than 200 gigs and 10 professional studio experiences, I travelled around the world to bring my music in front of thousands of people. Specialized in hooks, catchy motifs, passionate lyrics and innovative productions!

Music Producer/Composer - tommy-dowse

Orchestral-Hybrid composer looking for exiting new projects.

Producer  Recording Studio - Edmond

I'll create a radio-ready music

Musician and songwriter - Tomi Antinoja

Erikoisosaamista ovat ohjelmointi, tuottaminen, säveltäminen sekä co-writing. Kysy lisää jos kaipaat vaikka rytmiraitoja tai jonkun biitin.

 - Def Dragon Studio

I am an audio engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Technology from American University. I have been a consumate musician most of my life and in addition to composing, I offer my services as a mix engineer. For more information, please visit

Take it to the next level - RCSound

My name is Rasmus and I am a schooled music producer, sound engineer and bass player from Aalborg University.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Vadim Pashutin STUDIOVADIKAN

Do you want serious sound for your song or album? Please contact us, you will not regret it.

Psychedelic Mixing Engineer - Psylution Audio (Mauro Merjer)

As a Psychedelic Mixing Engineer & Sound Designer, I look for anything that aims to create food for the brain. After studying Audio Engineering I have spent 4 years traveling, as an intern at various studios, and on the hunt for a definition of Psychedelia, finally being able to use my knowledge in both areas to create something special.

Singer, Composer, Producer - Parthiv Gohil

One of India's leading independent artists & Bollywood Singers Can sing Indian Classical, Folk, Fusion, Film Soundtrack and Contemporary. For more, visit

Producer, Session Guitarist - Sharief Hobley

I've toured world-wide with some amazing artists ie; Chocolate Genius, The Jazzyfatnastees, Jaguar Wright, Vivian Green, John Legend, Rufus Wainwright, Liam Bailey, & many more. Played on grammy Winning songs for John Legend including 'So High' & Alicia Keys' 'You Don't Know My Name', & many more.

Session work & full production - Ignited Note Productions

Hello! I'm Shane, owner of Ignited Note Productions. I've been a musician for over 15 years. What started as a love for playing drums at the age of 12 turned in to an OBSESSION with playing guitar and then eventually all aspects of music production! I put my heart and soul into every musical endeavour I put my mind to!

Session Guitarist & Composer - Marco Vitellone

Hello everybody!!! My name's Marco and I'm searching for any kind of collaboration as session guitarist, arranger or composer. I'm able to mix songs (i'm not a qualified mixing engineer) and write drum parts too (I can transcribe scores for any kind of intrument). I graduated on November 2016 at Saint Louis College of Music (SLCM, Rome)

Music Producer|Sound Engineer - NXT Records

Nxt Records is one of its kind Record Label that specializes in all sorts of Music related services which solidifies an artist's presence in the industry. Audio Production being one of them. We are here to provide remote audio production services to artists looking for high end production.

Music Producer, Mix/Master - Daniel Padilla

Certified-Gold Music Producer, Songwriter and Mix/Master Engineer. Top 10 on Billboard's 'Next Big Sound' #1 on iTunes In 6 Countries.

Audio Engineer  - Zach Vane

I am a Digital Arts major at Stetson University and I am specializing in Audio Production and Recording and Computer Music. I also have experience playing the clarinet, writing drum tracks and beats and composition.

Music Producer, Writer - Callen Sounds

I am a Pop music producer specializing in EDM but ranging from folk, rock, country, hip hop, indie rock, and way more. I have done a lot of remixing and won an original song contest on Splice for Music Tech Fest. The song was premiered at South By South West and in Stockholm at MTF. I also have a song out on Trap Nation called By My Side with 700k.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Joe Lewis

My predominant focus as an engineer is on musicality. I work to serve the song as a whole.

Pop Producer & Mixing Engineer - Stefano Montanaro

Let me help you bring your vision to reality!

Remote Mastering & Restoration - Orange County Mastering

Rock, Alt, Rap, Country, big and small projects. I've done them all and can say that the same amount of detail and attention is given to them equally. As a client of OCM, you become family and that expectation of satisfaction is what drives me to do this job.

Song writer and producer - Fede Carranza

The art of Songwriting now in your grasp. Give me the theme, I'll give you the song. I've done it for over 20 years, with multiple artists and events. I've worked on more than 300 songs in both English and Spanish. I write for male and female singers in multiple genres and styles. The song is made to your specification so you know it's yours.

Music Producer, Mixing, Master - SREE

Composer / Music Producer with 15+ years of experience.

Producer, Recording, Mixing - Max Dobson Browne - maxdBaudio

Professional Mixing & Recording Engineer with own Recording Studio in London. Specialising in working with up-and-coming bands & artists, helping to guide, mentor write and produce top quality tracks that will get them noticed.

Maker Of Music Casseroles - Heath Allyn

A one-man music machine, start to finish. Wearer of many music hats. A musical milliner. Versatility is key. I've spent almost 40 years accruing as many tools in my tool box as possible. All genres and mediums. I've been told by many that I'm quite the breeder of ear-worms.

Recording Studio - Bruno Barbosa

Composer, musician multi instrumentist, musical producer

Producer, Recording Engineer - Allen The Producer

Allen The Producer is a Full-Time Producer.

 - Ryan"Ghost"Alexander

Hi My name is Ryan Alexander,I been producing/writing/making beats for 5+ years. I can do any type of music and use Pro Tools,Logic Pro,and Fl Studios depending on your needs and wants. I am here to build long lasting professional working relationships. Thanks for your time! Look foward to working!!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Geoff Ong

Hey there! My name is Geoff Ong, and I'm here to help you make your track sound the way you hear it in your head!

Remote mixing and recording. - Lofi Wizard

Freelance recording and mix engineer. Sometimes a songwriter. Send me your songs, I help make them sound better!

Sound Wizard - Christian Olson

I am a musician, recording engineer and music producer. I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers.

Music Producer / Beatmaker  - Kicktracks

My name is Evgeny and I produce music as Kicktracks. Kicktracks is a beatmaker and producer from Moscow, Russia. With his single “Midnight Lovers”, released back in 2018, the song gained over 1m streams on Spotify. Kicktracks’ style is unique and chilled out due to his simplicity and languid nature.

Music producer & Beatmaker - Caio Formiga

I'am a dj and music producer focus on making beats and edits!

VOX (EDM/Rock), GTR, PROD   - Ryan Crosby

I specialize in guitar/production/songwriting (“Bad Side” Iyla "Ain't Yo Bitch" Estelle, Kurupt/Tupac, “She Is Murder” VAST), sing EDM tracks as PRYVT RYN, (1Million Plus on Spotify). Guitar/Sing on TV commercial/movies, co-wrote "Impractical Jokers" theme, live with Mya, acoustic w Markus Schulz/Ferry Corsten, Hi-NRG MD and prod w/ Tapps

Drummer, Beat Maker - Lady_O

Drummer - Played in a few local bands; Beatmaker! Can play live or in sessions. Can provide a beat at solid price! Let's work together and share music with the world!

Recording / Mix engineer - Didier Bender

HD recording / mix services

'Producer', 'Qanun Player' - Fady Badr

graduated From Academy of Arts- Higher Institute of Arabic Music. contributions as an independent music producer, his work included producing for many artists inside and outside Egypt, Jingles as well as radio and TV themes.

Mix Engineer Producer Composer - ÆTHERIX Music

Be it a mix, mastering, or a complete transformation of your bedroom recording, ÆTHERIX Music will help you achieve the sounds you've been dreaming of.

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