Producer & Mixing Engineer - Kris



New York

Producer & Mixing Engineer

Everyday I get to work with producers and engineers that are outputting at the highest level of our industry. Now I'm here to do the same with you. I'm here to make great music, and so are you. Let's get to work!

Music Production, Guitar - SØ



Music Production, Guitar

Cosigned by Metro Boomin as the next guitarist/producer out of the Atlanta scene, SØ has been paving his own path in music production. With a songwriting credit on "No More", from Metro's debut album "Not All Heroes Wear Capes", he's on the right path.

Recording Artist, mixing - D.Beezy


Recording Artist, mixing

I’m a recording artist from Knoxville Tennessee. I’m an original song writer and do some Audio engineering on the side. I have a verified Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok that I also do promo services on. If interested. DM me on Instagram @VFLBeezy

Mix Master Ghost Producer - ROdAH




Mix Master Ghost Producer

I'm a full-time freelance Producer/Ghost Producer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer/ feel free to check out my Instagram account for more about me and contact me for more info!

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter - JayEase

Las Vegas

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter

For More Music Search "JayEase" on YouTube/Spotify/AppleMusic. Pricing: "singer - male $100 songwriter - lyric (contact for pricing) and top liner (vocal melody) - contact for pricing 3-4 days turnaround.

Mixing, Production, Remixes  - Breeze


Mixing, Production, Remixes

Atlanta Mix Engineer! I love to mix records. Ive been mixing records for 13 years. Just google "Atlanta Mix Engineer"

null - 11th


11th Street Studios is a 7,000 SF, 3 room facility centrally located in Atlanta's West Midtown District.

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