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I am new to music production and eager to collab with vocalists and musicians beyond my immediate circle of local friends. I'm open minded and flexible. I have ideas to share of course, but I can EQ my ego out of the way to give space to your own creativity. I do my best to be both pleasant and professional.

I work with Logic Pro X on a solid system. I have a large collection of sampled instruments to build tracks around your original idea. I am happy to start with your idea of a song and build it up into a fully produced track.

I'm currently learning how to do produce arrangements, mixing, and mastering. I started with my first song at the end of May 2020 and I've been publishing one new song every 2 weeks since then. My background is in software development, so I'm used to strict deadlines and making sure a working product is delivered within a specific timeframe. I apply these principles to producing songs.

With my partner (Dave, vocals) and a few friends (Sara, bassoon, Allen, keyboard, and Aurelie, vocals) we have made a few original songs published mainly on Bandcamp: - I wrote the lyrics, the chord progression, arranged, mixed, and mastered all the songs published there, with the help and guidance of my music production teacher.

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Puducherry by ThomasDave

I was the Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

I'm happy to do up to 3 revisions. My typical turn-around is 2 weeks for an initial draft.

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