Heavy Metal Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Session Drummer - Jonas




Session Drummer

Hey there! My name is Jonas Schütz. I am a professional drummer from Germany. I play drums for the metal bands Sapiency (Melodic Death) and Sacrosanct (Progressive Metal) I offer to track live drums for your project! I love to write and record drums for many different projects. I also program drumtracks. Just feel free to message me!

Kick-Ass Multi-Track Drums!!! - Hugo




Kick-Ass Multi-Track Drums!!!

With over 20 years of drumming experience and a full-time studio drummer, I have recorded hundreds of drum tracks for artists around the world from my studio.

Music Production Mix&Mastering - Fungus


Music Production Mix&Mastering

Hello, my name is Ethan with Fungus Bros. Studio Productions. We are a music and art production studio with the soul purpose of achieving artists vision and personal connection to thier art as a Recording , Mixing , and Mastering studio.

Full drum tracks & percussion - Frank




Full drum tracks & percussion

Hi! I'm an experienced drummer who can deliver full multi track recorded drums, as well as awesome marching drums and percussion.

Session Drummer - Chris




Session Drummer

Drummer for Seven Spires, Vital Remains and Dovas. I specialize in Metal Drumming, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Pop, Rock, and more. Studied/graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music, Performance.

Metal Drummer - Daniel




Metal Drummer

Need some drum tracks for your songs? I can handle any task within the heavy music spectrum. From the doomest doom to the most schizophrenic death metal, I'm here for you. If blastbeats, fast double bass drum and brakes straight from hell are what you are looking for, hit me up!

Live recorded Drums - Michael




Live recorded Drums

Hi, my name is Michael Kolar. I´m drummer of the two Bands Almanac and Horseman. You can hear me on many different Albums playing Heavy Metal and Rock drums. I love it to take a Song to the next level a make it sound unique. My work includes producing as well so I can always imagine what you expect from a Song or which grooves a song needs.

Metal Drummer, Recording & Mix - Bijkerk




Metal Drummer, Recording & Mix

I'm going to record blasting multitrack drums to support your metal mix or mix your awesome metal song! Feel free to contact me and ask any questions you have about my gear, experience, workflow or more. I'll see you around!

I record your drum track&video - Oliver




I record your drum track&video

***CHECK MY PROFILE FOR REVIEWS, SOUND EXAMPLES & MUSICIANS REFERENCE LIST*** I'm specialized in making high-quality audio & video drum tracks in my home studio. All genres! Give a try! I can provide raw, unedited drum tracks, ready for mixing (up to 16 separate tracks per song) and videos. HQ video may cost more...

Hybrid drummer, producer - Amélie




Hybrid drummer, producer

Professional drummer / composer / producer for over 20 years, I specialised in hybrid drumming. From acoustic drums to pure electronic grooves and everything in between, the sound options are infinite. I can help you find the fine balance that best suits your music for a result that will make you happy. Jazz trained, specialised in heavy music.

Metal Session Drummer - Aldreen


Metal Session Drummer

23 year old professional drummer from Manila, Philippines. Specializes in Metalcore, Djent, Hip Hop, Pop. Currently plays drums for Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus and Destroy Pretty Boy.

Session Drummer - Cameron


Session Drummer

Hey there! My name is Cameron, and i'm a professional drummer from Canada.

Session Drummer, Drum Records - Ricardo


Session Drummer, Drum Records

Hey! My name is Ricardo Tito. I am a professional drummer from Portugal. I play drums for the metal bands All Against (Thrash Metal), Cryptum (Brutal Blackened Death Metal) Psycho D (Experimental Black Metal) I offer to track live drums for your project! Drumming is my life and i love recording sessions. Just feel free to message me!

Drummer, Engineer, Producer - Michael


Drummer, Engineer, Producer

I'm musician (multi-instrumentalist), sound engineer, mixing & mastering engineer, composer and sound producer. Top recordings as sound engineer: Звери (2017, 2018), Artemiev (2018), Lemnisc8, Betone, Red Red Rose (2020), Backstage Band, Мёртвые Дельфины (2019), Michael EaRen. Top editing: Kvelond, Aton Five, Rose of the Dead.

Drum Tracks For Any Genre - Brad


Drum Tracks For Any Genre

Need a seasoned, professional, and versatile drummer whose tracks have received play time on Tampa and Chicago radio stations? I've got you covered.

Session Drummer, Remote Mixer - Robby




Session Drummer, Remote Mixer

I am a session drummer from Atlanta. I graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music & Media (AIMM) with a degree of Applied Science in Music & Technology. My focus being drums and modern musical recording practices. I am in the band “Press Regret”and our latest EP recorded with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount is out now.

Session Drummer - JC


Session Drummer

Session & Tour Drummer, Programmed drums

Session drummer, mixer - Nahuel


Session drummer, mixer

Hi! I'm Nahuel, a session drummer, songwriter, recording and mixing engineer specializing in hard rock and heavy metal. I play with many bands, ranging from blues and pop rock to symphonic and alternative metal. I'm also the main songwriter and arranger for most of my bands but my main job is recording and mixing.

Online Session Drummer - Czarol


Online Session Drummer

Professional session drummer with over 9 years of experience in drums recording!

Drummer - Educator - Producer - James

West Midlands

Drummer - Educator - Producer

Welcome to all. I am a professional drummer with 25 years of experience as a musician. I've performed and recorded with numerous bands and artists and have helped to produce songs from the ground up. I can provide live and/or programmed drum tracks perfectly catered to your songs to help you achieve your vision for your music.


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