Session Drummer - Jonas




Session Drummer

Hey there! My name is Jonas Schütz. I am a professional drummer from Germany. I play drums for the metal bands Sapiency (Melodic Death) and Sacrosanct (Progressive Metal) I offer to track live drums for your project! I love to write and record drums for many different projects. I also program drumtracks. Just feel free to message me!

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Rapper - Bradderzz

Denbigh LL16


Vibing to the point where I'm slouched as I record.


Composer, producer, singer - Tariq


Composer, producer, singer

Hi! This is Tariq Hisny. Music composer, record producer and singer work predominantly for Indian music industry. I focus on soundtracks, background scores and piano instrumentals. I’m expanding my services here in SoundBetter to work with different people while covering various genres.

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Schwarzmusik


Mixing, Mastering, Producing

Dear Artists, If you are looking for a reliable, experienced producer and mixing engineer, I can help you further. I gained experience over 20 years. Since 3 years I am working full time as producer and mixing engineer in my Studio I am songwriter for Warner Chappell and released in different styles on many labels

Mix and Master Engineer - Gauravh


Mix and Master Engineer

Over 5 years of experience working at Avid as an Audio specialist. I have an extreme passion for music, mixing and mastering. I have been known for taking raw vocals and applying magic to make them sound radio-ready, I am more than happy to also help artists or producers learn basic terminology if needed too.

Music composer & Producer, DJ - Alma


Music composer & Producer, DJ

Alma Adicta started making music in 2013 and with this kind of experience he now withholds, he has tried different genres and chose those that fit his style. Been working with different artists & DJ's locally (South Africa) for the past 6 years, I've noticed that if there are many people who would love to get help with their music.


Mixing & Mastering - Jireh

Davao City

Mixing & Mastering

Mix Master your piece!


Vocalist, Session Singer - Lana

Warner Robins

Vocalist, Session Singer

Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance


Music Production, Mixing - Aesthetic


Music Production, Mixing

15 years of experience in music industry. Wide range of services are available in-house with our friends around the world. Music production, Mixing, mastering, co-writing.


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