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Remote Audio Editing

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Installation and supervision of simoultaneous and consecutive translation's audio systems in National and International Conferences. Passionate about music and audio enhance, specialized in dialogues and music editing and mixing using Pro Tools.

° AVID certified user Pro Tools 2018 ° Official certificate''Avid Pro Tools 110'' 2018 ° Official certificate ''Avid Pro Tools 101'' 2017 ° ''Sound engineer'' Diploma (ABSONANT e STUDIONERO) 2016-2017.
° Digital and analog Conference system, Infrared/radio language distribution system, microphones and headphones installation, interpreters desk ° Proficient in digital technology, including MIDI application, ProTools and a variety of digital mixing software °Analog and digital sound editing °Dialogues editing, Music editing °Excellent microphone technique °Instruments and voice Recording, Mixing °Wirings °Music production / Beat making ° Electronics fundamentals

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