Simone Greco, sound engineer

Simone Greco, sound engineer on SoundBetter

Simone Greco runs pro audio webservice, offering professional results at reasonable prices. He brought operating costs down by counting on the best plug-ins on the market (UAD-2) and by organizing a service free from daily fees and scheduled studio sessions, without any compromise over quality.

Simone's activity is settled in south-eastern Rome. He began recording bands inside an underground garage of 16 m², and with patience, passion, determination and experience today he is able to answer to almost every need in audio production from recoding to mixing, mastering, creating international columns for films, making dialogue synchronization, running location recordings and restoring damaged audio files.

Simone Greco attended several courses in Rome about Music Production, Sound Design and Sound Engineering at Roma Sound Design Studio, and is presently attending a Master in Sonic Arts at University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Furthermore, at the moment he manages the project Loop Music Factory in Rome and collaborates with Roma Sound Design Studio teaching Sound Engineering.

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Terms Of Service

We usually allow 2 revisions, after that there will be a fee of 25$/hour for extra time.

Gear Highlights
  • Universal Audio LA-610
  • UAD-2
  • MOTU 896 MK3 and 8PRE
  • Radial JDI Duplex
  • Digidesign Command 8
  • Coneq P2 Pro Acoustic Correction System
  • 2x Se Electronics 4400
  • 3x Sennheiser e604
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • 5x Shure SM57
  • Shure Beta52a
  • AKG D112
  • DIY Subkick
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