Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production


Los Angeles


I'm a multi-time BILLBOARD featured producer with MILLIONS of plays under my artist names Sharkoffs and DEMUR.

Mixing/Mastering, Sound design - Ocyr


Mixing/Mastering, Sound design

I am a painter, and sound is my palette.


Music Producer, Sound Designer - Riley

Los Angeles

Music Producer, Sound Designer

I've been working in audio for 10+ years and have worked as a Sound Designer for credible audio production companies such as AubitSound, who have served reputable artists like Lauv, Cheat Codes, and even U2. I have a strong music background and have worked on many titles as the composer and co-producer.

Electronics and Synths  - Other


Electronics and Synths

I specialize in those "other things" that make music incredible - the subtle ambience in the background of a track, that just-right synth tone, perfect sound design that makes a song feel whole. The things that fall just between writing and mixing that many people overlook. I'll make you love your song even more than you love it now.


Music Producer - Francesco


Music Producer

I’m Francesco, Italian experimental producer. Versatile and creative, creating original and unique sounds for each artist. Analogue and environmental.

sound designer, sound artist - echodream

Arta 471 00

sound designer, sound artist

Exceptional sound design and soundscapes Minimal surreal electronic soundscape synthesis Professional editing EP Download:

Music Producer, Songwriter - RecNarukami


Music Producer, Songwriter

I’m a masked up indie pop musician, songwriter, and artist for hire! I specialize in experimental music of all kinds and love working with unique artists to discover their vision.


Sound Factory - Klevr


Sound Factory

I create and develop music ideas constantly and that's the core of my productions. I like to work together with clients and artists in order to get to the best compositions, arrangements and sound quality.

Recording artist, producer.  - Jamie


Recording artist, producer.

I have been in many bands over the years and performed live on television in New Zealand on C4, appeared on Nightline, and a TV programme called Tonight. I have performed in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, and New Zealand (in which I have also done a national tour in a band.)


Music Producer & Engineer - Estudio

5160 S Yale Ave

Music Producer & Engineer

Music Production, Sound Design. Vintage Synthetizers . Basses. Guitars. Samplers. Fender Rhodes. Logic. Protools. Ableton LIVE.


Sound Design & Surround Mix - Thacio

São Paulo

Sound Design & Surround Mix

Cinema and advertising: re-recording mixer, adr engineer and sound effects editor.

Sound Design, Post-Production - Kyriakos

The Hague

Sound Design, Post-Production

If you are looking for some unique, immersive sounds for your video, film or game you are in the right place. I have worked for multiple artists and companies designing sounds and creating soundtracks that identify their art or product.

Music Production, Mix, Master - redmattre


Music Production, Mix, Master

Meditating on what comes next and who cares about it.

Music Producer - Bon-Psy

United Kingdom

Music Producer

I am an Electronic music producer creating future Electronic beats under the name Bon-Psy. I'm looking to collaborate with other producers, singers, songwriters or artists but I am also available to work on Sound Design, remixes, ghost production and production around the Electronica, Hip-Hop, Indietronica genre fields.


Music Composer Sound Designer - PerroLobo

Buenos Aires

Music Composer Sound Designer

I'm a musician, composer, producer and sound designer.At studio PerroLobo, we design sounds and original music for records, advertising, films, television and social networks.Through all these years we have worked worldwide for award-winning films, big brands, agencies and lovely musicians. We put a lot of time and love in every project. Juan Ponce

Music Producer | Sound Design - Dom


Music Producer | Sound Design

mau5trap artist, and owner of Kane Audio, a globally recognised sound-designer, producer, and studio engineer. Having been featured on the front page of Future Music Magazine, Computer Music, and provided sound-design for Moog, FXpansion, Steve Duda, Cakewalk, and many more, he's as technically skilled as he is creative.

Production, Mixing, Writing - Hubie


Production, Mixing, Writing

I'm a producer & engineer with a Master's degree in Studio Composition from Goldsmiths College, UL. I've been releasing electronic music for 7+ years; it's been compared to artists like Four Tet and Caribou, played by DJs like The Blessed Madonna and Jamie XX on stations like BBC Radio 1. I also do detailed sound design to picture.

Guitarist,Composer,songwriter - Francesco

Port of Spain


Francesco Emmanuel is a classically-trained guitarist who is madly in-love with the electric guitar. He teaches guitar for a living and composes for film & TV.

studio musician for 30 yrs,  - Denny

Livingston MT

studio musician for 30 yrs,

Sudio & musician for hire, 30 yrs experience much road time, now with all the time in the world to spare

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