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These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Podcast Audio Specialist - Ian Martin


One-stop shop for custom-made podcast imaging, editing and mastering by a trained engineer/artist.

Recording and Mix Engineer. - Damian Panitz

I am a bass and rhythm guitar player, I started audio engineering on film in the 90's and have been recording producing underground NYC Punk and Rock bands like Jiggers is King, Blueberry High Heels as well as local singer songwriters. I am smalltime with a big sound.

Music,Mixing,Mastering - Studio Bass

Mastering (David Newman-Animals United &Tarzan, Resident Evil, etc) Music for commercial TV spots (Condor Airlines, Sony, Jaguar, Hyundai, DFL, VW, BMW, LIDL, Occhio) Musicproduction (BBXO, Brixtonboogie, by Gunnarrson, CAAVA, DSDS) Mixing (Jimmy Summerville, NDR, BBXO,Max Raabe,Mellow Mark) Earbooks (Tacheles,Universal Music)

Music producer/Sound designer - Dominic Sambucco

I deliver only great quality audio and I take every project with passion

Production, mixing, mastering - Erik Husby

Have been making music/art for 5 years, and can offer you a professional sounding product thats guaranteed to catch a lot of ears.

Producer, Arranger, Mixing - jukkab

I will fix whatever needs to be fixed in your song to make it qualify for commercial radios and playlists and have it stand out from the mass of music released every day out there. I have written, arranged, produced, and mixed award-winning, multi-platinum-selling records.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Michael Butterly

University-trained Music Producer/Audio Engineer. Have done various jobs from Mastering to Production to Album Art.

Mixing | Mastering | Producer - Jarett Sisk

A customer-first approach, high-quality results, and competitive pricing are just a few of the benefits of working with me. With over 10 years of music production experience, I am confident and ready to help you achieve professional results within your music.

Creative Guitarist/Bassist - Gates Guitar and Music

Guitarist and bass player teaching online lessons and helping you create to your best. Creative sound production and tone engineering.

Mixing & Mastering Services - GRAYRECORDS Recording Studio

Award Winning Engineers - Worldwide Mixing & Mastering Services Supreme Studio for Pop, Jazz & Classical Music You need the Sound of your Idols? Then come to us!

Music Producer + - Joey Riot

I make every style of music but excel in dance music. Any genre. Music Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Certified Tutor and award winning artist. Signed to major European label & publishing company.

Mixing and Production - Tim G

A youngest music nerd ready to discover a gem in the music market together with you

composer, sound designer - dub punk

I make any music, any genre you can imagine even that is not exist... yet!

Certified Mix+Master Engineer - Timothy Geirk

Icon Collective alumnus, with over a decade-and-a-half spent honing my skills and unique sound. Mastery of highly advanced methods and techniques used for mixing and mastering a wide array of genres, from soft and dynamic, to competitively loud and aggressive. Obsessive precision you can hear and feel in every element of each track.

Mix & Mastering, Music Team - EXPHONIC®

Welcome to Exphonic. We're here to provide you with the best mixing, mastering, and music production that will make your music unique and unforgettable. With our experience in music industry, we guarantee a professional and high-quality result, to get your music ready to be published on every platform.

Songwriter, Composer, Producer - Guido Garcia

Song producer, Art lover, Ill work tirelessly to reach your expectations

Music Producer  - Oddly Godly

Electronic Dance Producer Releases with Sable Valley, Bassrush, Ophelia, MONTA Records. Artist Support - RL Grime, Alison Wonderland, Slander, Zeds Dead, Nghtmre, Virtual Riot, Pauline Herr

Music Producer/Mixer/Engineer - George Murphy

I am an audio producer/mixer/engineer/ based in London UK. I mainly work out of the fantastic Eastcote Studios ( but can do sessions whenever we have to. I'm at home working bands tracking live in big rooms but also with more electronic, programmed based productions.

 - Calum MacEachen

Aspiring Guitarist, Composer and Producer. Always up for a challenge!

Compose, Produce, Mix, Master - Leonardo Perez

| Composer | Multi Instrumentalist | Record Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Mastering Engineer | Live Engineer | Singer of Pobeda, Drummer of Dance Layers of the Atmosphere, Guitarrist & Composer at Laps Around The Sun and brains at Third Rome. Based at DTH Studios Moscow ((

Drummer, Mixing, Mastering - Tilted Axis

I'm an audio engineer and drummer. I've been drumming for 16 years, and have been involved with audio for 12 years. I've worked on cruise ships and other venues. I also run my own studio with great gear where I've recorded, mixed, and mastered talented musicians. You can hear my work at

Music Producer  - Stephen.M

Am a music producer/DJ based in Nairobi, Kenya. My job and passion is in recording, Composition and arrangement,sound design,production,mixing and mastering.

A Master with hidden identity. - KNFRT

Ghostproducer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, worked under 10 different acts with worldwide impact but will never reveal my identity as I believe I should only be judged on my music and the services I provide to my clients.

Music producer, Mix & Master. - Adrian Gonzalez

I have experience working with electronic, pop and hiphop music.

Music Producer, Artist & Eng. - RAPZOD (RÆ.muziq)

RAPZOD is a music producer, artist, audio engineer, sound designer, graphic designer & an established record label director. With that being said; he is 110% capable of designing instrumentals & song compositions from scratch; all his tracks stem from original sound designs & samples.

Professional Music Producer - AVUKO

As a very versatile music producer, I believe I can make your track sound the way you have been picturing it. Fast turnaround time, quality, and originality; that's what I bring to the table.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - AUROMAYA AUDIO

Nic is an audio engineer and composer with a decade of experience working in studios across Melbourne and a impressive showreel of past work. I can mix and master your music and deliver a release ready file to industry standards for TV / Radio / Internet / Spotify.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Sam Taylor

• Your songs don`t sound good enough?   • You can not find a good audio professional at a reasonable price? • Or maybe you want to improve the sound quality of existing project? Then you should contact me. My name is Sam and I am a keen audio engineer / songwriter / producer / multi-instrumentalist from the UK.

Composing, Mixing & Mastering - Marcelo Ribeiro Dias

30 years of experience in music business in audio and music production.

Mixing & Mastering  - Marco Spaggiari

Mix Engineer

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Dan Bouza

Don't release music that sucks!! You've worked hard on your record, why would you let a robot mix and master it? I'll mix the pants off anything you send me and I will 100% make it SLAP!

Music producer. Mix&Master - whosthefvnky

I can create any genre of music

Music Producer/Mixer/Magician - Paul Merlin

Born in France, based in Stockholm. A broad-minded composer, producer, arranger, mixer and multi-instrumentalist. I collaborate with the singers from New York to Paris, create all types of music: pop, hip hop, soul, reggae, trap, funk, jazz... My mission is to deliver love into music.

Music Producer, Composer, - Joseph Hanay

I've been creating music with endless passion for past 10 years. As a professional i can produce any kind of genre that you wish to hear. You can listen my music from Spotify and Youtube.

Music Producer, Track Maker - lanah_eight

I love R&B soul, groovy music..

Mixing/Recording/Producer - Jeronimo

Looking forward to help you achieve your goal. I have three years of experience in recording, mixing and producing songs with Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic Pro. I worked with over 20 artists, within my best projects, there is "Beating for you" by J. Cross, which I recorded and mixed and now has over a million streams on Spotify. I guarantee I

Mix Engineer, guitarist  - Elijah Spader

Just finished a full mix for the Feature Film, With Night Comes Wolves. I Work in Melodyne so I can Pitch correct your vocals. I can Mix you song and add in guitar, piano, ukulele or virtual interments if needed.

Music Producer & Beat Maker  - Iskrata Music

Hi, I am Iskren Tonchev - Iskrata from Bulgaria. For the past 6 years I have been producing songs in various genres and my music has been listened to over 75 million times. I have worked on numerous successful projects that ended up on the top of the Bulgarian music charts. I am looking forward to meeting creative people and create good music with.

Freelance Audio Engineers - Panorama

Mission: Deliver High Quality Audio | Philosophy: Competitive doesn't mean "loud af".

Producer | Composer | Mixer - Jauntin

Jauntin is a Music Producer, Composer & Mixing Engineer with releases on Warner, Universal Music and other labels. He creates iconic soundtracks for the world's most dynamic brands. He works primarily in Pop, Urban, and EDM, but can accommodate a wider spectrum of genres.

Songwriter, Singer EDM RNB ALT - Ayiana Uhde

Songwriting for 9+ years, communicate your ideas and lets work!

Guitarist & Producer - Joost Scheltes

Multi-instrumentalist and producer for Synth Pop, Garage and Blues Rock!

guitarist, mixing engineer - Nirmallo Majumder

I am a composer, mixing engineer and a session guitarist from Bangalore, India. I compose for films and mic for bands and film music for my clients.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Francko Amaro

Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engeenier. Unlimited Free Revisions. Take your music to the next level and express in the best way those emotions you want to communicate. I work directly with the artist or its team.

Sound Designer - Matteo Bellodi

Sono un sound designer diplomato presso lo IED di Milano, mi occupo principalmente di post produzione audio, presa diretta e eventi dal vivo.

Producer, Sound desig, Mix - Nicolás Rosenberg Riveros

10+ years of experience. I’m a creative-minded producer, mix engineer and multi-instrumentalist with a MA in Sound Studies at UDK Berlin. I have created this space in Soundbetter to offer an excellent service in Atmos Mixing at low cost. In parallel, I am an engineer in an audio plugins company.

Producer, Mix & Mastering - Alexius


Producer and Mixing/Master Engineer located in Stockholm. Focuses mainly on electronic and hip hop, but well experienced in other genres as well. Producing and/or mixing & mastering tracks for affiliates such as Henok Achido, Bladee & Yung Lean on their Grammy nominated & awarded albums.

Podcast Editing & Sound Design - Soundmind Editing

Freelance Audio Editor, Sound Designer and Musician specializing in post-production for podcasts & other audio formats. High profile client-based including Spotify, Parcast and more. High standards & reasonable rates. Custom arrangement to suit your needs and budget. Lets work together!

Motion Picture Sound Packages - Casey Barker

With extensive experience working with most of the major production companies in the US, Chameleon Media is one of the few Post-Production Services in the Nashville area capable of providing motion picture soundtracks and workflows that would pass even the most critical Hollywood critique.

Mix Engineer / Sound Designer - Jose J. Santiago

Award winning mix engineer and sound designer. In 2017 I won the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for best sound design for the independent short horror film "Defarious".

Mixing, Producer, Mastering  - Luke Humphries

Luke Humphries is a versatile engineer/composer who can achieve high quality Mixing & Mastering.

 - Carlos Lares

I'm a mixing engineer with over 10 years of experience in music mixing, audio post-production and sound design for tv and film and radio.

Producer Multi-Instrumentalist - Jayson Vannini

Serious Artists Still Make Their Best Music With Producers

Giving the clarity to record. - Slava Chrome [D-Lab Records]

Label manager of D-Lab Records, producer, DJ, mastering engineer and just a good guy. Have over 15 years in music industry. Top-rated reviewer on

Music Producer, Vocalist - Sheldon Fonseca

Recording/Production Studio - Bookhouse Sound

We collaborate with producers, artists, game developers, and film makers to create, mix, produce and finalize incredible music and sound design.

Remote Mixing and Master - Matt Menno Mixing Engineer

Hello, I am a mixing engineer based out of Queens, New York with a degree in Broadcasting Electronic Communication Arts with a concentration in Audio Engineering. I have several years of experience as well as a completed internship with a premiere Brooklyn recording studio.

Hands On Production/Recording - Zaq Sawyer Coffey


Full time Pop producer, Studio engineer and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Alumni. For me, production is like a puzzle, how do I make YOU sound as good as possible? My guarantee: if you choose to work with me, I will spend as much time as we need to create a really unique and more importantly, authentic production.

Mixing, Engineering, Guitarist - Spencer Ratzlaff

With my expertise as a Senior Audio Engineer at Get Ready Sound, I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional recordings, impeccable mixing, and captivating post-audio sound design. Elevate your project with the highest quality results by booking with me today.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Dynamic Beats

Looking for that industry sound? Need production and/or mixes that can get your record on the radio? Then let's work! I've produced and engineered countless records that have hit radio, been licensed on tv shows, movies and more! If you need a professional, industry ready sound, I am the man for the job.

Audio Engineer - Myles Cameron-Smith

Unashamedly different. Driven by design.

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