Top Sound Designers for hire

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

 - Bernard Gruschow

Audio Engineer / DJ / Producer / Musician / Sexy Dude... Get in touch!

 - Nicolas Osorio

Sound Engineer, with great interest and knowledge of technologies for live sound and in the field of audio production and post production for film and television. Excellent relationships, high sense of belonging, leadership, and disposal facility for team work, great attitude for generating ideas, analytical skills, speed and timeliness of decision

Sound Operator - jacek opielka

hallo, deals with sounds of varying characters from the 80s, I have skills in the field of radio-television, music postproduction. I work with small and large, I always look for creative solutions, I am an individualist with the ability to get along.

Audio Engineer/Sound Designer - Kenneth Kelsoe

Hello, I am Kenneth Kelsoe Welcome to my SoundBetter, where you will find things that Sound... Better

Music Designer / Music Produce - Mercutio

Hi, my name is Brahim a.k.a Mercutio, I use to say that I'm a Music Producer but I'd rather say " Music Designer" cause I think that each Artist/Singer needs to have is own world ans his own sound. This is my job to get you your own and specific sound so...Let's work !!!

Producer & Audio Engineer - False Panic

Producer and Audio Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Post-Production Sound - LE Productions

Essentially L.E Productions Record, Mix, Sound Design and provide Post-Production for screen media & video games. We are Professional, Versatile, Trustworthy, Dependable, Flexible & Have an eye and ear for detail.

making songs to the world  - JETFIRE

releasing our stuff through Spinnin records , Armada , Mainstage, Warner , Looking for singer song writers , to build a relationship with and establish a unique sound for all sides... We ranked at 2016 110# in the world on Dj magazine 400K monthly listeners on Spotify

producer - noobMan93

just a guy

digital recording studio - My Sonic Temple

My Sonic Temple is a premier boutique Los Angeles recording studio, where you can get professional music production, complete mixing, engineering, & high-end sound recording in an intimate setting.

Dj/Producer sound engineer.  - Tik


Music Producer - Dom Wolf

I am a sound designer/ multi-instrumentalist who has been producing for over six years. I specialise in whacky electronic beats which can easily be turned into electro-pop or indie pop. I also enjoy making hip hop instrumentals and lo-fi/ indie music. I am flexible, adaptable and am looking forward to work on your projects!

Music Producing & Remixing - SYNUX

Have Been Among Top 80 Persian DJs & Founder Of VAPORLAND Label.

recording, mix and mastering  - Adeline Simon

speciliized in recording and mix and mastering a song.

Music Producer, Composer, DJ - alson

Looking for people who wanna work together, who feel the stuff I make and resonate with that by using their voice and songwriting skills. Biggest release yet: Trap Nation (25 mln subscribers)

musicproducer, mix & recording - José Pacheco

If someone asked me to answer impulsivly to describe myself as producer & musicmaker, well that would be like this: For me music is unique almost everytime. I try my best to relate to the singer/artist to understand what they like or want. I´m very honest and don´t take projects that I can´t handle or like.

Studio Engineer - Brandon Thompson Music Studio

I'm a professional Live & Studio Musician and Studio Engineer for 20+ years, along with a Bachelors Degree in Audio Production for Music and Film. I've been a part of over 30+ Live and studio projects. If you desire a great sound for your project, then look no further.

Music Producer,Beatmaker - 7Empire Music

Hello there. Experienced producer with 10+ years in the industry. 2 times on Billboard chart. Covering all genres from EDM,Trap,Orchestal, Techno, Tech house and Pop music. Let's work!

Remote Sound Engineer/Designer - Harry Barker

5 REMOTE SERVICES From Experienced, Award Nominated Sound Engineer and Designer: Soundscape, Sound Design and Composition for Media or Live Events, done remotely. • Mixing and Mastering for your songs done remotely • Remote Violin/Viola Professional Recording • Drum Programming done remotely • Post Production Vocal Comping and Treatment Remotely

Music Producer & Songwriter - Olli Willand

Experienced music producer, looking to expand my horizons and collaborate with new artists. Let's bring your vision to life!

Music Producer - Leo

I started as a producer/composer by doing short films scoring but later on I opened my horizons and now I am doing any sorts of things! Effective and experimental are the words that describe my method. I also play drums in a professional level, as well as acoustic guitar

Audio Post-Production for TV - charlie pulido

Recording Engineer specialized in Audio for Image, an excellent Sound Designer, Mixer for TV series and Mastering broadcast to air . Protools specialist - Consider among his colleagues and TV series Producers as an excellent mixer of audio for image, and the on air results that charlie generates are of superb quality for on-air purposes

Podcast, Dialogue Editor - Elvira Pena Pena

Experienced audio editor and audio production specialist for your Shortfilm, Podcast or AudioBook! Great proficiency in Audio Cleaning and Restoration with the iZotope RX Audio Editor and ProTools software.

Music Producer - Emperor Music

Award winning music producer. Working with some of the best artists, songwriters, publishers and producers in Los Angeles for the last 7 years. C. has produced/worked with: Bazzi, Madison Beer,Taemin,Post Malone, Big Sean, Future,Tyla yaweh,Tyga,YG, seventeen & many more

Sound Design for iSlot Games - Belle Green (Bonus Giant)

With nearly 200 software development companies releasing over 100 new iSlots, Video Slots, and Virtual Casino games every month, it's never been a better time to write, mix and produce game soundtracks for the iGaming/Digital gaming industry.

Sound designer & Composer - SonoSimg

A great sound is the key element in your production. My goals are to make your sound as sharp, outstanding, balanced and creative as possible. My work model is based on listening, communication and trust. Together we will ensure that the result of your project is optimal and tailored to your needs.

lyricist, brazilian songwriter - roberto barrucho

Composer and music producer

rap.mix,new to making beats - Rondell Steele


Remote mixing for all genres. - Kerry Popp

Audio engineer with a passion for music and film. I have a Certification in Audio Technology from School of Audio Engineering and am local to NYC. I have a background in heavy music and commercial audio design but am open to all musical genres and am always up for an opportunity to try something new.

Game Music, Sound Design & SFX - Aleks Ozols

I'm a music producer with 21 years experience and currently I am focusing mainly music and sound design for games. I can meet all aspects of the audio needs for your game, from various styles of music to sound design / SFX and mixing and mastering.

Music Producer | Songwriter - Martin Fugger

I bring your idea to life and create inspiring music productions with personalized for every individual project. I compose and produce for diverse artists worldwide - Uniqueness is my goal.

Composer, Beatmaker - MYKYTA USTINOV

Unleashing a Year of Passionate Music Creation in Every Genre, Tailored to Your Unique Vision in Just 2-4 Days."

Audio editor and mixer - DNBR AUDIO

Skilled audio professional with extensive experience in editing/creating music and speech-based content, radio/podcast production, mixing, music production, sound design etc.

Sound Design & Engineering  - Celza InjaKagogo

I'm a young experienced sound designer, Music producer, Filmmaker, Graphic designer, and sound engineer from South Africa. Whether you're looking for music composition, Audio mixing & mastering to enhance the sound quality for your future or current projects do not hesitate to contact me I will do the justice for you.

Music Producer, AV Editor - Morajazz


Hi there, I´m a Professional Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Session Guitarist who want to help you to develop your project with a great quality. I had the opportunity to be selected as music producer to participate in Red Bull Music Academy 2005, I have 10 years making music. Video Editor

Audio post production - Experienced sound engineer

Hi! I'm Wouter. I've been working with sound for the past 20 years, at award winning sound studios, now running my own studio in Amsterdam working for both national and international clients. I specialise in audio/dialogue editing, sound design, mixing/mastering. I'd love to see what I can do for your project and how I can make it sound better!

 - theSoundNut, Inc.

theSoundNut, Inc. was founded by Dan Schaefer in September 2007. With over 20 years experience providing audio services in the greater Atlanta area, Dan offers his award winning services as audio engineer, sound designer and mixer to the numerous, diversified clientele he has worked for and established relationships over the years.

 - SAM Recording Studio

Services offered by SAM studio since 1981: State of the art analog and digital Recording and Mixing in a beautiful medieval village surrounded by Tuscan countryside. It is situated 10 minutes away from the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno freeway, 25 minutes from the Pisa International airport, 45 minutes from Florence and Lucca.

 - @$ThEOnE

Chilean music producer trajectoria in black sounds just like R & B - Rap - Soul - Pop

Music Producer - Remedy Beatz

Remedy Beatz is a former UHL/Universal Music A&R and In-House Billboard Charting (Addictiv Just Breathe. CDN TOP 30) Producer, Miguel Dey aka Remedy Beatz has worked with major artists such as Addictiv, Kardinal Offishal, and Lil B. His work has also appeared in the Canadian teenage drama Renegade Press and various TV commercials.

 - Dawn Luxe

Dawn Luxe is a multi-talented artist / singer-songwriter / producer / beat maker, with an unconventional approach. Love's to be involved in the entire recording process.

 - Eric Levine

Percussionist, Audiophile and Sound Scientist

Sound Designer - Francis Locadia

I am a freelance audio professional specialized in post-production audio. From editting, sound-design to final mixing, I can do it all. For my portfolio, go to (mostly Dutch).

Mixing, Sound Design, Editor - MeijStudio

MeijStudio Sound Engineer, mixes recordings for bands, singer songwriters, theater groups and choirs and makes customized edits. MeijStudio Sound Engineer does this with passion and craftsmanship. Ranging from studio recordings to mixing more elaborate multitracks during a live show. Iet’s make some music!

Live & System Design Engineer - Bankole

i will let my work speaks for me.but all i can say is that, i have never had a complaining from my clients instead i get good recommendations...

Music Producer - D.J Lyns

Professional Audio Quality

Composition, Music Producer - JAMSPOT Sync Music Productions

Your one-stop-shop for any custom music production needs!

Creative Drumming - MAYSUN

I specialize in textures and creative drumming. I like to prepare my drums using bells, objects and percussion on top of the hitting surfaces to create rattle and different types of layered sounds. I have made unique steel cymbals ranging from 24'' to 48'' to create very dark and metallic textures.

Sound Design, Mix & Mastering - Burç Tuncer

I'm an experienced sound designer and musician with multiple games and records released (digital & hardcopy). I'm also an indie games developer. I'm not genre-bound and I can deliver polished results super quick for all kinds of music, games and videos. I also do audio editing/restoration, sound design, remote mix & mastering.

Remote recording & production - Neil

Full tracks: arranged, played, produced, mixed and mastered quickly but with care and attention to detail.

Dark & Modern Film Scores   - m⌒g | Marc G

Your film is interesting, sharp, and stylish. You want music that compliments your film. I craft songs and soundscapes that build emotion and tension in new, interesting, and modern ways. My music is all about heightening your film's narrative by using techniques you've never heard of, on instruments you don't know about.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - David cuf

Designing sounds since birth

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Giorgio Berti

Audio Engineer, piano & bass player, composer and I like to help people making their songs. also an acoustic Engineer ;)

Audio Mixing and Mastering - Powerestudio

Online professional mixing and mastering services. I´ll give the magic to your tracks!

songwriter, producer - INI

Pop Producer/ Songwriter/ Sound designer

Producer & Synth Sound Design - Mnexsis

Looking for unique non-copy cat sounds and music production? Then you have come to the right place! *I DO ONLY PAID JOBS ONLY ATM*

Producer, Artist Development - Daniel Silveira

My expertise is the development and creation of projects for artists who aspire to success in the music entertainment segment. I'm A&R, producer, sound designer and I developed several successful projects awarded with billions of streaming views.

Production & Mixing - Studiolyrae

Production & Mixing since more than 10 years in Berlin City, Workshop possibility and Production or Classical music lessons for bases for production with the best DAW existing. Running two electronic labels releasing only vinyl.

Sound Design and Audio Cleanup - Jaime B

Great audio is my passion. I have a Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Audio Engineering and Sound Production).

Composer  - Dustin Underwood

Hi, I'm Dustin an Indie game composer with years of experience bringing your musically dreams to fruition for whatever project you need.

EDM Producer  - Hunter Kronholm

First ever single has reached 50,000 Stremes.

Versatile Mixing and Mastering - Ty Johnson

Synth nerd with a passion for genre bending experimental music. Regardless of the genre, I will elevate your sound above anyone elses with a unique blend of production techniques.

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