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These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

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Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Eli Catania

Under the alias, "VAANCE," I have accumulated over 5 million streams with my original music. I have over a decade of experience in composition, production, vocal processing, and mixing & mastering. I attended the College Conservatory of Music and have played festivals such as Ohio's famed "Numbers Fest" and "Breakaway Music Festival."

Music Producing/Mastering - WhiteBeard

Young and inspired music composer/creator

Producer/Engineer/Visionary - no$leep.

Mixing and Mastering from. the soul. Nothing more nothing less. Every mix is handled with care. I won't sleep until the job is done.

Producer, Engineer and Writer. - Israel Gore

Work remotely with an experienced music producer that will give your next track the attention it deserves while rendering away from a mainstream sound to provide a cultural new wave. Conquer your next single, EP or album with a professional musician that's capable of elevating your overall sound.

Mixing / Mastering / Recording - Moritz Werner

Studying Tonmeister / Studio Assistent at the Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg

MelodyneExpert.BlogSpot.Com - Melodyne-Expert

Our Speciality is Using AIM-Apps (Artificial Inteligency Music - Applications ) , for fast and acurate work..,with all genre.....

Producer & Session Drummer - Flo König

Hi my name is Flo - a Munich based producer & musician born in the Nineties. I love lots of compression, synthesizer & drums. I'm part of the internet band "ooi" and the experimental drum duo "9ms". As a musical director and a performing drummer I‘m working with the German pop acts "Cro", "Lena-Meyer Landruth" & "Emilio".

Music Composer & Producer - Drue J Sound

Creating unique orchestral music for film and digital media to elevate any project with sound that will be remembered. Let’s create a soundtrack to your project or a theme for your characters or business!

Mixing & Mastering - Mete Benli

I help Independent Electronic Music Producers to Translate their Vision into Reality by helping them Produce & Mix their Music from Start to Finish.

Music Producer, Mix/Mastering - Jay Pryor

Hey! I'm Jay - a Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer & Guinness Connoisseur from Dublin, Ireland, and based in London. I've been producing/writing music for over 6 years and have gratefully been involved in projects that have seen huge success - Including "Just Hold On" by Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson, which I Co-Produced. Here to help!

Recordist & Mixing Engineer - Robyn Mcburney

I'm an audio engineer in Los Angeles, I studied at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and have experience in Theatre, Post Production, Dialogue Editing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.

Bass//Producer//Composer//Mix - Antonino Restuccia

Hi! I'am a Session Bass player (Upright and Electric), Producer, Composer and Multi-instrumentalist born in Montevideo (Uruguay) and based in Barcelona (Spain).

Artist, Composer, DJ, Producer - Nic Fynder

Hey there! I am producing music in each electronic music genre, so if you need something or you want me to help you out, get in touch and we can make something big together! If you got a special idea, just let me know and we will figure something cool out. Just let me know! :)

Mix Engineer, Producer, Studio - Robin Hunt

I am a mixer engineer specialised in blending different genre's together with as common denominator "pop music"

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Siks


My name is Nicolas aka Siks, i'm Producer, Ghost-Producer & Sound engineer from France. I have worked with the biggest labels records as Warner, Universal, Spinnin, Hexagon, Revealed, STMPD etc ... I have been producing for over 10 years and have always been making music from a young age. I have a strong experience in the field !

Pop and EDM music producers - Trickers


Music producers, mixers and sound designers based in Rome. We've been producing and writing songs and soundtracks since 2010. Graduated in music production (Cinema and New Media). We primarily work in the genres of pop, edm, house and trap.

Audio Post Production Facility - BAM Studios

BAM is located in the heart of downtown Chicago Illinois and is committed to providing its clients with world class sound and service.

Mixing, Remixing, Production - Marc Urselli

5-time nominated 3-time Grammy Award winning engineer, producer, mixer, sound designer for Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Sting, Joss Stone, John Zorn, Les Paul, Lila Downs, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Faith No More's Mike Patton, Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, Buddy Guy, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznick, ZZ Top, Sam Cooke & more

 - Kellen Mills

I've worked as an audio engineer/producer for six years in various professional studios in and around Seattle. I've recently moved to Germany and have been connecting with studios here as well. I've done a ton of work, care about my clients getting exact;y what they want, and, am ultimately proud of what I do!

 - Ryan Martin

Mastering and Mixing at Heed Sound in Montreal

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Nick Chalaire

I'm Nick, I can put the finishing touches on your songs or mix them down for you for a better quality of sounds. Send me a small portion of your song and I will master it for you for free and if you are pleased with the results I can do the whole song for you.

Mixing Engineer - Qwyntel

Qwyntel is a highly qualified accredited sound engineer, music producer and composer, sound design for films, games, tv adverts, company intros, radio jingles/adverts.

Producer Multi-Instrumentalist - Jayson Vannini

Serious Artists Still Make Their Best Music With Producers

Online mix & mastering. - Varibeat Audio

Welcome to my studio Varibeat Audio provides creative and technical solutions within music and sound. From production and composition to mix and mastering – of all media formats and to all platforms. Professional and responsive world-class mix and mastering. Friendly and fast service at affordable prices. On time - every time!

Sound designer - Kristijonas Lucinskas

I'm a sound designer, a composer and a performing musician.

Record Producer  - Stavros Tsarouhas


Hello, my name is Stavros and I am a music producer, songwriter, classically trained pianist, multi-instrumentalist and aspiring artist.

Recording Studio - Tam Tam Studio

The music lab and audio productions. Audio Post-Production for video, dubbing and more.

Remote Mixing and Master - Matt Menno Mixing Engineer

Hello, I am a mixing engineer based out of Queens, New York with a degree in Broadcasting Electronic Communication Arts with a concentration in Audio Engineering. I have several years of experience as well as a completed internship with a premiere Brooklyn recording studio.

Music Production Collective - House of Stone

Professionals dedicated to your greatness, let's take your talent the world.

Mixing, recording, production - Thomas Wang

Thomas Wang joined Urban Sound Studios in november 2007 and is known for creating a signature sound which is fresh, big and atmospheric but with mainstream appeal. Aside from running the show in studio A & C he is an active musician and an aspiring industrial designer.

Mix/Master/Producer. - DahmiMortals

Detailed audio process, vocal enhancements, effects, balance of tracks, separation and clarity. Goal is to enhance the songs potential and vision for an experience to last a lifetime. Mastering on the premium side to perform best in all platforms.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering,  - Tom Ashton

Ex guitarist from The March Violets, Clan Of Xymox and The Sisters Of Mercy. Film score composer and mixer. Producer with a dark ear.

Sound Artist, sound designer - Harel Trachterman

I'm a Sound artist, Music producer and Sound designer. I have knowledge in computer programs- Ableton live, Pro tools, Max, Audacity. I'm working self-employment for customers, recording, editing, design, mixing, till the whole product. I will be more than happy to work with you and share my knowledge.

Music Producer Session Drummer - ETO

Africa born American Music Producer, Composer, Sound Sculptor, Genius cover song creator. Proud and blessed to have worked several and landed several placements on MTV, MTV2, BET, AMC and many more. Looking for an original hit song for album or film? Right here - Best kept secret.

Music Producer and Engineer - Spencer Davidson

Do you want to get your own tracks to sound like the pros? Do you need help with mixing, mastering or making beats? Look no further I have credits on charting artists in today's music scene. I've worked with 20+ artists on all sorts of different projects. I've worked as a Ghost Producer for a few well-known artists as well.

mixing and mastering engineer  - JFigueroaMixIt

mixing and mastering engineer out of Atlanta that has work with independent Artist and also commercial artist.

Composing, Mixing & Mastering - Marcelo Ribeiro Dias

30 years of experience in music business in audio and music production.

Audio/Podcast Post Production - Jonas Zellner

Providing professional sound editing and mixing services, I'll bring top notch audio quality to your project. Especially talented at fixing poorly recorded audio.

Music Producer - jonathanwagner

Take your music to the next level.

Music Producer  - Drop Digital Entertainment

We are a multi disciplinary agency that specialize in the Media & Entertainment industry. We offer professional work and high quality of standards to achieve your goal's and ideas. Licensed and fully operated with professionals suited to your need!

Film Composer, Post Mix - Fabio Carbotta

Fabio Carbotta is a film composer and an audio engineering based in Italy. He studied at the "Institute of Music - City of Rivoli" (Italy), composition and armony at the "Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi ", sited in Turin. He composed music for indipendent italian cinema (short-films, documentaries) and for private customers (commercials, spots).

Producer/Remixer/Mastering - Persain Raver

I'm a Dance,EDM,Hardstyle,Trance Music Producer & Remixer From Iran with18 years old experience working with Mental Madness Records Germany.Also I'm do Mixing & Mastering. Have the Honor to work with some Great artist in dance music like Brooklyn Bounce , Dj Dean ,Alex M,Tom Pulse,Mike Nero,Blutoniom Boy,Master Blaster & many more ...

Design | Edit | Produce | Mix - George Riley

London based sound editor, designer and music producer. Passionate about developing world-class audio experiences for the music, advertising and film industries. Recently signed to Fatboy Slim's label and finished working on the upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984.

. - Alberto González


Producing, Mixing, & Mastering - Yohan

Recording engineer intern with professional knowledge of music production, sound design, mixing, and mastering.

Producer, Artist, Engineer. - PZedOz Music

My aim is to take your unfinished work, perfect the arrangement, mix it the way you want it and then master the track to industry standards.

Songwriter/Musicproducer - Tomas Skyldeberg

I can write and produce an instrumental track for you. I can also mix your vocals in to the track.

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - Charles Mourot

Pay the right money for the best work

Mix Engineer, music arranger - Gen

My leitmotif : Transparency. Looking for a crystal clear, human colaboration in order to make your song sound the better ? Lets work together :)

Music Producer - Max Rêve

To produce a song means to understand the artist and the intention of his song - It means to carve the details and message out!

Mixing and mastering, composin - Klound_v

I have good mixing and mastering skill, worked in a studio, mainly working on EDM music. Produce beat for pop singer, lofi, and house beat.

 - Ümit Ceyhan

Recording and Mixer engineer + Composer

 - Pablo Campañó

I'm a Engineer and Producer based in Argentina. I record and mix a wide variety of genres but I usually work with rock and heavy music bands I'm also Sound Designer specializes Post-Production for Film & TV garnering 9 times PromaxBDA award and 3 times New York Films Festival award.

 - Gabriele Sanfilippo

My name is Gabriele Sanfilippo and I'm a sound designer, music composer and audio post producer. I'm 22 years old guy who come from Italy. Humility and utmost professionalism are the foundation of my approach to work. Recognized for solving problems quickly and excelling in many different facets of the music production industry.

Music Producer/Mixer/Engineer - George Murphy

I am an audio producer/mixer/engineer/ based in London UK. I mainly work out of the fantastic Eastcote Studios ( but can do sessions whenever we have to. I'm at home working bands tracking live in big rooms but also with more electronic, programmed based productions.

Mixing, Producer, Mastering  - Luke Humphries

Luke Humphries is a versatile engineer/composer who can achieve high quality Mixing & Mastering.

Engineering & Instrumentalist - Osisi Audio

Welcome to "Osisi" Audio - a global audio service based in Toronto with experience in live sound, musical performance/theory, mixing and mastering, remixing, audio and vocal editing, and radio. We use select analog and digital gear to achieve the best results for any genre of music and type of work. Let us work for you!

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Diogo Magalhães

Passionate and never ending search for truth sound.

Producer/Mixing/Mastering  - Evan Campbell

Hi, I am a recent graduate of a BSc honours degree in Music Technology. I achieved a first class honours degree, which is the highest level of achievement. I produce music, mix and master, also enjoy doing sound designs and soundscapes for moving image. If there is anything I haven't done music wise, I am not afraid to dive into it and get it done!

Music Producer, Vocalist - Sheldon Fonseca

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