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Looking for people who wanna work together, who feel the stuff I make and resonate with that by using their voice and songwriting skills. Biggest release yet: Trap Nation (25 mln subscribers)

Alson (Lars) was born and raised in The Netherlands, and now resides in Spain. Alson has already produced and preformed internationally a diverse range of musical styles in the last 10 years. Several high points in his career were live DJ events on Ibiza in 2019.
While Alson is currently building his music catalogue, he has reached just over 1 million streams on Spotify and nearing 2 million views on YouTube. His debut single ‘Melt With You’ was signed to Lowly Palace and released in 2019 with full support from Trap Nation.
Together with the Lowly team, Lars has had over 7 Trap Nation releases, the latest being his first 4 track EP 'Enemies'.
Alson, with his eclectic style and youthful energy is on its way making waves in the music industry.

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