Top Sound Designers for hire

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Consultant & Sound Design - Diego Santin

Diego Santin AKA Theorem was born a DJ but is presently focusing on music consultancy, production and sound design, working in his studio in Milan. He also has been enrolled by an audio branding company in Munich. He is working for fashion shows and events but has experience as Radio Speaker (a media considered very attractive).

Music Producer, Songwriting  - Don Dada - Dragutin Čulić

A sound designer and music producer with in-depth knowledge of sound design, mixing, composing and performing wide variety of musical styles and genres, with 4 years of experience working on radio as radio imaging producer.

Sound Design, Post production - Wen Rodriguez

I am a Sound Engineer, music producer, Most of my work is in Sound design for Tv and Movies.

Music Composer - James Tint

I am composer, arranger and music producer for film and game Music.

Sound Design and Mixing - Luke Staehs

Hi! I am a recent graduate of Belmont University with a Bachelor's of Science in Audio Engineering Technology. My passions are in mixing for film/television and music as well as in sound design. I have worked on multiple genres ranging from psychadelic rock to country. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Music Producer/ Songwriter - Anunciation

My name is Alex Anunciation, and I have been creating music my entire life. From playing the drums, bass, and guitar to audio design and writing music, I am passionate about the voice that others wish to display.

Make image sounds - Kazuyoshi

Graduated in Music Production from Anhembi Morumbi University, São Paulo, Brazil. Edit and mixing audio in Protools 12. Audio Restoration Izotope RX6 Worked as an assistant in post audio production at ARPX Audio for TV Series from Globosat channels. Now Sound Engineer at Jacarandá Audio Post Production Hope we can work together. Best regards

Audio Engineer, Producer - Alex Studios

Hello I am Alex I am a producer / mixing engineer / composer operating in a professional studio in the city of Belgrade.

Mixing & Sound Design - Yousuf Khan

I've been a Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer for over 4 years. I've mastered a number of skill sets ranging from the Foley and sound editing for the film and television industry to the mixing, recording and sound editing for several bands and recording artists.

Professional Audio Services  - Luis CH

Hi, I am Luis CH a full time professional Audio Engineer and Sound Designer, graduated from The Art Institute of California with over 7 years of experience! Mix & Master, Music Production, Sound for Film, Game Audio.

Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer - Adrian Ferry

Nominated for 'Best Sound for Television' award. Currently with +23 years of professional post-production experience and I've worked on many award winning titles to date. Solutions can be provided for Production Audio on-site, Post-Production Sound Design / Editing / Mixing, also content creation for Interactive Audio for Events & Installations.

Sound Design, Editing & Mixing - Anthony Turi

Affirming your project's sonic intention is my passion. I'm a NAPPA-winning Audio Engineer & Sound Designer who's worked across music, television, film & games. Video Game Credits: CoD: Warzone, CoD: Vanguard, Genshin Impact, Forspoken, League of Legends Music Credits: Anuel AA, Rod Wave, Ozuna, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Jac Ross & more.

Music Producer  - Joelito.Joelito.Joelito

Hi, my name is Joel Rodriguez and I want to be your producer and mixing engineer. I strongly believe that if you hire me as your producer or mixing engineer, not only will good quality product be there, but also at a reasonable price.

Sound Designer, Music Producer - Gen

Hollywood Music In Media Awards Winner, music producer, composer and sound designer GEN collaborates in different projects worldwide with renown musicians, important figures in the music and show business such us Quincy Jones, Tony Robbins, Multi-Grammy Composer & Singer Jon Secada, Latin Star Gian Marco, Sheila E, Herbie Hancock, Alex Acuna

An NYC based recording house - Apartment Sessions

We record with an amazing assortment of professional musicians each month and would like to bring the talents of our musical community to your project. We can record many things in-house and many more outside of our doors, with a mobile recording rig and an entire city of great players.

Sounddesigner/engineer  - SONICrider

SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel) is a producer, musician, artist & performer from the South of The Netherlands. Working with analog gear combined with high end recording equipment and mix/master software, the produced sounds are unique and real. Open for any challenge supporting artistic project with the sound they need(and or mixing/mastering).

Producer & Sound Designer - Omer Shuster

A versatile producer and sound designer. Dedicated to work hard and be creative.

MusicXpert and Music Producer - Márcio Brant

I'm a especialist in music career growth. During my years like music producer, I produce independent artists and great like Ivete Sangalo, Paula Lima, César Menotti & Fabiano, Fernanda Takai and others! Let's talk about how the greatest artist become bigger!

Mixed Media Composer - LYPZA

The heart of what we do start with forecasting newest ideas to create unique, trend-setting products with attractive collector interests, combined with the excellence of a service formula that ensures the success our customers can count on!

Composer, Producer, Mixer - Geezer's Palace Studio

I’ve been playing and writing music for 37 years. I started mixing live music for 17 years and has taken me all over Europe, to China, USA and Russia. I've also been recording and producing bands in Berlin for 15 years. Now I specialise in composing original music, sound design, create soundscapes for an audio experience around visual images.

Singer/ Composer/ Producer - Sakid Js

I'm a Singer and Music Producer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Producer with great hardware - Mrenkler

I have a lot of creative possibilities in my studio to help you add that extra spark in short. I provide services of sound design and tracking for example some new analog synth tracks, FX/transitions, guitar electric/acoustic, basgitarr or rhythmic elements. I also do provide mixing of whole songs or elements.

Electronic Production & Design - Carys Matar

Music production and sound design for techno, trance, and mid-tempo bass music. I can help you write for electronic music, arrange tracks, and build out your instrumentation, as well as write melodic hooks and bass lines. Let's make some music!

Lo-Fi Sound Designer - Kirill Gridin

I'm experienced electronic music producer that loves to sound design, experiment with any types of sound and recordings. So please tell what you need and i will help you! Cheers.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Jonathan Attard

I am a freelance sound engineer and also working at Solid State Logic as a service and sales engineer for the French territory. I have already worked on music, post prod and advertising projects. Interested in recording and/or mixing. Also able to produce.

composer, musician - Zinovia Arvanitidi

Zinovia Arvanitidi is from Athens/Greece and is a professional composer of music for film and tv. She has also worked as a session musician with an additional 5-year experience as a sound engineer/mixer and arranger in a professional recording studio, having worked with many established Greek artists/bands since 2002. 

Sound Designer, Sound Editor,  - J Sounds

My name is Jayvon Rymer, I am a freelance sound designer and sound editor in Los Angeles, CA. I do a lot of work on short films, animations and game audio. I'm always looking to work with new people and on interesting projects! Check me work out:

Sound designer/Audio engineer - Nizio The Sound Girl

I'm a freelance sound engineer specializing in sound design and live sound but also competent in mixing and mastering.

Sound Design & 5.1 Mixing - Diego Aguirre

I have worked as a Sound Designer since 2002. I support the imagery and cinematography through design and creation of sound, determined by the dramatic requirements. With sounds, noises and Tones I love to create atmospheres and touch the audience on the necessary emotional level always strenghthening and supporting the vision of the director.

Sound designer and Mixing Eng - Monica Fuji

Sound designer and mixing engineer, with experience in advertising, series and films.

Sound design & original music - Sound Object

Sound design & original music for TV and radio commercials, cine movies, video games, art installations, theater shows, dance performances. Audio branding.

Innovative Music Producer - Matt Mikovic

I've been playing a variety of music instruments the past 10 years and been producing for over 3 years. I am self taught in all aspects of the music "process" and enjoy developing my knowledge through projects as well as theory. I feel the fact that I am self taught allows a unique style to shrine through my productions.

Sound Designer, Music Producer - Fabian Marschelewski

More than 20 years of producing and releasing electronic music. DJ and label owner. Sound design student at Wave Akademie in Berlin. Boom operator on movie sets. I produce and edit quality audio for companies, brands, TV, radio, internet, commercials, radio plays, bands and so on.

Sound for visual content - La Gramaille Audio Boutique

We are La Gramaille Audio Boutique, we create original sound design and music for your visual content. We work closely with animators, brand and agencies to create custom audio that supports and amplifies their work with creative flair.

Song arrangement, recording - Chiddi

I try to be original. I like to combine live and electronic instruments.

 - Stephen Edwards

Having worked in both live events and also theatre productions I have gained a great deal of experience however we can never know everything so I regularly undertake training to ensure that I provide the highest possible standards on every event.

Mixing & Mastering - Leo Lauretti

I'm a audio engineer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

A Complete Sound Solution - Nikk Eu

Sound Designer / Music Composer

Music composer, Sound designer - Oleg Permeacov

My projects have been made mostly for game development, social, mobile application industry. Have developed more then 150 projects for worldwide companies. About 15 years of experience. Huge amount of music has been written. Have own band "Devio Hail".

Guitarist, Song Writer, Poet - oska

Writing & Music is what I live for. Eschew moderation.

'Sound Design', 'SFX' - Matt Cutshaw

I pride myself on making unique sound effects that enhance the story.

Sound Design, Music Mixer - Roberto Herrador

Online services for Movies, Shortfilms, Documentaries and Games.

Music Producer - Anglesin

Music Production, Sound Design and Film Scoring

Sound Designer & Dialogue Edit - Danilo Battistini

Sound designer and foley artist focused on using audio as a storytelling mechanism. Such as creating the sound of Bilgewater and Frejlörd for an immersive experience for Riot's League of Legends theme booth on CCXP 2019 in São Paulo.

Sound Designer, Audio Editor - Florian Titus Ardelean

Florian Titus Ardelean is a Romanian sound designer, film editor, field recordist and location sound mixer. He has worked as sound designer on over 40 films, including "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" (Jury's award, Rome Film Festival), "Chasing Rainbows" (Gopo nomination for Best Sound), and "Toto and His Sisters" (Cinéma des Étudiants Award, Cannes Film

studio musician for 30 yrs,  - Denny Earnest


Sudio & musician for hire, 30 yrs experience much road time, now with all the time in the world to spare

Music Producer - Sam Hollingshead

I have a creative approach to producing music, finding unconventional ways to create conventional sounding music.

Mixing, mastering, producer - Kirill Dzhabko

I can create your song from scratch or build a full arrangement around your lyrics/vocal ideas.

Sound Designer, Foley Artist - Dean McDonnell

I can create any type of sound world you desire for your media project; be it in animation, advertisement, film or gaming. I am an obsessive when it comes to arrangement, editing and clarity; promising to deliver a professional bespoke sound design presentation for your media. Recently, I have worked with independent animators and businesses.

Producer Songwriter - Town Camo

We create the vibe so you don't have to.

Producer | Mixing Engineer - Nicky Scarfo

I have the ability to find samples and chop the holy shit out of them, henceforth his friggin’ name. Each track is essentially an emotionally-charged last car-ride with an axiomatic 1930’s mobster/butcher hybrid clenching both a smoking Tommy Gun and a razor sharp BEAT CLEAVER. Need a beat, Mastering, Mixing, Soundscape design? Hit me up!

All of Sound           - Tignar Project

-Sound Visions -Sound Desing -Composition -Session musician -Overvoicing -Locution -Overvoice -Rercording Artist -Mixer -Mastering

Sound Engineer, Music Producer - Rock River

Rock River Audio is an award winning sound design & music production company working for numerous advertising, broadcast & music clients. We can offer various formats from stereo to Dolby cinema/atmos mixing from our remote studio in the South of England.

Supervising Sound Editor - Greg Junovich

I have over 10yrs experience working in sound, mainly in film and tv. Recently I moved to Munich from Auckland, New Zealand and am looking for opportunities here in Europe. I still own and oversee one of NZ's longest running post production facilities, Native Audio.

Post Production Sound Editing  - The Good Sound Guy

I am a one man shop for all your audio (for video) post production needs.

Music Mixer - Totskie

Who needs a music mixer? I'm here now! ^_^

Music Production - Natan Music Production

NATAN (28) - singer/songwriter , producer, mixer, arranger, author of lyrics in romanian , english and russian, currently owner @ Natan Music Production label.

 Music is the biggest gift to  - Carlos Proteus

I write and design music on a daily basis collaborating with independent producers, moviemakers and TV companies by giving breath to what I touch with the power of musical notes.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - Storm Angus EDM Co-Writing

Hey! Im here to help you with you Dance and EDM Tracks! interested in any genre so hit me up!

Creative director - AleKSs Quis

Deeply influenced by Jazz, Afro funk and psychedelic grooves, LëKSs is an eclectic DJ, producer, and saxophone player who can't be pinned down to a particular set of genres.

Sound Design&Surround Mixing - Mikhail Anisimov

Need someone to do sound for that crazy Sci-fi gear? Or for that huge creepy monster? Maybe titles? Re-recodring? Music mixing? Mastering? Well, You found your guy! For me, mixing is more, than plugins, DAWs and gear. It's all about emotions and feelings.

Bassist/guitar (elec./folk) - Nath'

Music from soul. Played in folk, rock, jazz,jazz fusion, world, funk bands. contact me if you want to work with me. :)

Producer, Sound Designer - Biotic Audio Production

Aspiring Music Producer, Sound Designer, Post Production Engineer based in Berlin!

Sound Design, Audio Editing - Jasper van Dijk

Jasper is a sound designer, composer, and producer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Always aiming to create unique and memorable experiences in the realm of film, video games, and interactive mediums while staying true to the message and creative narrative.

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