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My strength is a strong understanding of compositional elements, and effective application of these ideas. I've especially worked and developed a exceptionally substantial understanding of the function of drum beats and elements of such. I can also draw from an extensive sample library to help for find the sounds you need for drums or other sounds.

I am flexible and communicative. Working with me on a interpersonal level should not be a subject of concern, and it won't be. The more you express your ideas for the sounds and beats you are looking for, the better (this can be specific such as naming a type of beat, or just describing a vibe and asking me to go from there). I can easily combine multiple samples to create just the complex sound you need. I am down to give anything a go, but if I feel that a specific task would be better served by another (such as an expert in, say, live ukulele) I will tell you such. I find my aid to your success more important than putting my fingerprints on every part of your song / album when it would be better for another person to do so. Overall, I am honest and communicative.

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