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Bass player of prog metal band "Plug-In", Mobo began his carrier as composer and sound designer for video games (credited on 80+ games). After touring as a Bumblefoot band member for a couple of years, he started Conkrete Studio, a mixing and mastering facility dedicated to metal bands. Conkrete Studio is now one of the top metal studios in France.

Look no further if you're looking for powerful, yet crystal clear mixes or masters. A metalhead for more than 30 years, and bass player for more than 20 years, Mobo is not only a producer and an engineer. He's also a musician who often understands your music even better than you guys do.
You recorded your band but can't get that pro sound out of your recordings ?
You've done a nice mix, but when you try to master it, you just end up destroying your work ?
Gimme a shout, we'll sort it out !

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

10 Reviews

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  1. Review by Franck
    by Franck

    Working with Mobo from the very beginning of the Eryn Non Dae. adventure is a renewed pleasure. He has a very good ear for music and knows how to be a subtle psychologist when the group is faced with a problem.
    He knows his gear by heart, and has produced a few "albums of the year" !

  2. Review by Aurelien Boileau
    by Aurelien Boileau

    Did "The Alternative" from E-Breed with Mobo. He works very well, very fast and sound is amazing. He has great ideas of production and understands immediatly the needs of musicians.
    And very important : his prices are fair.
    So why looking elsewhere?

  3. Review by Jérôme d'Entropia
    by Jérôme d'Entropia

    We've worked with Mobo for the last album of Entropia, " Black drop in clear water". The recording session was a great musical and human aventure. Conkrete studio's sound is just amazing : powerfull, brutal and clean ! Mobo understands musicians because he is a musician too. His help and his talent during record, mix and mastering are so precious.

  4. Review by Aurel french professional drummer
    by Aurel french professional drummer

    Conkrete Studio is one of the best place in France for recording, mixing and mastering.
    I recommend this place and Mobo's work to everybody. As far as I know Mobo I've never been disappointed by his work, in every kind of situation. Mobo is a talented sound engineer but also and what makes the difference to me he his a very good musician.

  5. Review by Christophe Godin
    by Christophe Godin

    Mobo turns standard metal stright into Metal on Steroids ! We had the chance both with Gnô and Mörglbl to have our albums mastered by the über master from Conkrete Studios, and we were blown away !!! Jabs in the face !
    The guy not only rocks but he is a gem to work woth. Thumbs up... Huh... Fists up !!!

  6. Review by  Nabuchodonosor
    by Nabuchodonosor

    Mobo's like a Super Hero.He've a lot of superpower and stuff like 2 adamantium eardrums and the power to change crappy little sound in a huge monster earthquake.
    Master Yoda himself can do anything against him because he's not the Force,Mobo is.
    Maybe he want to save the world or conquer it but one thing's sure,He's absolute best self made Master

  7. Review by Niko KopperAss
    by Niko KopperAss

    Awesome work by Mobo !!! Our first EP (mix and recorded by Stef Buriez) takes is form with an amazing mastering in ConKrete Studio...
    KOPPER8 thanks you all ... very profesional, artistic, tuned ...many qualities for a real result!
    We are looking forward to working together again \m/

  8. Review by JOUCH from NAÏVE
    by JOUCH from NAÏVE

    Mobo mastered the two albums of our band NAÏVE ("The End" and "Illuminatis"). With him on board, you fucking get what you fucking need. He gets everything clearer, louder, and more powerful than ever. Plus the man is an absolutely fantastic human being. Don't hesitate if you want your record to sound like it deserves to. Fire at will!!

  9. Review by PJ LOKURAH

    1 EP and 2 albums of our band LOKURAH have been mixed and mastered by CONKRETE STUDIO with some recording too (almost all the 1st album, drums and bass reamping for the second one. Everything sounds powerful and fat for us since 2005 and this sound has made a big difference for us to emerge among tons of bands !

  10. Review by Déhà
    by Déhà

    Name's Déhà, huge fan of Mobo's works since Amiga games. Years later I gave Mobo my album with Arno Strobl, We All Die (Laughing), mix & master. He worked quickly, badassly and understood the whole concept. He gave THE sound to our album with THE production we were looking for. Gorod, Eryn Non Dae, ... Need I say more? Mobo's the man. Or a Legend?

Gear Highlights
  • UAD-2 Quad Nevana + shitload of plugs
  • Torpedo VB-101
  • RME Fireface UFX
  • Ampeg SVT III
  • Focusrite ISA 430
  • Slate Digital plugs
  • Waves plugs
  • Soundtoys plugs
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