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Composer/Sound Designer

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Professional musician of 23 years with live, recording and touring experience. Currently composing music and creating sound design for short films/animation and visual media. Keen to work within in budgets and love collaborating.

Website: Jackbenfieldmusic.co.uk


My name is Jack. I am a musician, producer, DJ and music supervisor, born and raised in Northwest London. Currently, I am employed at Europe's largest music distributor and record label, [PIAS], specifically in the Sync department. My role involves clearing music for all forms of media, with clients ranging from Netflix and Amazon to Ford and Heineken.

The fusion of music with moving images has always been a deep passion of mine. After numerous years of performing live shows and touring with the UK band Boxed In (where I actively contributed to writing and composition for some tracks on the group's second album, 'Melt'), combined with a profound interest in film and television, sparked a desire in me to compose music for film, television and more.

Engaging in collaborative efforts with fellow creatives to narrate stories and give life to their visual concepts brings me immense joy. Whether it involves composing music for your film, incorporating Foley and soundscapes to enhance the visual experience, or assisting in obtaining the rights for music clearance through licensing, I would be thrilled to connect with you and explore potential collaborations.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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