Post Mixing

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Sound for Film, Music & Media  - Kayquarii


Sound for Film, Music & Media

20 plus years of providing post sound for(film, mixing, mastering, audio restoration & original music production) independent and award winning artist. We help filmmakers, Musicians, Content Creators, Podcasters and Digital Media. We offer complimentary one-on-one live Zoom and Skype video project consultations to meet your project needs.

Immersive Audio Producer|Mixer - Brent


Immersive Audio Producer|Mixer

Immersive Audio Mix Engineer and producer specializing in taking a great hook-driven audio and making it retail ready. I've worked under famed producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange and shared the stage and studio with a wide spectrum of musical genres and brands including Shania Twain, Elton John, ViacomCBS, AT&T, Volvo and the Nashville Predators.

Music Creator -


Music Creator

Music is more than some rollin' hat's and hard hittin' 808s. I follow my creativity and try to find my sound in every genre I might touch🎶


Sound for picture, music - Carmen


Sound for picture, music

Audio post production for film and TV, music composition and recording.

Composer, Music Production - Pillars


Composer, Music Production

Hello My name is Harlan Mark Vale and I have a small studio in Prescott, AZ. I studied 20th Century Composition, Electronic Music and Audio Engineering at The Evergreen State College. My experience comes from writing, recording, mixing and releasing my own music for many years. I am able to use this experience to help you bring your ideas forward.

Audio Producer/ Mixer/Engineer - Chris

New York

Audio Producer/ Mixer/Engineer

I'm a bit of a Swiss Army knife when it comes to sound. For twenty seven years I've been a sound engineer, mixer, producer, sound designer, composer and even at times a studio manager. I'm good with people and can geek out on gear. I'm great with handling clients, I keep things running smoothly in recording sessions along with managing talent.

Audio mixer and producer. - Niall_Malone

New Ross

Audio mixer and producer.

Will provide an excellent sounding mix and take any feedback into account.

Producer, Session W, Mixing - Ren


Producer, Session W, Mixing

Independent music producer now and forebber. Specializing in Beats a la hip hop, dub, punk, ska and reggae (modern and roots) (Incl. Dancehall). Seasoned session guitarist as well in all said styles.


Music Producer & Composer  - Pierce


Music Producer & Composer

Pierce is a professional producer, songwriter, and musician with over 10 years experience in the music industry. Specializing in modern Pop and Electronic production, but comfortable working with all genres. I compose for music movie too. The song is king. Come check me out if you interest to get French touch and tell me more about your project 😊


Audio Engineer - Harvey


Audio Engineer

The Noise Tamer. The shot is great but the audio sucks! You lost the audio from your boom operator. All you have left is some really bad sounding audio! There is way too much echo... the noise level is almost as loud as the dialogue... there is a terrible hum coming from somewhere!!!....Not all hope is lost! Before you trash your project call me

Mix Engineer, Bass guitar - Tembisile

Port Elizabeth

Mix Engineer, Bass guitar

I'm a versatile audio technician with more than a decade experience in the live industry and the studio environment. Specialities are live recordings, mixing, mastering and audio production

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Thought


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Dave Huntley, I've been working in the music industry for 7 years and Thought Cloud Productions is my Freelance mixing and mastering service. I use high end equipment to create professional grade mixes and masters. If you're interested in using our services please contact

Producer, Songwriter, Engineer - RIch


Producer, Songwriter, Engineer



Music Production, Mix & Master - Adarsh


Music Production, Mix & Master

I studied producing, mixing, and mastering music with my bachelor's degree and have produced a lot of tracks for myself and even for other customers.


Dolby Atmos Sound MIXer.  - JE-Digital


Dolby Atmos Sound MIXer.

Music, Film and TV mixing Ready to deliver any sound format from stereo to full immersive Dolby Atmos. We mix and deliver to any Music, TV, Film and Media platform today.


null - Class-A-Studio/Dudi


Quality productions recording studio! The studio has the world's best recording system - PROTOOLS HDX ... + Most vintage analog equipment. The studio offers services: * Full music production * Mix / Mastering * Video Production * Post-production Producer: David Tamir


Post Production Sound Studio - Music

Melbourne VIC

Post Production Sound Studio

Award-winning Post Production Sound Facility, featuring Dolby approved Mix Theatre.


Sound Engineer - Krishanu


Sound Engineer

I'm a hotelier turned sound engineer. Precision and accuracy is something that defines my work. I'm a sound fanatic. I look for the perfect tones while working. My credits include full length feature films, web series and tv commercials. I specialize in recording, stereo mixing, mastering, sound editing and sound designing.

Recording Studio - KAM

Cape Town

Recording Studio

WE are in Cape town South Africa.


Production/Mixing/Mastering - Nimez



Ur guy for high quality electronic music production/mixing/mastering. Certified Audio Engineer.

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