Top Audio Post Mixers for hire

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Supervising Sound Editor - Greg Junovich

I have over 10yrs experience working in sound, mainly in film and tv. Recently I moved to Munich from Auckland, New Zealand and am looking for opportunities here in Europe. I still own and oversee one of NZ's longest running post production facilities, Native Audio.

Sound Deisnger - Some Sound Guy

I'm a local sound Designer that is good with creating large imaginative worlds

Music Producer Rec/Mix - Felipe Arenas


Recording Studio - Bigleap Music & Post

Bigleap Music & Post is a professional service Recording Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

"remote mixing e mastering" - ARPALICE studio

Arpalice Studio in Carpi (MO), was created with the idea of giving its customers excellent sound quality at affordable prices, passing by us or request information at

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Vision Cinematic Music

Artist Looking for Affordable Mixing and Mastering of there CD

Music Producer, Remote Mixing  - Alexandre Santos

My name is Alexandre Santos and I do that it's best suited to working with solo artists looking to develop material to a professional level and bands who may have done a heap of home or project studio recording and would like to bring their work up to the next level.

Mixing Engineer - Lee Hundy

Hi, my name is Lee - I am currently studying a bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound production at JMC Academy (Sydney).

Sound Engineer Music Producer - Cash David

I can be your one stop shop! With experience in Mixing, Producing, Djing, and owning a business, I can help make your vision top notch for what you are looking for.

Writing, Producer, Engineer - Bill C Da Don

I specialize in creating hits that don't only sound great but feel even better.

Remote Mixing&Mastering - Mad Sound Studio

My name is Stefan Djankov nicknamed Mad Bull and I am a young sound engineer - self-taught. I have been working in my own studio since 2009 until today. I offer all the services from creating a text composition to finalizing the multimedia product for broadcasting. I work fast and qualitatively. To convince you, you can contact me to send you samp

Rerecording mixer Sound Design - Craft Cave Sound

Welcome to Craft Cave Sound. An award winning boutique audio post production studio located in Vancouver B.C. We take pride in our craft, providing inspired and tailored audio design, editing and mixing for film, television, advertising and new media. We love what we do and would love to share our passion with you.

Vocal pitch correction - Vladimir Banovcanin

English speaking audio engineer. I have more than 16 years of experience. My unique specialization is vocal restoration, cleaning and tunning. With the background of a professional musician with a relative pitch and a trained audio engineer, I possess an ability to turn a noisy and out of tune recordings into a commercial ready track.

Music Producer / Mixer - Seth Fannin

Uplifting, Psy, Tech Trance Music Producer & DJ from the USA. Currently resides in El Paso, Texas . First discovered Trance music in 2008 while living in Seoul, Korea. I have a Psy-Trance production published with SpeedSound Records on Spotify and Beatport.

Audio Engineer - wokszn

college grad and certified audio engineer

Mezcla y Mastericación - Salisi

Una de mis pasiones es la música. Actualmente me estoy formando como Productor y especializándome en los diferentes software y instrumentos. He realizado diferentes proyectos tanto propios como a diferentes artistas. Les dejo abajo todos mis proyectos.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering. - HalfSpeedMastering

All software is legal here, beware of others..., people that have too much software, when you hire HSM, you are supporting legal software developers. also have real Analog...some plugins can be replaced with Real HW, for an extra fee. 1-example: Aphex Aural Exiter with BigBottom.

Audio Engineer and Mixer - Brandon James Olson

My philosophy is this: nothing is off limits, experimentation is necessary, and living outside of the box is standard.

Music Prod - Session Guitarist - Andre Dietschi

Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Session Guitarist

Music Producer / Mixer / - Paul J. Toth

My credits range from Broadway to LA, Toronto to Vancouver. Calgary is home but the world is just an online / remote away (or an airport away!). Music production to Video production. Radio, TV, Film. Mixing, composing, sound design.

Produce, Mix, and Master EDM - KiraZill

Creativity is key. Sometimes trying something new leads to something great.

Mixing, Mastering, Songwriter  - Alysha Amerson

I can polish up your song to sound super clean! I can also write for you over any beat I am provided.

Mixing and Recording Engineer - Tucker Andrew

Tucker Andrew is a Mixing and Recording Engineer who works as a Staff Engineer at the legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood, California

 - Eklektic Entertainment

Exceptional Dialog and Music Editor hired gun.

 - Abbacid Science

We simply are the music and master it to perfection.

 - Florian Chauvet

it's been over 20 years since I am in the service of music and musicians. On the roads of five continents, behind a FOH or monitor desk, and in my studio? I love being on the road with artists whose albums I mix. I try never to forget that I am in the service of the music, not the technology, even though I'm a real geek.

 - Justin North Audio

Hello there! Currently working as an Audio Dubbing Engineer with over 8 years of experience in music and audio post. I have a wealth of experience mixing a variety of music styles, rock, electro, metal etc and sound designing for Tv/film. I offer a friendly quick turn around service. Feel free to email me to have a chat about your project.

remote mixing and mastering - Cam Steacy

I work primarily with psych and indie rock both recording, mixing and mastering. I enjoy mastering electronic music.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Jeff Mayer

Hello All! I have been in the industry since 2009 and love working with different styles and genres of music. I have a bachelor of science in audio production and experience with rock, blues rock, reggae, jazz, gospel, R&B, classical and electronic music and am always open to work with something new and unique. Let's make your vision a reality!

Mixing, Production, Guitarist - Alex O.

Mixing Engineer | Music Producer | Sound Designer | Music & Audio Post

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering - HUE

Professional Recording & Mixing Engineer "HUE". My YouTube Channels has over 1 million views & features music from "HUE" & other artists. Mixing & Mastering Is KEY that's why I deliver the best quality music to my fans! Music dropping every week, expect industry quality music. #MixedByHue x #MBH

Music Producer/Musician/Writer - Tjamz Music

Hip Hop Music Production, Beat Creation, recording-mix-master Engineer, Video Production, Website Designing all done right here "Tjamz Music". Call me @ 310-549-1113 or email me at

I do music with passion - headbush

no grammy awards, no major labels, no MTV , VH1 etc.... But whoever I've worked with comes back.

Surround Mixing and Mastering - BodyHz Sound

A filmmaker and mixing engineer with 15 years of experience looking to share his sound knowledge with like-minded creators.

Mixer/Mastering - Jean Boroni

Mixer / Producer / Engineer at your service.

Remote Mixing and mastering - Reginald Comeaux

I am an audio production student at Fullsail looking to start working with others. I Can provide decent quality mixing and engineering for a very flexible amount.

Music Producer, Mix&Master - De$!re$

An aspiring producer looking for producers or artists to collaborate. Smooth, chill, melodic hip-hop beat is my style. Inspired by Keshi, Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld, XXXTentacion and more.

Songwriter, Producer & Singer - Allan Portera Music

Allan is a New Jersey based musical artist, producer, singer, songwriter and plays multiple instruments

Mixing/Mastering/Ghost prod. - Devid Dega productions

I provide top of the line professionalism. Tronic, Jam Music, Analytictrail, Unrilis, Kuukou, Mb Electroniks, Alchemy, Transmit

Beatmaker and Producer - Edu ANM

Mixing songs, original beats, your music will reach another level with me

MASTERING  - Dynamic Sound Service

Dynamic Sound Service is a custom built mastering studio owned and operated by myself, Blake Bickel. I work closely with my clients to get the most out of their mix and create a master that clearly translates our work in the best light possible, making it ready for duplication and distribution.

 - 48volts

Post audio engineer for film, Tv, advertising and interactive media.

 - Rudolph|Audio

Rudolph|Audio, Arica and Parinacota Regionfavorite_borderfavorite

grabacion, mezcla y masterizacion a precios realistas

2x Grammy winning mixer - MONOLisa Studios/Denise Barbarita

I am here to help my clients meet their needs and high expectations during every phase of a project. Whether hired to capture basic tracks, editing, or mixing, my idea of a successful session is hearing a client say, "What I'm hearing in this room sounds better than what I've been hearing in my head".

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Joshua Dorsett

I have been Mixing and Mastering for the past 10 years. I use a hybrid approach with both Analog and Digital Processing. I like to think of what I do as highlighting emotions; Shiny and Glossy is not always the right choice. I want to make the music have the most impact that it can.

Immersive Soundmaker Mixer - Andres Borda

Seven-time Latin Grammy & 1 Grammy Award winner, I'm doing things differently. My way of mixing and sound design is based on creating an immersive full music experience. @andybozaudio

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Christian Torres

Professional and reliable audio engineer with 6+ years of experience working in studios in and around New York City with a passion for producing, mixing, and mastering music. I work tirelessly to ensure each client has an end product that exceeds their expectations and helps take their career to the next level.

Mixing & Mastering - Nathan West

Producing quality tracks, always wanting to exceed client expectation.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Clayton Wood

Studio veteran that brings knowledge and experience to any recording/audio project. I'm a technical specialist using my skills and background to create solid mixes and recordings.

Music Producer - Mark McCabe

Multi platinum Producer from Dublin Ireland. Always looking to collaborate.

Turn Raw Vocals into Hits! - ESGLucy at ArtistVision Studio

I have worked with multiple artists at my studio and through online services. I mix and master because its my passion, that's why you will always be satisfied with my finished product! I listen to Hip-Hop music regularly and understand the key concepts that make hits.

Mixing / Recording / Mastering - Joel Numa

Award Winning Mixer / Engineer

Mixing engineer-sound designer - Multi awarded sound engineer

Dan Abrusci is Latin Grammy nominated engineer with over 10 years of experience. He has worked in recognized studios such as Quad Studios (Nashville, USA), 10K Islands (Los Angeles, USA) and Red Squid Studios (Miami, USA). Some of his credits include: Enrique Iglesias ft Wisin, Conrad Sewell, Marta Sanchez, Todd Morse (The Offspring, H2O)

audio engineer, producer, - mcnz

Just here to help and give back to independent musicians taking the first steps to better establishing themselves. I would love to help mix and master as well as give production and arrangement feedback to any and all tracks.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Studio Studio Nyhagen

Spearheaded by the legendary Ronni Le Tekrø of TNT fame, we offer recording, mixing, mastering and world class session guitar work from out SSL4000e outfitted boutique studio. Artists like: 1349, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Enslaved, TNT, Chrome Division, Pagans Mind have all recorded at our place in recent times.

Let it shine! - McMediaShop

I've spent years as a post audio engineer. Even recorded and mixed an audiobook with Henry Rollins! Most of my past work includes network television reality shows, musical performance shows, and special events such as an iHeart Radio 2020 Online Special featuring Alicia Keys.

Remote mixing - SylvanusWG

I work in the sound industry for 9 years.

Recordist & Mixing Engineer - Robyn Mcburney

I'm an audio engineer in Los Angeles, I studied at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and have experience in Theatre, Post Production, Dialogue Editing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.

Music Producer,Mixing Engineer - Basstian

iTunes #1 for one of my recent releases on Spain Overall Charts above the songs of The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, has just been the beginning for me. I'm an electronic music producer, and a mixing & mastering engineering, who has specialized in psychology as well. So it goes without saying that I know exactly what the people want.

Pop Mix Engineer and Producer - Els Flora

Open-minded producer and engineer, contributor to the 2020-2021 hyperpop scene.

Dance Pop Producer/Mixing Eng. - Enrico Pavan

Advanced-trained producer & sound engineer from Agostino Steffani Conservatory, specializing in pop & dance production & mixing at Basement Studios. Collaborated with top labels like Decca, Universal, Sony on projects for Andrea Bocelli, Elodie. Founder of Delaunay with over ten releases.

Platinum & Gold Mix Engeneer - onlymovimento

Here to define your sound.

 - Jose Pereira

I have over 5 years experience encompassing: - Sound Design for Film, TV and Games - Foley, ADR and VO Recording & Editing - Stereo and Surround Mixing - Music Composition & Production - Podcast Recording & Production Available for Music & Post-Production Projects. Home Studio & Access to 5.1 HD facilities.

 - Ivan Komlinovic

12 years of experience as a electronic music producer. So far over 40 releases (vinyl and digital), remixes, and underground bootlegs for personal DJ use. As a professional sound enginer, sound designer, audio editor and ADR engineer working last 8 years at oldest croatian movie production facility. Mastering experiences..

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