Top Audio Post Mixers for hire

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Male Vocalist - Jordan Jackson

Pop influenced Male Vocalist, can work remote or in the comfort of my home.

Sound for picture, music - Carmen Borgia


Audio post production for film and TV, music composition and recording.

 - Sound Circus Recordings

Um ehrliche, authentische Musik recorden zu können, bedarf es einer angenehmen und inspirierenden Atmosphäre. Denn künstlerische Höchstleistungen können nur dann erzielt werden, wenn sich der Musiker im Studio wohl fühlt.

 - JRMusic

Sound producer, designer & musicmaker! Well experienced, in different genres and styles! Best quality for best price! Welcome!

Audio Mixer - Parkerhoge Productions

Hi I am a audio engineer and a video editor. I have worked with my church's audio mixer (Midias Pro 6) for about 2 years. I use Logic Pro X to mix all of my music mixing. For my Video Production i use Final Cut Pro.

songwriter mix & master  - Kvn Rose

International talent but Canadian made, KVN Rose is an imaginative song writer. With illustrative wordplay and smooth tonality, his attention to detail can be heard in each and every record. With his first release “Messy” coming as a surprise to many, followers have awaited for new music.

Professional Audio Engineers - SoundS StudioS LLC

SoundS StudioS LLC has been a part of thousands of professional audio projects ranging from commercial music to dialogue editing. Having two studio locations in Nashville, TN & Cape Girardeau, MO loaded with the newest music gear and a team of professional audio engineers . The SoundS StudioS team guarantees professional quality on your project!

Productor, Baterista - Juan Ignacio

Soy productor, dj, baterista y multiinstrumentista de la ciudad de Santa Fe (Argentina) Me encuentro estudiando en la universidad del litoral

Musician, Sound Engineer  - Justin T

I am a musician and sound engineer with over 10 years of experience. I am creative and passionate about music. I am confident that I can use my skills and experience to help you achieve your musical goals.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Mike Macaluso

I am a mixing engineer with over 20 yrs of experience in Post Production mixing and music. I have worked with many clients in broadcast and I have recently won an Emmy for Super Bowl 50. I'm extremely passionate about what I do and my goal is to deliver the sound to your production that YOU are looking for.

Mixing / Mastering - Pranay

Working in the music industry for past 6 years and i did mix/master & produced songs on industry standards


Team of Four. Varying Specialised Areas (Musicians/Engineers). Any Genre (Preferably Electronic or Band-style instrumentation with vocals)

Cloud Pop Hip Hop Producer  - Gabriel Santana

My unique speciality would be creating an electronic hip hop vibe.

Music Producer,Mix & Mastering - Tom


Self-taught multi-talented musician and producer who is at the fulcrum of an evolving pop, edm scene. I am a very different and uniquely wired musician who isn’t afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries of our perception with my deeply layered and well-crafted production. Hire me - If you search for the sparkle in your project.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Thought Cloud Productions


Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Dave Huntley, I've been working in the music industry for 7 years and Thought Cloud Productions is my Freelance mixing and mastering service. I use high end equipment to create professional grade mixes and masters. If you're interested in using our services please contact

 - UnderTheRoof

Audio mastering for analog & digital media

 - Diego Denegri - Denegri Records

Recording engineer and music producer, live & studio musician, expert in mix & mastering.

 - Sebastian De Carcer

Audio Engineer , studied in SAE Barcelona and SAE Mexico City , recording , mixing . Electronic-Ambient music producer , worked in radio stations , postproduction studios and recording studios , composer and musician , drummer.

sound post production - MOVIE FILM post Production

- 5 years of experience in the filming industry - over 100 productions - I was nominated at the Korean Film Festival.

Audio Post Production Mixer - Pulse Post Audio

I own and operate an audio post production studio in Nashville, TN specializing in audio mixing and sound design for dramatic and music-oriented television programs, commercials, documentaries, movies, and concert films. I have over 20 years of experience involving every aspect of the film and TV industry.

Mix Engineer, Bass guitar - Tembisile Nzube

I'm a versatile audio technician with more than a decade experience in the live industry and the studio environment. Specialities are live recordings, mixing, mastering and audio production

i produce beat and i mix  - Dada SamRhocker

i can produce any form of Afro banger beat,POP beat,R&B beat with a Melodious soul beat for your yoga, And i also mix and master to your taste.

Audio Post/Location Sound - Sigma Sonics

We will edit and fix your audio files to its best possible version. We will use advanced techniques and softwares to ensure the final product is a crisp and clean as possible. Whether you are recording a scene for your Film, Documentary, we will be there to guarantee that the sound and emotion of the live action is captured in the highest quality.

Mixing and Mastering - Silver Ave Studio

Audio Production Facility

 - Schizoid Sound Studio

Mixing & Pre-Mastering Online Studio

 - Dwarak Valagam

I am an audio engineering student, currently seeking an internship in a studio in Berkeley.

Remote  Mix & Mastering - Radio Ready Records

Trying to get your project ready for commercial consumption? Radio Ready Records can get your project ready. From music, podcasts, voiceovers, ADR we have you covered.

You Shoot It, I Mix It. - Ken Varas

I am a Re-Recording Mixer/Music Producer (ASCAP) with 15+ years of audio engineering experience, Dialogue edit & cleanup, music and effects, sound design and final mix for feature films and TV productions.

Audio Editor / Mixing Engineer - Tom Whitehead

I'm Tom and I want to edit your audio or mix your tracks. I have an Undergraduate and a Masters in Music Production, 9 years of experience working in studios all over the UK. These days I work primarily with audio for AAA video game titles - but I still have a strong passion for music. Please contact me for Music Mixing / Podcast Editing jobs.

Produce, Mix and Master - prod.fragil

One of the beat Mixers in Portugal. #1 on produced song in Portugal

Mixing/Mastering, Editing - Cam Moody

I have been in the production industry for 2 years. I am a full-time student at Indidana Wesleyan University and I work part time for their Sound, Lighting and Media department. I have gained experience touring with a punk rock band (Air Ralley on Spotify) and mixing/mastering a podcast (Wildcat Chats on Spotify).

Audio for TV/Radio Ads & Media - Daniel Jairala Hes

Audio Engineer with 15 years of experience in Sound Design, Foley Recording, Audio Post and Music Production.

Music & 5.1 Post Sound Mixer - Mike Pipgras

Edit & Mix your song, short, documentary, commercial, web-series, etc...

Full Service Audio - Blue Ribbon Studios

My name is Kent Verderico, I have a BS in Music Recording from the University of Southern California. I have over 15 years experience in the recording business, from analog 2" multi-track to the latest Pro tools system. As a former staff 1st engineer for 14 years, I have recorded, mixed and mastered thousands of songs in practically every genre.

Production Mixing - Mikhail Chuparnov

Hi, I'm Mikhail Chuparnov. I'm mixing hip-hop, post-hardcore, acoustic and movie sound.

mixing,music production,sound - Kuerten, Fee

I am a music and sound producer from Hamburg, Germany. I prefer to create and work with an analogue sound specialized on synths, percussion, vocs and mixing.

Mixing For Fun - Ajanth

I offer a very cheap service and great value for money.I have been successful at mixing finished songs and making the quality better with a few of my own improvisations if required.

Mixing & Mastering | Afrobeats - boostmix

Passionate and devoted audio specialist, I have strong Afrobeat vibes just incase you need Afrobeats

 - Lionwings

Best Hip Hop Mixing

 - Torrey 'Tact Boogie' Adams

Hip Hop Recording and Mixing Engineer. Focused on high quality results, helping make todays music sound great to the listener. If it sounds good, it feels good!

 - Major Hit Studios

Let us help create a hit record with you! Our engineers take pride in our work to come out with the best quality. We mix we master we make beats we are Major Hit Studios.

Producer and sound engineer - Juan Guillermo Calderon Suarez

Composer, Sound Engineer and Producer with professional experience in sound recording, editing and mixing audio, music production and composition for audiovisual media. Specialized in post-production, sound design and stereo and 5.1 mix-down for short films, documentary films, videos and audiovisuals, as well as composing original scores.

Mixing is what I do - Lash Mixes

"The mix is as powerful as the music itself." There isn't just one way to go about mixing a song, because the options are endless. Pushing the value of sound to its fullest extent will carry the music furthest.

Rap & Hip Hop  Mixing  - LJP DA PRODUCER

I prepare tracks for streaming platforms.

Post-Production Audio - Saddle Peak Sound

Experienced post-production audio editor/sound designer/mixer! When it comes to finishing your project, you probably are running short on time. That is where experience is necessary. I have the skills and tools to add creatively to your vision and keep the details and technical needs in mind to deliver the sound you need for your project.

 - Mixology Post

We are a New York City-based creative audio company that helps brands define their image through sound and music.

I offer mixing help - Curtis Romano

I am an inspiring producer who wants to pursue a career in the music field with a strong concentration towards audio mixing for other artists songs / music. I am 22 years old and constantly thrive to learn more and work towards being the best audio / mixing engineer I can be. I joined this site in hopes of doing just that.

Remote mixing, Session Drummer - Kaiku Audio

Experienced postproduction mixer/editor, mostly TV ads as well as documentaries.

I create Melodic techhouse  - TechNomad

I will mix your song for free! I have been producing music for 6 years now. Recently my skill level shot up! I want to help new small artists to master their songs so they can enjoy their music at the level they allways wanted it to be.

 - I Am Production

Audio Engineer Sound Design Music Producer

Sound Designer Mixing Engineer - Benj l'HOTELLIER

Hello! I'm a sound designer & mixing engineer with more than 15 years of extensive experience in the media industry worldwide, and 400+ credits in Film Score, TV Shows, Records, Documentary and Advertising mixing.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Nu Millennium (Higher Energy)

We aim to provide an environment for creative minds to explore endless possibilities and let their "Creative Juices" roll.

Audio mixer and producer. - Niall_Malone


Will provide an excellent sounding mix and take any feedback into account.

Music ~ Sound Design ~ Mix - Calvin Hunting Pia

Emmy-nominated mixer, sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn, NY.

Composer, Designer, Mixer - Heardrum Studios

Music Production for Film, TV, Promotions, and Artist Collaborations.

Recording Studio For Hire - Dassey Recording Studio

Over 20 years experience in the home recording industry, I can help you learn how to record your own music, pick out the right equipment, or record vocals and music tracks in my home studio. If you're looking for affordable vocal recording & music mixing rates, you've come to the right place. I also offering music track mastering services as well.

Remote Post Filmix -Soundesign - Peter Rundquist

Ready to take your film's sound to the next level? Choose G8haus Studios and our top-of-the-line equipment, techniques, and passion for sound quality. We'll work with you to achieve the perfect soundscape for your project. With our unique background in music and passion for sound quality, we are the perfect partner to unlock audio clarity.

 - Ramon Pujol

I am an audio engineer and music producer based in New York and Barcelona.

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