Top Audio Post Mixers for hire

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Taeha Ryu

Berklee School of Music MP&E (Music production and Engineering), Executive director of Audio Production at Gracepoint Ministry

Audio Post-Production for TV - charlie pulido

Recording Engineer specialized in Audio for Image, an excellent Sound Designer, Mixer for TV series and Mastering broadcast to air . Protools specialist - Consider among his colleagues and TV series Producers as an excellent mixer of audio for image, and the on air results that charlie generates are of superb quality for on-air purposes

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ayalonn Merle

Mixing Engineer & guitarist. I've been working for 6 years with Hillsong France, mixing FOH, monitors and studio projects. I've also been working with independent pop and metal artist. Therefor I am able to work on a large variety of music styles.

music producer/mix engineer - Jarrod Ledsinger

I have done projects on Fiverr. I scored a freelance movie. I also produced beats for a friends YouTube channel.

beatmaker, producer, mixer eng - Asme

I specialize in beats, mixing and mastering and vocal direction

16 Cent Audio Production & Mix - Matthew James

Matthew James has 25 years of experience in songwriting, performing, MIDI programming, recording, mixing and mastering. In 2017 Matthew moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film scoring. His credits range from the WB's Black Lightning, BET's Being Mary Jane to the indie horror hit "The Djinn."

Producer. DJ. Engineer. - Muffin Creatives

Unlock the full potential of your music with my expertise as a music producer. With a keen ear for detail and a deep understanding of diverse genres, I bring a dynamic and professional touch to your sound. From conceptualization to final mixdown, I am dedicated to creating captivating tracks that resonate with listeners.

Mix Engineer - Danny Mac


I am a Audio Engineer who specializes in Mixing services with over 3 years of experience working with some of the best tools available. First song is for FREE, so put me to the test and let me show you how to take your sound to the next LEVEL.

Mix, Master, Producer - Jérôme LaRochelle

Hi, my name is Jerome LaRochelle and I offer online mixing and mastering services. I have more than 15 years of experience mixing all kind of music genre from music theater, jazz, folk to hardcore heavy metal! Music has always been a passion of mine, and I have always been dedicated to getting the best possible sound.

Mixing and Mastering - Devin DeVore - TSC | Trinity Sound Company

I am the driving force behind TSC, a thriving and innovative company providing production for major, indie, broadcast, and other forms of digital distribution. The company is a full scale production company based in Southern California with a rich history in studio production, remote recording, and system design.

 - Marvin Demar Warden

I'm a sound engineer and I have a passion for music, listening or creating.

Mixing, Mastering, Editing  - Janine DeBaun

My name is Janine and i recently finished Audio Engineering school @Pinnacle College (Rancho Cordova) My main love in the audio world is mixing songs/albums. I have found that i also enjoy editing dialog & dialog placement in movies/videogames. I am new to this but i find that i am very good at what i do..Please feel free to ask me questions!!

Audio Adaption&Sound Solutions - James Fish SAE Institute

Hi to all the Audiophiles out there! I know how much new potential there is out there when it comes to sounds. We think we have heard it all, but yet there chances are we probably haven't. I am an audio engineer that is excited to get out there and work with others to build relations through great music and sound.

Audio Engineering - Starlit Sound Design

We operate in a precise way. Everything we put our mind to is seamless and sharp. We carrie out all duties that are presented to us with a professional mindset that leaves every single client satisfied.

Full Recording Studio - SMC Studio

Storm Music Circle Studio, we provide professional online audio mixing & mastering services for record labels, independent artists and distribution companies. Our goal is to deliver a great sound in any musical genre at his highest quality to meet client expectation. Most importantly have YOUR SOUND RADIO READY.

Music Producer & Audio Design - Introvert Instrumentals

My name is Nathan Irwin and I a 23 years old from Alabama. My music production name is Introvert Instrumentals.

Recording Studio  - Gustavo Navarre - CANTUS

This is a recording studio, we work on a wide kind of music with an special view on baroque, classical and contemporary music, but we also do latin and folk music.

Tracking, Mixing and mastering - Jack Blakeston

Sound engineer in Madrid. Music, speech, dubbing, editing.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Marco Höck

My passion for the world of sound began 4 years ago. Now I wanna go deeper and deeper in the music business.

Mastering, Audio Restoration  - SProAudio

They say there is always a way to be different, inspired. . . But then, when you think you have them all, you realise this is just the beginning of a whole new odyssey. And as though one will never stop on the quest of his life I never stop to strive for those mysterious things, which often are so close to me as some other times so distant. . .

Sound Post Production Studio - LABBIT

Welcome to the Lab! The LABBIT Lab handles film, Tv, game and creative media all kinds of business & entertainment use. Please let us examine your case! Experience 360 degree post-production services and impression for ears by LABBIT-Sound =:3

Tuning, Comping, Mixing Vocals - Vocal Production Nerd

Your vocal is the most critical part of the track - get it comped and tuned right with no distractions from your performance.

Audio Post Production - Music2Film

Audio post production, re-recording mixer, sound designer, music/dlg editor, DVD, digital, broadcast, webcast, re-mixing. Scripted, reality, advertisement, digital, network, industrials, film, short format.

Sound Design,Producer, Mixing  - Mindless Factory

Dynamic, Versatil and Creative

Music Producer - Fabio Seccamani

Professional Sound Design and music production for film/media branding/commercials. I respond quickly and make my clients an absolute priority.

Recording,mixing & mastering - Cell11364 Studio

Digital and Analog Studio . Recording , Mixing, programming & mastering.

Billboard #1 Music Producer - Brahma (Metaphor)

Established Producer ready to write your next hit! Credits with SONY ATV. I'm an LA based producer/songwriter excited to create your next big song. I have been doing studio work for massive artists (such as Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, BTS, Ariana Grande, Black Pink).

Mix and Mastering - Andrea Giuliana

With several multi-platinum and gold awards to my credits, collaborations with established artists, and an undoubted dedication to the sonic and emotional impact of music: "the most important thing for me is the emotion that comes from a song, always" , and my goal is for your music to have all of that.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Davol Frye


Davol is the owner and operator of (Salerno / Italy), where he engineered for artists including: Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, KAAZE, Dannic, Cristian Marchi, Gioli & Assia, RAF, 22Bullets, Old Jim, Jerome and many many more. He has been running his own mastering studio since 2009.

 - The Key Room

The Key Room is an audio production and mix studio specializing in music and sound for picture. The room features a deep selection of vintage microphones and outboard gear, as well as a Euphonix analog console with full automation and instant recall.

Audio Engineer - José Baptista

Hey there, I am José Baptista Audio Engineer. I'm here to help you reach that perfect sound you want for your songs!

 - Orange Label

Sello de Grabacion Independiente desde 2011 Estudio de grabación. Producción Musical, Grabación, Mezcla. Producción de Audio Publicitario Post produccion de Audio Asesoria de Montaje, Prensa, y difusion de medios de distribucion digitales y Fisicos (CD y DVD) Diseño Gráfico discográfico, Fotografia y Litografia. Sonido en Vivo.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Sutan Antonius

Sutan Antonius (Toni) has worked with many artists in an array of genres. Specialized in mixing, he also has an extensive experience as a recording engineer, have had the chance working in a multi-million dollar facility for quality demanding clients. Previously based in New York City, where he graduated from SAE-NY and became an AES and NARAS

I deal with everything! - DJ Juan Ruiz

Nothings for free! You get the quality you pay for!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Leo Melo

Hello, I am a Brazilian Sound Engineer who recently moved to London. Passionate about music I have dedicated myself to use my knowledge and creativity in the recording, mixing and mastering of songs. I love to be in the studio and getting the best out of any song.

Producer - Mixing & Mastering  - Alix Stanford

As a 25 years of Gold & Platinum experience mix engineer, I get to work and dissect a lot of Pop, R&B, Dance and Indie productions coming from many different producers. This gives me a little extra insight as to what’s working and what’s not. I've worked for Grammy Award artists & producers like RedOne or D. Guetta.

Audio Production - Gonzalo de Pedro

Hi everybody! My name is Gonzalo I am a professional Sound Engineer and Producer. I have got my own Project Studio in Madrid and I am willing to help you with your recordings and give them the proper sound according to the standards of new media industry. Of course you are welcome to come to my place and record your material in my studio.

Audio Engineer - LCP Audio Solutions

Specialize in Post Production Audio for broadcast on TV, Cable TV, Theaters, etc. Worked with top TV Networks both local and international. Proud owner of LCP Audiosuite Studio which handle projects from top rating shows on television. Professional personalized service, prompt materials turn over, prompt after sales services. Reasonable prices.

Mixing & Mastering  - Hanish Taneja

Mixing & mastering engineer from India. Worked on Various Genres Like Progressive Metal/Rock, Alternative, Thrash, Pop, R&B, Bollywood, Etc

Metal Music Composer - Metal Kombat

We are a band who are specialized in drumming (all types of metal) and singing (all in metal)

Recording Studio - Dauphin Street Sound

Recording studio in downtown Mobile, AL. We have a passion to produce the highest quality recordings of your creative works. On the music side of things, we mix, master, track and produce. Our commercial services include voice-overs, original sound effects, spot delivery, and production for film, television, radio and the web.

Composer and Music Producer. - Harry Joel

Hello , My Name is Harry Joel, I am a Composer, Music Producer and Song Writter in the Maryland, Virginia Washington DC area . I have a degree in Music Technology and have been creating, composing and mixing music for 10 years. Feel Free to Contact Me

Producer & Audio Engineer - False Panic

Producer and Audio Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mixing Studio, Solo Guitar  - Mrmadcliff

Solo Guitar

Pro Audio mixing & mastering - Harelama

Seasoned and certified mixing engineer, with 20 years experience in digital audio production, including 10 years of teaching and instruction @NHLStenden. Education: Art School, School for Audio Engineering, Master in Music Production, Middlesex Uni London. Secured recording deals with self produced music. Works in the box, Pro Tools and Reaper.

mixing & mastering - dj Konda

Mixing & mastering engineer

Mixing,Mastering & Production - Vanguards Music

DJ Kemo - Producer for billboard smash hit "Dangerous" by Akon & Kardinal (peaking at #5 on hot 100 pop charts) Hip Hop - Reggaeton - R&B - Latin

Audio Editor, Mixing Engineer - Nathanael Teo

I've been doing music for about 7 years and completed a Diploma in Music and Audio in 2017. But paperwork doesn't mean much. However, I've been working on projects for myself as an artist. I'm passionate about getting quality music out into the streaming world especially for newer artists, just excited to be part of your process.

Recording, Mixing and Masterin - Famos Fame

One of the best Mixing and Mastering Engineers in LA. Worked with all major Genres and so on

Music Production and Design - Rafe Sholer

MTV, CBS and ABC TV Credited Music Producer and Sound Designer

Engineer - Will Downs

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Audio Engineer, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Remote Mixing (all genres) - Michael Wright

Currently a student, but 9+ years of recording, mixing, and mastering audio.

Sound Designer, Podcast Mixer - Tim Urbanya

Versatile audio engineer and sound designer, passionately curating exceptional auditory experiences from electronic music to engaging podcasts, while operating a professional recording and post-production studio 'audiopralnica', dedicated to elevating sound quality in every project.

 - Theo's Studio

Theo’s Studio is a Full Service Recording Studio that provides Production/Post Production Sound for Music, Audiobooks, and Film.

Pro Recording Studio - 1/4Acústico

"1/4Acústico Live Studio" is a pro recording facility where you can do rehersals and record them in an audio controlled environment. The brand has been active in Querétaro City, México. Over 3 years with professional audio engineers and musicians dedicated to give the best for your musical needs and finest ears.

Mixing and Mastering - Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel

See this system here? This is Hi-Fi... high fidelity. What that means is that it's the highest quality fidelity.

Mixing&Mastering, Music produc - Concrete Flower Mixing

I am a musician and mixing engineer ready to mix Progressive, Electro, House, EDM, Hip-Hop & Rnb songs.

Mixing and Mastering  - Mixing/Mastering Engineer

I am a producer/mixing and mastering engineer that wants to help with getting beautiful music to the world. I have been on this journey since I was 15 in and out of different studios perfecting my sound, and making sure the highest of quality material is achieved

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Sean Story Sound

My name is Sean and I'm a professional mix engineer living in Toronto, Canada. I attended the Pacific Audio Visual institute where I graduated from the Audio Engineering and Music Production program in 2011.

Remote Mixing & Mastering   - ColdBs Studio

I am a young sound technician with passion for making music heard of the purest sea and best possible way . I specialize in electronic music. Free mixing and mastering tests.

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