Top Audio Post Mixers for hire

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

 - Re-Recording Mixer / Supervising Sound Editor

Multiple Award winner specialized in audio post-production for Film, TV-Series and Advertizing, with more than 12 years of North American audio credits on multiple Motion Pictures as well as TV Series.

producer/guitarist/songwriter - Billy Alexander

I'm a professional touring/recording guitarist, songwriter and award winning producer specializing in Country, Pop, Rock, and Americana. I'm available to do custom demos, album projects and custom guitar tracks.

Music Producer,Mixing,Master - Artur Chmielewski

I'm a professional 25years old Music Producer,Sound Designer,And sound editor with 7years of experience.

Mixing, Mastering, Produce Vox - My Home Studios NYC

Throughout my professional career, I have worked in music studios and post-production houses around Atlanta and New York working with the industry's biggest brands including Universal, Def Jam, Disney The Atlanta Falcons, Turner Broadcasting, Bud Light, Lays and more. Also, working with new talent, helping to find their voice, is a passion.

Grammy Award Winning Engineer - Dacota G


As a Grammy Award winning engineer, I know what it takes to make a song the best it can be. Whether I'm working with Billboard artists such as Chidlish Gambino & Usher or independent artists like Nate Good & Ted Park, I treat every project the same. If you’re looking for a mix engineer w/ experience, skill & exceptional communication, I’m your guy.

Session Drummer, Producer - patz_mikis

The diference bewtween something well done and something perfect is in the little details.

Sound Design/Music Production - Mind Melody Prod.

Since 2013 that I've been working as sound designer and music production as a composer, and I love music and the study of the sonic field.

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Mixing of Metal , Rock , EDM  - Phantom 8

I am a long time musician who has studied the art of mixing and a lot of mastering. When I think of mastering I am thinking of an engineer prepping a track for vinyl. I am interested into helping people who just start out get a good sound from their hard work.

Ghost Writer  - Haig Bakhtiarian

The best cost to quality service you will ever come across

Multiplatinum Music Producer  - karloff

Sound design is very important for any musical project. it determines where you want to be taken when you hear a song. Maybe you're delivery is amazing but if the sound selection is not in the same page as your song, might affect the intelectual registry of your audience. As a music producer is how I've succeed with my clients.

Sound Design, Mixing, Cleaning - Damon Mckenzie

I am a sound designer from South Africa with 4 years in the game and a passion for taking projects to the next level.I specialize in creating SFX for games and animations with a knack for the unconventional. I have created audio and mixed for some of the biggest brands out there!

Mixing Engineer - Daniel

Greetings! I am a skilled mixing engineer ready to bring your music to life. With my professional expertise, I offer top-notch song mixing services tailored to your specific needs. I prioritize effective communication to ensure your vision is fully realized throughout the process.

Mixing engineer, Producer - Frank3am

Professional Mixing engineer and Music producer with 8 years of experience in the industry, looking for artists, musicians wanting to take their sound to the next level

Mix, Mastering, Music Producer - Aleix Gimeno

I have a wide music industry experience offering exclusive customer service and accumulating more than 15 years of experience.

Audio Eng, Dummer, Producer  - Recording and Mixing Engineer

An Audio Engineer with 10 years experience, studied at SAE institute.

 - atakan arisoy

i'm a music guy with my computer and tons of experiences.

 - OpenWave Studios

OpenWave is a full service recording facility

 - Willful Wreckords, LLC

Willful Wreckords, LLC is a small DC area label located in Haymarket, VA. Started in late 2011 with one make life a little easier for bands and artists who want to focus on their music.

 - Fully Vested Music

Our staff has served as piano/keyboard accompanists for an array of national artists. The staff continues to be in demand within the music industry. Fully Vested Music has integrated a host of musicians, music programmers, songwriters, recording studios, and recording engineers at our fingertips. This integration ensures that you are top priority.

remote mixing & mastering, m - Vasiliy Filatov

Award-winning Moscow based producer/sound designer/mixer. Vasiliy produced sound design and music for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Disney Channel, MTV. He produce much more big records in many genres working in his SoundDesigner.PRO studio

Mixing & Recording Engineer - Phil McGowan

Music Mixing & Recording Engineer and Producer specializing in music for Film, Television, and Video Games.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Huey Gatez

Professional music producer & mix engineer with years of experience recording artists to provide professional audio work & a creative mindset to every project.

Mixing Engineer - rroederr

I mix records. That's what I do.


Recording Studio specializing in mixing and mastering on the go so that its convenient for the client. Just send what you got and feel relieved that its taken care of. Also in house recording if you need to capture that clean sound the will be fit for the music industry.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Venzetti Productions

I want to make your music big, loud & proud. From crushing breakdowns to soul fulfilling ballads, let's make magic.

Songwriter and Music Producer - Tmronow

I studied producing, mixing, and mastering music myself and have produced a lot of tracks for myself and even for other customers.

beat maker, vocalist - Landan music

Hi everyone, am a producer from west London U.K. I have been self producing for roughly 2 years now and i really enjoy the journey of self learning and experimenting with different ideas, ways of working and learning. i really enjoy the challenges and overcoming them, I am heard to widen my experience with sound

Remote Mixing & Tracking - David Harin Productions

Being a singer, musician and song writer, I understand the value of having tracks and mixes that is of the highest quality and matches international standards. Having worked on various singles, EP’s and albums, it would be a privilege for me to work with you on your music journey.

Mix Engineer, Producer - Zach Seabolt

Mix engineer/producer with 8+ years of experience. 7million+ spotify streams. I have worked with artists in a wide range of genres including Fetty Wap, Tiffany, Desiigner and many more as well as companies like BET and Disney. What sets me apart in my mixing/production is my musical background and not boxing myself into working only in one genre.

Audio Post for Films ON LINE - Miguel Ángel Caballero

PERFECT AUDIO SOLUTIONS and ONLINE SERVICES for FILMS, DOCUMENTARIES and SHORTFILMS. I OWN Best-of-its-kind recording and audio Post Production studio for Dialogue editing, ADR/Dubbing, Foley, Sound Design, Audio Restoration and Surround 5.1 & 7.1 Mixdown for motion pictures of ANY KIND and BUDGET.

music recordist and mixer - Joram Pinxteren

Based in the Netherlands and with 20+ years as pro engineer, I work for a broad clientele ranging from local bands to international companies and from singer/songwriters to orchestras. An important part of my work is mixing film, television and trailer music.

Mix Engineer (music and post) - Streetscape Sounds


Streetscape Sounds is one of the top go-to studios for urban music in the area. We work with artists of all levels, from artists recording themselves at home to underground rap legends to Rich Gang artists, we cover any sound you are going for. If you want a raw and gritty underground sound, or if you want a clean pop sound, we have you covered.

Make you sound beautiful - Falling Glass Studio

Hi my name is Rob Lynn and I am a freelance Recording and Mixing Engineer from Los Angeles, CA. I have experience in almost every genre and I work very closely with my clients to ensure they are happy with the end product!

'Remote Mixing/Producer' - Bobby Kennedy

Hi I wear many hats in the industry. I am a producer, an engineer, a songwriter, and a voice talent. I have been in the industry for 5 years and currently with Universal Music Group. I am passionate about my work and I am excited to work with you.

Sound design  - Malaz Mhana

A passionate sound designer who is adept at delivering innovative audio concepts.

Mastering - Master Frasco Audio

Master Frasco Audio Labs is run by Chris Frasco. He has worked entirely as a mastering engineer since 2012; specializing in Pop, Rock, Country, and Hip Hop, for artists such as; O'Shea, Hit The Lights, Brian Wright, Janelle Arthur, and many more.

SoundDesign/Mixing GermanStyle - ton.dreizehn

Munich based Sounddesigner and Re- Recording Engineer with a big passion for film sound. "The german Skywalker Sound ;)"

sound designer, music composer - Paul Fább

If you need mixing, music or sound for your video or game, you came to the right place.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Kamil Biedrzycki

I love working with acoustic music and discovering new perspectives on music for games and movies.

Mix Engineer, Music Producer - Kunle (Koon-leh)

Here to bring your dreams to life to the best of my ability.

I make people sound good. - Nate

The biggest part of choosing a producer is choosing someone who "gets it"Threre is no music too weird, too experimental for me not to be able to wrap my head around and help bring out its best. I have worked with rappers,R&B singers and groups, Orchestras, and Death metal bands. I have produced metal and R&B songs in the same day. Try me!

Mix Engineer - Silver Tongue

With nearly 2 decades of experience on stage and behind the console, I bring a depth of musicality and technical expertise to your projects. My journey has been one of relentless passion for creating immersive audio landscapes that elevate the artist's vision and make their music stand out against the noise.

Audio Engineer - Mark Volkov

Working as a junior Mixing Engineer and Live Technician in Berlin.

EDM and Pop Producer/Artist - RXPHY

With a deep passion for experimentation, RXPHY blends genres such as Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Alternative, crafting a sonic landscape that is both familiar and innovative. With projects like "Chaotic Neutral" and "Radiant", and releasing on multiple music labels, RXPHY is able to provide a professional product.

 - Cameron James

Music is my thing. I have worked from a Pro Tools platform for close to 10 years now and before that, Samplitude and Sound Forge were my magic creators of choice. I studied North Indian Classical music in Varanasi, India for two years and then did a 3-year degree in Sound Engineering. I love nothing more than to get lost (and found) in sound.

 - Mixed by Dale Penner


Producer/Mix Engineer. Mix where the song comes first. I have helped some great artists get from the basement onto the charts. My studio uses a great combo of analogue & digital mixing equipment. I have Gold and Platinum Awards with Roadrunner Records, Universal Music, EMI, Juno award winning projects and Western Canada Producer Of The Year Awards.

| Mixing & Mastering | - Syncwood Studios

| FILM & MUSIC MIXING | | Fully accurate 5.1 monitoring system | | Certified by AVID (Pro Tools HD Operator) | | Music Composition | | Professional & Fast Service |

Guitars, Mixing, Mastering - Blusician

Experienced sound engineer that plays guitar and writes songs. Love music and working with other musicians, but also know when to tell the truth no matter how brutal. Rock, blues, jazz, country, folk...

ReRecording Mixer - Mihail Dichev

Audio & Sound Music Production - Einklang Studio

30 years of experience in music business

Recording Studio  - English Oak Recording

English Oak is a recording studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia operated by producer, musician, and audio engineer Jacob Sommerio. The studio blends the best of analog and digital recording technology to provide high-quality playback on today’s modern mediums.

Music Producer - Tartage


Producer, Mixer, Guitarist - Jordan Karg

I take your creativeness and music and turn it into life. I will help you each step along the way. Whether it is producing your art, mixing to stereo, or a guitar session over your track, I will make your music soar.



Remote Mixing Pros - Misfits Audio

Rafael Castano Marin (Head of Audio @ Misfits ) is a pro sound designer for TV and radio commercials for clients such as DirecTV, TriNation and Disney+.

music & audio in post mixing - Alex Breitburg

Mixing in stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos Music & feature films

Audio Engineer, Producer - Jory Meek - Collective Audio

Bachelor's degree in the science of music production, Session musician & Composer, Record, mix, and mastering audio engineer with 8 years of experience, Educational instructor for mixing and mastering in Logic Pro X and Cubase 12 Pro, An artist for the artist, Jory's goal is to be a hero to the artists and a villain to the industry.

Music & Film Post Mix Engineer - Louis "Lou" Martinez Jr.

Located in Metro Atlanta, I offer a full service professional residential recording and production facility featuring state of the art digital equipment. I back this up with many years of studio experience and expertise and encourage a positive, relaxing and creative music environment. "Don't bother thinking outside the box...just throw it away!"

 - The Tiny Studio

The Tiny Studio was created by Karl Ancia recording engineer at the national Opera House of Belgium "La Monnaie" We do mainly live surround acoustic music recordings, multichannel sound designs & sound reinforcement for classical music concerts, theatre and opera productions.

 - Yevgeny Levin


I'm a Mixing Engineer who lived in Tel-Aviv with a lot of Experience in Pro Tools.Won Remix Contest by McDSP & MacProVideo.One of the winners of Tony Masserati Mix Competition.I work on Pro Tools 10.I mix tracks in the box with plugins (McDSP,Steven Slate,Waves & others).I work on music,dubbing,voice over,post production Mixes

 - Roberto saldivar

Music producer and Audio engineer Mastering Engineer Post production sound design Clinician Live Sound engineer Steinberg Technical support

 - Gerardo Flores-Untouchable Sound

Finished school in 2012 but has been working in sound engineering for many years. Mostly working with up and coming artists has now been working as assistant engineer to a big name in the audio engineering world. Has access to top of the line equipment and is eager to show what he can do.

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