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These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

 - Tony Stanhope

New to Nashville, and new to this site! I've got 3 years of Pro Audio/Music Business experience including a college education in recording and major studio work in Orlando, FL and Nashville, TN. Please get in touch with any questions!

Mixing and Mastering - T J Varghese

Sound Engineer for Grammy-winner / Recording Engineer for Yamaha & Earthmoments sample featured in Naughty Boy Feat. Sam Smith Lalala.

 - L.I.A (Female Hip Hop Artist) CEO of E.N.D Music Group

Hello I'm a upcoming female artist from los angeles. I'm been making music and building my company up over the past 10 years. I have a very solid team who can provide Our services to Artists Looking for Production to Writing. As well as getting your music Mixed and Mastered.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Travis Ross

Thank you for checking out my SoundBetter Profile!! I'm a Berklee credentialed Sound Engineer and owner of Signature Sound Studio in Detroit. Since 2012 I've completed over 250 independently produced projects in 5 different countries - mostly online. Recent clients include Louis Picasso and the Toledo International Symphonic Orchestra.

Mastering, mixing & More - Loop Lounge - Audio Services

Since its inception, Loop Lounge has been working closely with DJs, Producers, Musicians and Sound Engineers to develop top-end DJ Tools and sample libraries. This has given our team of professionals a deep understanding of what is needed to create a high quality audio product.

Recording Studio - Black Fire Audio

Black Fire Audio is a multi faceted project based on love of everything audio. We focus on bringing the best quality audio to you in a professional and timely manner. Our goal is to branch out as much as possible and deliver what you envision to our final product.

Mixing Engineer - That Guy Audio

I am a engineer that can get the job done for you!!

Premiere Audio Post Production - Outloud Audio

Highest quality audio post production. Exceptional service. All in a comfortable state-of-the-art environment.

Producer, Mix, Writer, Sing - Christopher Hart

I'm looking to work on a few more projects in music with creative people. This is my passion, my life, and my world so I feel that I need to dedication some more time enjoying what I love to do.

Remote Mixing / Mastering - Dark Void Studios

A professional that works with results, art and satisfacton of all, always searching for the good sound and audio quality!

Recording Studio, Session, Mix - Marcusz

Hi, I'm a producer/engineer/mixer/composer living in Amsterdam, Holland/Europe

Sound Designer/Vocal Engineer - MIX MASTERING & SOUND DESIGN

LOW COST BUDGET HIGH QUALTY TRACKS 5 Years + Experience in my field!

Mastering Engineer - Connor H. Carroll

Hello, my name is Connor H. Carroll and I know what a record should sound like.

Music Producer and Mixer - Jacob Lobo

I will mix your track, and can help with production tweaks too. I will only accept payment once you're happy with how the track sounds, and will complete 2 revisions. I will help your record, and in return you will help me establish my portfolio.

Mixing&Mastering, Sound Desgin - Diogo Magalhães

Creative and idiosyncratic ideas, is what Diogo is all about. Likes to experiment in the process of getting somewhere with the work done. Loves to help people bring their projects to live. Has released his own music in several labels around the world, had his music feature in various compilations and has been a dj for over 10 years.

Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Phil Rock

Professionally trained singer with experience in Folk, Punk, Pop, and a capella. Experienced in mixing and mastering. Current projects include pop-punk band Second to All (Vocals/guitar/producer), Vocal Jazz group Voce Lux (baritone/engineer), and solo folk/pop project.


I'm kinda just looking to expand my knowledge of mixing and mastering as I already have some familiarities with it. I think i can impress my clients and I could potentially gain some more experience to even apply it to my musical endeavors.

Music Producer - CUGAR

★ Biography ENGLISH *From 2017 to the Present: The extensive self-taught career of CUGAR based on a lasting belief in quality music has led him to advance as one of the most watched producers in recent years in electronic dance music.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Axis Sounds

Analogue/Digital Mixdown from experienced mix and mastering engineer. All genres accepted.

Music Producer  - kikaterremotodj

Music Producer, Sound Engineering Vocalist ,DJ, Radio and Tv Broadcaster from 1991 Techno/Electronica/House /Down Tempo/Jazz and Blues /Drum and Bass /Hardstyle. Booking :

indie,hip hop, electronic - Y.B.A

hello! I am Y.B.A artist and producer looking to work with other artists and get your track and songs to the next level

Mixing | Mastering - Patric Favreau

French Canadian mixer and engineer, mastering/remastering for artists and production companies, re-recording mixer for video/film. Unlimited Revisions for music. Fluent in French and English. I am genuinely passionate about my craft and eager to cultivate new client relationships.

Producer, sessionist - Josefina Anselmo

Rap, Hip Hop, Rock and pop producer, songwriter, professional guitarist and singer

Session Drummer, Drum Tracks - Max Saidi

Platinum recording drummer with credits including; Bebe Rexha, Megan McKenna, Gianna Nannini, Peter Andre, Shane Filan, and Will Young. With top-notch recording gear, a selection of modern and vintage drum kits, and a wide range of cymbals and percussion, you can be guaranteed drum tracks that'll take your songs to the next level!

Audio producing with passion ! - Studio soundBole

As a musician, audio engineer and audiophile, I like things that sound gorgeous ! I am one of those people who consider mixing, mastering and recording engineers to be artists just as Tattoo, Cinema, serigraphy, Painting,(etc) workers. Every mix is a work of art of it's own ! Thats why I think that investing in the mixing part of music is crucial.

Mixing and Mastering - Mix/Master Pre-Fund Ready

I mix and master your band's recordings.

Music producer + Mix/Mastering - Dewi Williams (SWN STUDIO)

Enthusiastic music producer and mix/mastering engineer. Highly motivated with a passion to produce music from all genres. Working from a personal professionally built recording studio in North Wales, UK. Experience with all kinds of bands, artists, choirs and soundtracks.

I play, produce, mix & master - Teera Lucksanapiruk

I care about the music of the people that I work with, just as if they were my own. I want to help you succeed.

remote mixing & editing! - sounds official

Hey everyone! My name is Chelsea and I am a certified audio engineer. I attended and graduated from SAE (School of Audio Engineering) back in 2013 and have been working in recording studios ever since. Looking forward to working with some new artists!

Mixing live & studio - Anton Lobintsev

Hi! I'm expirienced live sound enginer now diving in studio job

Remote Mixing&Mastering  - A Great Sound 4Le$$

Greetings! I'm just a guy who's very passionate about music! I've been recording, editing, mixing and mastering music for two years now and have a great ear for how things should sound. I specialize in mixing& mastering Hip-Hop and rap music but can work with about any genre. I'm very fair with my pricing because this is something I love to do.

Mixing & Mastering - Mix my Song

Mixing the way you like it. Top Mixing Engineer Björn Schulz (S.A.E) from Düsseldorf

Music Composer & Sound Design - Rodrigo Mardones

I'm Sound Designer and Music Composer from Chile. I've made many music and sound design for TV Advertising, Animations shorts, movies and Corporate videos.

Mixing, Mastering, Post, OD's - Axis Sounds

Professional mixing and mastering services based just west of Glasgow City Centre in a quiet residential complex.

Mixing, Mastering, production  - Honywood Studios

Bespoke mixing, production and instrument tracking. We can bring your songs up to indusrty level.

Music Producer // Songwriter - Oliver Bixby

Songwriter - can write a complete song / hook with quick turnaround

Audio/Podcast Post Production - Jonas Zellner

Providing professional sound editing and mixing services, I'll bring top notch audio quality to your project. Especially talented at fixing poorly recorded audio.

Producer, Remote Mixing & Mast - Pilha / Dj Urso Pardrado

An Producer/Beatmaker/Sound Designer & Engeneer/Photographer/Digital Designer with 6 years of experience of working alone and collaborating. With one album on the streets, various collaborative projects already made and getting prepared for release.

Mixing, Mastering, Bass - Eric Götz

Hi I'm Eric. I'm a Professional Live-Sound Engineer and the Producer of 'Sweet Gluttony'

Mixing & Mastering  - Ian Colorado

I am a very enthusiastic person, I've always had good communication, also I can speak English and Spanish very fluently. I consider myself as innovative and experimental with the projects I've worked on, without losing the feeling that has been printed on the music of my client, I can work on pressure with no problem and I always enjoy my work

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Lyle | Morning Routine

Mixing and mastering services, Waves plugins, accurate monitoring. Loudness, references, revisions.

Productor Musical  - daxersound

trabajo en un sello musical desde 5 años de musica Urbana y comercial en lima Peru soy Productor Musical ingeniero de Mescla

Mentor and Production (Remote) - Ubiniqu

Mentor to artists and musicians for many years, personable and willing to encourage inquiring minds on the aspects of music and sound work. Beginners and curious souls welcome. Help with acoustic set-ups for better sounding home studios or even how to build one in an affordable way. Techniques of thinking out of the box or looking for inspiration.

Sound Designer / Sound Poetry - TIMES

Producer / Sound Designer / Film Score / Videogames Soundtrack / Sound Arts

Music Production & Songwriting - GentleJawns

An amalgam of sound that combines the high vibrational drum style of Joie Kathos and the atmospheric, ethereal harmonic layering of Jacqueline Constance. GentleJawns is a experimental soundscape that paints a sonic picture of freedom and identity through melodic synths and running kick drums. This non-binary femme duo brings the soul to every work.

Mixing/Tuning/Prod/Post-Prod - Next Level Engineering

With 4+ years of experience and a formal education in the field, I am ready to take on any project with a open mind and focused ears. I see each project as a new challenge and am looking to take on as many possible. I have experience in Hip-Hop/EDM/Pop music.

Audio Post Production - Chris Sprinkhuysen

Audio Post Production Services for Podcast, Film, & Video Games.

 - theSoundNut, Inc.

theSoundNut, Inc. was founded by Dan Schaefer in September 2007. With over 20 years experience providing audio services in the greater Atlanta area, Dan offers his award winning services as audio engineer, sound designer and mixer to the numerous, diversified clientele he has worked for and established relationships over the years.

Mixing / Mastering / Recording - Alexander Komlos Engineer

I am an audio engineer, have a BS in Audio Production. I work at a recording studio which is where I do most of my recording but I can do mixing and mastering from home in my person studio.

I mix and master music  - Joseph Allison

Hi, I'm Joe and I have a very strong passion for making music sound huge and heavy. Music is my strongest passion and I love working with other artists.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer  - Nehemiah Stevenson Mix.God

Motivated Mix Engineer with strong recording, editing, and mixing experience. Diverse background in Producing, Beat-Making, and Mix engineering. Effective communicator and team player with strong organizational, project, and time management abilities. Call me at 470-269-1381 or by email at

Sound engineer - Nicolas Coulange

Hi, I am a sound engineer. I own a recording studio in Paris.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alexander Crusoe

I use my ears and try to output the best sound product you have heard.

audio engineer, music producer - mohogany wimple

I am a professional audio engineer and music producer. I have worked in many sessions with many known artists today.

Live Sound, Mixing, Production - Lamar Laing

Audio Engineer based in Atlanta. Known for having an eclectic sound that can't be heard anywhere else.

Music Producer - Breen

Mostly I make tracks in the style of: EDM, Dance, Electropop. But I can freely do it in a different style, just write me. Don't worry if you have a small budget, we will make a cool track)

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Ted Loco

Specializing in Hip-Hop, Rap, Grime & Drill. Male or Female vocals. Amassed millions of streams on songs I've engineered and consistently had tracks on BBC 1Extra for a number of years.

Remote Mixing and Production - Berry Bliss Studios

I am an educated audio engineer and music producer looking to elevate your project to the next level. I have the knowledge, software, and dedication to produce only professional quality work.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Culture Livingston

Im Culture. i work at Catalyst Recording in Philadelphia Where "Billie Eilish", the viral hit by Armani White was recorded mixed and mastered. I have been involved with numerous projects and numerous genres during the course of my career. Im not a hobbyist. This is how I pay my bills. I look forward to helping create value in your music.

Mix Engineer Songwriter - Len Sharman

Mix engineer-songwriter looking for collaboration with like minded creatives

Mixing engineer - Jori Saloranta / V.R. Studio

I'm a younger partner in a finnish recording studio called V.R. Studio. I've done recording and mixing professionally since 2019 and have since gained partnership in our studio and a collection of clients, including Michael Monroe and Douglas Blair of W.A.S.P.

Punk Rock to Orchestral Film - Slamm Andrews

Live sound to surround, I have the experience to elevate your project to the top.

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