Top Audio Post Mixers for hire

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Composer, writer, art director - All Stars From Galaxy

I am a music producer, beatmaker, composer, and art director with over 15 years of experience. Currently, I collaborated on the production of the Cypher MND 16 featuring Duki. I am from Mar del Plata, Argentina, and I work across all musical genres.

5.1 mixing and sound design - Cool Tunes - Guy Wenger

I have been mixing for over 30 years and work to get you exceptional results, on time and on budget. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese, am versatile and bring something fresh to each project. My aim is to create solutions that exceed your expectations!

 - Yevgeny Levin


I'm a Mixing Engineer who lived in Tel-Aviv with a lot of Experience in Pro Tools.Won Remix Contest by McDSP & MacProVideo.One of the winners of Tony Masserati Mix Competition.I work on Pro Tools 10.I mix tracks in the box with plugins (McDSP,Steven Slate,Waves & others).I work on music,dubbing,voice over,post production Mixes

 - Arturo Fuenmayor

Audio engineer/ producer / mixer from Venezuela living in Toronto. Insanely in love with music and the process of making records. Graduate from Taller de Arte Sonoro (Venezuela) - Audio Engineering and from Recording Arts Canada - Sound and Music Recording.

 - MAC

Can't wait to unleash my creativity here!

Stem mixing engineer - Elephant Mastering | Audio Engineer Eugenio F.

A new mastering studio with no compromises, born in Rome to pursue a higher standard of quality entirely analog.

Music Production, Sound Design - Studio Impuls

We are two music producers, 15 years present, and have rich expirience in music production, sound recording, songwriting & composing, beat-making,vocal editing, mixing, mastering, foley art, etc.We started working in a home studio enviorment and since then, were working in many studios of different formats, on a big variety of music equipment.

Music producer - Diamond Paris

I have a strong passion for producing music. It is more than a hobby for me and I look forward to using my talent to help others.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Venzetti Productions

I want to make your music big, loud & proud. From crushing breakdowns to soul fulfilling ballads, let's make magic.

Producer, song-writer. - Jakky

I'm a producer looking for talented session musicans and unique, distinctive vocalists. Artists worked with include: Princess Freesia of SoulperFreesia, "Sir Shred" of the band Axxion, and the up-and-coming Christa Ebert.

Music Producer - Tartage


Session drummer, audio edit - Nicola Corrias

I'm drummer and session man. I have a passion for audio edit and video maker

Bajista de sesión  - Pablo López

Bajista de Profesión

Multiplatinum Music Producer  - karloff

Sound design is very important for any musical project. it determines where you want to be taken when you hear a song. Maybe you're delivery is amazing but if the sound selection is not in the same page as your song, might affect the intelectual registry of your audience. As a music producer is how I've succeed with my clients.

Sound Design, Mixing, Cleaning - Damon Mckenzie

I am a sound designer from South Africa with 4 years in the game and a passion for taking projects to the next level.I specialize in creating SFX for games and animations with a knack for the unconventional. I have created audio and mixed for some of the biggest brands out there!

Mixing engineer, Producer - Frank3am

Professional Mixing engineer and Music producer with 8 years of experience in the industry, looking for artists, musicians wanting to take their sound to the next level

Film Sound Design/Mix/Compose - Amelia / saikai

I'm a freelancer film sound designer/mixer with over 7 years of experience, and have worked on various feature films, as well as for Netflix series like Mr. Midnight, Mind Your Manners, and HBO series Grisse.

Song Mixing/Enhancing - Radu Alex

The goal is to enhance clarity, depth, and dynamics while maintaining the artist's intended vision.

Remote Mixing and Producing - Howsaudio

I am a Bafta nominated UK sound mixer with 27 years industry experience in studio and post production. I can take your audio and make it stand out and sound exceptional. My mix studio is kitted out with Pro Tools 12 HD, UAD Apollo, Twin + Octo satellite, Focal Twin Monitors, keyboards, guitars etc.

 - Bengal Recording

Professional and affordable recording, mixing and mastering services

Composer, Engineer - Sam Campoli

Samuel is capable of a composing wide array of music, from poignant piano tunes to more dakr and dreamy tunes, to garage rock and more. Samuel loves the opportunity to make all kinds of different styles. Influenced by the likes of Jonny Greenwood, Jon Brion, and Brian Eno, Samuel's pieces that float in between classical and ethereal soundscapes, in

Remote Audio post and Mixer - Marcelo Guerreiro

Brazilian Audio post and mixer.

Session Drummer, Producer - patz_mikis

The diference bewtween something well done and something perfect is in the little details.

Sound design  - Malaz Mhana

A passionate sound designer who is adept at delivering innovative audio concepts.

Production / Mixing&Mastering - BraveCake

Duo specialized in music production, mixing and mastering. At it for around a decade. We work with many clients mostly in The Netherlands with ranging genres from House to Hiphop.

Recording Studio  - English Oak Recording

English Oak is a recording studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia operated by producer, musician, and audio engineer Jacob Sommerio. The studio blends the best of analog and digital recording technology to provide high-quality playback on today’s modern mediums.

Score & Re-recording mixer - Roger GUERIN cas*mpse

Re-recorded and Sound Designed close to a thousand hours of various productions ranging from mono and beyond surround sound, long & short format for film/television, promo/commercial, “reality show” productions, and was credited for my work on the Oscar nominated “Nibbles”. Extensive abilities in onsite orchestra and multimedia recording & mixing.

I am a music / beat producer - Realx

My impressive acomplishment is that I managed to become a professional music producer with a very good amount of knowledge and experience!

Sound Designer | Composer - Gleb The Sound Guy

Emmy-nominated sound designer for your mixes

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Case Productions`

Not much to say, been producing, mixing and mastering professionally for about 5 years (15 years in all) Have my own kind of sound so i come at projects with an outside the box view.

Production Team  - Dynoized

An entire specialized team focused on your project, what else do you want?

Audio Eng, Dummer, Producer  - Recording and Mixing Engineer

An Audio Engineer with 10 years experience, studied at SAE institute.

 - Raw Substance Studio

Audio engineer from Canada. Will work with reasonable budgets.

Mix Engineer (music and post) - Streetscape Sounds


Streetscape Sounds is one of the top go-to studios for urban music in the area. We work with artists of all levels, from artists recording themselves at home to underground rap legends to Rich Gang artists, we cover any sound you are going for. If you want a raw and gritty underground sound, or if you want a clean pop sound, we have you covered.

remote mixing & mastering, m - Vasiliy Filatov

Award-winning Moscow based producer/sound designer/mixer. Vasiliy produced sound design and music for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Disney Channel, MTV. He produce much more big records in many genres working in his SoundDesigner.PRO studio

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Brett DeFazio

I''m currently attending college at SAE Institute in New York city. I love all types of music and I'd love to find somewhere local that needs assistance. I am 20 years of age.

Sound Designer, Drummer - Jason Stare

The heart creates rhythm which commands the body to move space. Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Drummer


Recording Studio specializing in mixing and mastering on the go so that its convenient for the client. Just send what you got and feel relieved that its taken care of. Also in house recording if you need to capture that clean sound the will be fit for the music industry.

Mixing & Mastering - Ngoma Blessings

Audio mastering engineer, vocals recording technologist, producer, singer and performer.

Sound & Music for Film and TV - Amniótica Studio

Award-winning Post Production Sound and Music Facility. 15 years experience.

Produce, Write, Mix, Sessions - Dereck Tabata

I've been a musician for over 25 years. Tracking and mixing for over 10 years. I write, arrange and compose for just about any genre of music. My influences vary widely from rock royalty artists like Van Halen to film composers like James Newton Howard. Regardless of the music scenario, I work with artists to get the best out them and their music.



Rock Mixing, Session Musician - Nick Gardyasz


Mix and master sound - RIOMastering

I can clear the sound of your voice and master it (podcasts, audio books, etc.) I can also add audio effects. Mix and master of your tracks.

 - atakan arisoy

i'm a music guy with my computer and tons of experiences.

Tracking and mixing, analog  - Elad Berliner , Studio Art Evolution

I enjoy working with all sorts of artists in different genres, tracking and mixing, and getting involved in production. Not afraid to explore new territories, push the boundaries and just follow the instinct. Artists like working with me because I'm easy going, and I am honest and encouraging to them.

Musician, Engineer, Educator - Justin Dzuban

Justin Dzuban is an American musician, songwriter, and sound engineer. With a background in sound for film; projects range from tv and film sound editorial, mixing, music producing, production and creative content for collaboration, music education and artist development. 25+ yrs guitar- Music classes for youth and beginners are available.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Russ Junk Scientist

Hi, I am based in Brighton and London and sit proudly on a roster of producers and engineers at

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Dru Ubaldo

Hi, I'm Dru Ubaldo and I'm a recording and mixing engineer based in Manila, Philippines. My recent works can be found at and You can reach me at dru [at] groundbravo [dot] com or androcarloubaldo [at]

Recording, mixing, mastering. - Martin Roženek

Martin Roženek is a mixer, record producer and head of GM Recording studio, which is situated at Czech - Slovak - Polish border in central europe. He worked with a wide range of bands and interprets, mostly from these countries, for last 20 years.

Mixing & Mastering - TK Sound Lab.

TK Sound Lab. is a boutique studio in Athens, providing hi-quality mixing & mastering services for professional artists, musicians & producers.

Multi-instrumentalist Producer - Richard Tuomi

I will add horns (Trumpet, flutes) to any of your tunes to a high level of excellence with a quick turn-around. I will also produce and sell lofi beats using samples and live performed elements (Jazz piano, guitar, drums).

Mixing - Gonzalo Moreno

10 year experience mixing engineer working in music, film, tv, and live shows.

Remote Mastering - Alexandre Soares

The best of hybrid mixing and mastering using a vintage Tascam 388 and M216, Reel to Reel, a lot of handwired and powerfull analog gears as Adamastor optotube compressor, AlsetTec mastering baxandall EQ, Summit Audio TLA100A, and more. The Brazilian way of mixing, with the best of both worlds!

Electronic music producer - EVEROUS

Music producer from Sweden. Specialized in Future Garage, Hybrid/Future Trap and(or) wave.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Kamil Biedrzycki

I love working with acoustic music and discovering new perspectives on music for games and movies.

Mix Engineer All Genres - Tyler White

Hello, I'm Tyler, I'm a student audio engineer with three years experience recording, editing and mixing. My services have only been offered offline until now. I will carefully work with you to understand all your needs. Everything from quick edits to full mixes I will work on. If you don't like it money back guaranteed.

DJ and music producer - Play House

EDM, Techno and House music producer.

music recordist and mixer - Joram Pinxteren

Based in the Netherlands and with 20+ years as pro engineer, I work for a broad clientele ranging from local bands to international companies and from singer/songwriters to orchestras. An important part of my work is mixing film, television and trailer music.

 - Francois Blaignan / Tinitus inc.

Audio post and Music for Advertising

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