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Jazz musician by education, beat-maker by conviction, José Cálix has worked with artists from all around the world such as NIO, Los de Allá, MHL Big Band, Cascabel, as well as releasing his own solo projects. He has worked for film, TV and video games, either working behind the computer or rocking out on an instrument (if not both).

A jazz musician at heart, José Cálix has thrived in leaving his comfort zone and expanding his musical language into genres such as hip-hop, pop, metal, latin, contemporary classical and cinematic music.

Educated in sound engineering and production, he often takes the reins of many aspects of a project if necessary, without losing the spirit of collaboration that has made him a welcome addition to many musical productions.

An extremely accomplished guitarist, he is also a very experienced composer, engineer and producer, with an ear for detail and nuance.

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