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Mixing, Mastering, Composing  - Apollo Productions

Apollo Productions your one stop for mastering, mixing, composing for an affordable price!

Music producer and engineer - Legends of Linford

Berklee trained and UK-bred audiophile hunting for legends.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - DL Stickler

I believe that the best productions are the result of listening. Listening to the artist. Listening to the tracks. Listening to the message. Finding the arrangement and expressions that work as a whole to create a whole. So that is where I always start. Asking and then hearing. And clarifying. So as to understand what you are trying to say.

Mastering - The Cabin Mastering

Jake Hills & Nick Cunneen - Audio Mastering & Mixing with a creative, unique approach.


Over a decade of experience in Music production, Sound designing, Ghost producing, and Mastering Engineer.

Music Producer, Beatmaker - Humble Sound

Hi, I've been doing music for over 8 years. I write in style: Edm, Trap, Future Bass, Chiptune, House, in other directions

Mixing, Mastering, Post - Embr Waves

I am an educated audio engineer and will do everything in my power to deliver you the highest quality sound I can.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Steel House Studio

Commercial level mastering at affordable prices.

Mastering, Mixing, Beat Making - InTACT Production

I am a mixing/mastering engineer with over 12 years of experience specializing, but not limited to, hip hop & R&B. Style: MODERN mixing/mastering, competitive with the current industry. My goal is to make your track sound comparable or better than songs of the style your track is. Upfront, Powerful, and Clean. I have done plenty tracks for Ray J.

Mixing, Mastered, Produced  - EllZEM

Recording Artist, Mixing & Mastered Engineer, Produced

High end Mix and mastering - peterkaofficial

I’ve been dedicated to sound design and songwriting since 2003, active Live and tour engineer for many years.

Mastering - A1 Mastering

Real Human Analog Mastering within 24 hours

Mixing; Mastering; Production - Caira Media

Bring your ideas to life, and starting like you...

HUMAN Mastering & Restoration - Cardinal Mastering

Cardinal is best suited to independent artists, small labels and small to mid-range studios, both home and professional. It is a sort of boutique operation where nothing is rushed or overlooked. I use a hybrid of both analog and digital processing.

Mastering Engineer - Stellar Sound Labs

I provide high-touch, full-service mastering tailored to busy producers and mix engineers. Mastering takes time and care--it shouldn’t be a drive-thru. Work with a trusted partner to achieve your client’s vision.

Music Producer, Mastering - Ian Robert

I'm a music producer and have self-taught myself how to mix and master tracks/songs suitable for most streaming services including Spotify and Soundcloud. I'm also an artist that has been releasing EDM music since May 2019. I have also created multiple Hip-hop instrumentals and have collaborated with rappers.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering - F.J. Moore: Embouchure Studios

Hello! I am a studio engineer with experience in post-production audio as well as audio for film/tv. My journey in the industry began interning at multiple studios, including assisting Grammy and AMA-awarded engineer, Ron Carbo. I have over 10 years of experience in the audio industry: 4 of which through my business, Embouchure Studios.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Tim Vitek Mastering

I specialize in mixing and mastering. I offer affordable rates, a quick turnaround time and a full analog mastering chain.

Music Producer - Brett Truitt

I’m a writer/producer for Prescription songs in Nashville. I’ve worked in electronic music to pop to alternative rock to country to tv/film. I have credits with: Betty Who, R3hab, Shoffy, Chord Overstreet, Banners, Quinn Lewis, Win and Woo, Phangs, Michelob Ultra, Tommy Hilfiger, Stars on ABC, Teen Mom, and Netflix's Lucifer.

Mastering Engineer - The Fat Cat Mastering

I provide a five star mastering service for artists.

Swedish Analog mastering! - Nevo Mastering

We enhance your artistic vision and always provide a dynamic and musical mastering.

mastering techno bangers - küetzal: sounds

I work, produce master and publish techno music since 2016 in the underground UK techno scene

Recording Studio  - Red House Studio & Entertainme

We are working for international projects since 2004 for Music recording , Mixing , Mastering, Game, Voice over and many unique project as like Siri Korean version, Developing voice recognition system.

mastering - Jan Ohlhorst

Jan Ohlhorst has over 20 years of know-how and experience spanning all audio related fields. This encompasses the entirety of the recording process from production, recording, mixing, to mastering. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences and has worked professionally for more than a decade mastering audio.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Eduardo A. García

AUDIO ENGINEER - MIXER - PRODUCER - EDUCATOR 🇨🇴 Audio Mixing & Mastering - @latingrammys Nominee ‘06 - Music Producer & Live Sound - Audio Online Educator - Production Credits👇🏼

Mastering Studio Science/Art - CraftLabMastering

Since 2008, we only do Mastering using only analog equipment! We offer free mastering revisions and you can try us for Free! Online Mastering for Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman. We speak your language!

Mixing & Mastering, Releases - The Remix Label

Would you like EDM Remixes and Mastering?

Pop & R&B Mixing and Mastering - Charlee Sound


Hey there! I am Charlee Sound, a Pop, R&B/Hip Hop and Latin music producer, mixing and mastering profesional in CS Music Studio in Madrid.

Mixing & Mastering - Jorge Savoretti

I'm a mixer/master engineer/producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Specialized in Electronic Music. Released in labels like Cadenza, M-nus, Viva Music, Raum...Musik. Engineer for Musica Lunar, Savor Music.

Producer and Engineer - MoreNight

Worked with artists like: Manga saint Hilare, Scrufizzer, Kolidescopes, Alex Adair Produced Sync work for: Nike, Adidas, Boiler Room Released material with: Atlantic Records, Shall Not Fade, Kiwi Rekords, TrapDoor

Mastering, Stem mastering, Mix - Eriatarka Mastering

Analog and Digital world class mastering, stem mastering and mixing.

Music producer and Mastering  - Sartorian

Years of production going through different genres like French House, Synthwave and Future Bass, i managed to capture several elements of these styles to make exclusive and intense Techno tracks with his personal touch. already signed with more than 10 labels around the world and 2 times TOP 10 beatport Sales.

Remote mixing and mastering - Jake Seeley

Recent Creative Music Technology graduate from the University of Gloucestershire (1st with honours)

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Isidor Technician

I deeply love music and see it as my primary goal in life to help others (you) to complete your musical vision. I will help you with the production, mixing and mastering. All you need to finish off your demos and make them the highest possible standard. If there is instrument to be added, a mix or master to be done, i got you covered.

mixing and mastering studio  - La-iko studio

la-iko studio is a professional studio specializing in mixing and mastering electronic and urban music. it is still composed of latest generation analog and digital equipment to bring you the best sound

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Constantinne

Musician and music producer and audio engineer with over 50 million plays on various platforms, owner of one of the biggest hits of the Brazilian EDM

Mastering Engineer - Kognitiv Mastering

With some of the worlds leading artists and labels using Kognitiv Mastering. Your music will be taken good care of!

Mixing and Mastering - Matt Turner

Mixing and Mastering engineer from studio in Cambridge, UK.

Produtor e musico de gravação  - Allysonmoura

Musico e produtor fonográfico, busco aqui poder fazer grandes parcerias e assim as partes em si ter uma grande contribuição e ambos poderem ter seu retorno financeiro.

DJ / Guitar / psytrance - MOAB

DJ and Producer Started the project “MOABLIVE”

Mastering Engineer - Güssbmps

LA based mastering engineer with affordable pricing and quick turn around times.

Mixing・Mastering・Violin&More - VIBES TOKYO

VIBES TOKYO is run by Mixing&Mastering Engineer, Composer, Violinist Felix Pong. Felix has worked with musicians and clients such as the world renowned Japanese Anime Composer YUKI HAYASHI, BAFTA nominated Composer KEVIN PENKIN, Nintendo Switch(CORPSE FACTORY) game composer ALEC SHEA, advertisement TREEAPP (UK)

Web Designer - Sarah K.

Go Up is the professional web design and development agency of Dubai UAE. The company was developed to support the business owners in Design, Development, Branding. The company is famous for the valuable services that lead it to become one of the leading website designing company Dubai.

Mixing & Mastering - Alperen Goren

Mixing and Mastering is the most important touch of a production. Let's create your sound together!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Michael Wilson

I will clean up and bring your song to life with a punchy and crisp mix. I am comfortable working with House music, Drum and Bass or Hip Hop/Trap. I've been featured on Majestic DnB multiple times which is a music YouTube channel. I'm very flexible with my time so reach on out!

Mixing and Mastering  - Fran Garcia Devrient

Mixing and Mastering on Electronic Music. Especially in Deep, Organic, Progressive House. Polishing of the sound, the brilliance appears "¡Your sound, your expression!"

Ghost Writer  - Haig Bakhtiarian

The best cost to quality service you will ever come across

Studio Engineer  - Flower Shop Records

Published Music on most streaming platforms

Mixing and Mastering - Alex Sassone

Music Producer / Audio Engineer Mixing and Mastering Professional

Hip-Hop Mastering Expert - Juan Chacon

I have over 10 years of experience working on a live musical environment and 2 years interacting with costumers for Mixing and Mastering services.

Mastering, Restoration - M WORKS MASTERING STUDIO

Led by chief mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner, who wields 30-plus years of experience in the mastering and production industries, M-WORKS is today one of the world’s most esteemed and versatile audio mastering studios. In the past 25 years, M-WORKS has mastered over 7,000 projects, dozens of which have won Grammy awards and have been certified.

Mastering and Mixing Eng, Music Producer - zlaya loud

Mixing/mastering engineer, record producer, soundtrack composer, sound design-artist with 30 years of experience in the field. Producing-mixing/engineering credits on hundreds of titles. Mastering credits: Over 500 titles

Analog Dynamic Mastering - Tone Proper Mastering


Tone Proper Mastering is a world class all analog mastering studio. With world wide releases and many top 100's Tone Proper is fast becoming the "go-to" mastering studio for mix engineers and artists alike.

Mastering Engineer - Borza Mastering

A lot of music today is being made in home studios, which is a great step forward for musicians everywhere! That being said, the precision instruments and experienced ears of a mastering engineer are more necessary than ever. I’ve built my entire business around turning DIY recordings into professional production masters for sale and distribution.

Mastering engineer - Massia Mastering


Ive been into music my whole life, so i know first hand that when it comes to mastering you want the job done right, quickly, and without burning a big hole in your wallet. I charge per track and not by the hour! I have many mastering credits on youtube channels such as LinkUpTV and GRMDaily. My biggest achievement would be working with IceCityCrew

Mixing / Mastering / Producer - Manu Jimenez

Music Engineer / Producer that specializes in Mixing and Mastering for bands, producers, and film composers. My studio is in Los Angeles just outside Hollywood and was designed by Michael Blackmer of Blackmer Design.

Producer, Sound Engineer - Stephane Carreau (Papa Flavor)

Stephane has been working as a sound engineer, producer, singer song writer for the last 25 years. His main success was achieved with the band Bet.e and Stef in Canada. He produces and records in his Montreal Milend Studio.

 - Online Mix&Mastering

Online Mix&Mastering services for your music/ productions.

Mixing and Mastering  - Callum Whiteley

I am a mixing and mastering engineer based in Leeds, United kingdom. I have studied music technology for two years at Leeds college of music and have worked on projects, covering many different genres.

Free Mastering - Jeff Sundin

Hi! My name is Jeff Sundin and I live in Sweden. I've been composing music for many years now and I also record and mix and master the music myself. When I started out the quality was quite horrible, but I've learned much since then and now I think that It's sounding really good. I like to work with rock mostly but I can work with other genres.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Fundamental Frequencies

My name is Erik Sowers and I am a mixing and mastering engineer. I attended Berklee College of Music where I received a Masters Certificate in Music Production and Technology and I have over 15 years experience working with audio including recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Recording Studio - Gizzard Recording

Gizzard Recording is a dedicated analogue recording studio situated next to London's Olympic Park in Bow, East London. The studio was set up in 2002 by Producer-Engineer Ed Deegan to focus on working with and developing production techniques from the analogue era.

Singer, Mastering, Songwriting - Róbert Šimko

Pro solutions for your record. Pro vocals, sound designing, mastering, songwriting and more for low prices.

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