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Polish your mix with professional mastering

Production and Instrumentals  - ATO The Collective

With over 10 years of collective experience, we're a team of producers, engineers, vocalists, and multi instrumentalists who wish to help make your vision of your art complete.

Production//Mixing//Mastering - Brian Fox

I am a Producer and Engineer with over a decade of experience working in music. (Previous clients include: Third Man Records/Jack White, Jon Spencer, Bonny Doon, Wingtips, Ganser)

Music Producer, Mix & Master - Gennaro Tafuri

Hi! I am an electronic music artist, I have been studying this kind of music for a long time and I am an honors graduate of the conservatory and hold qualifications as a music technologyst. I am an expert in Ableton Live and electronic music is my life. I enjoy experimenting and helping those who want to pursue this career.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Christal Jerez

Get quality mixing and mastering from one of the best trained engineers available.

Mastering - Miky Sound

Dedicated to music, production, mixing and mastering for more than 20 years. Musician, composer, producer and arranger. The best mastering for your music.

Mixing, mastering, production - Jeorge Withajay

I have been recording, mixing, mastering, drum programming and a serious musician for almost 40 years in many genres from rock to Hip Hop, metal, traditional country, blues, house and many other styles.

EDM Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Jack Blom

Elevate your tunes to the next level with my cheap & easy mixing/mastering services, honed through collaboration with emerging Australian talents like Fitch and Midnight Dance Party, and refined under the guidance of industry professionals at Icon Collective.

Producer / Compositor / Mixing - Juan Rua

Professional sound engineer, musician, composer and producer. For over 20 years, I have provided high-quality services to the entertainment industry.

Mastering Engineer - no hashtag music

I deliver professional high quality Audio Mastering of your song

Mastering  - Valton Mastering

Let's work together to achieve an outstanding sound for your project ! Dedicated to your art et your vision.

Producer, Mixer, Mastering - SixSGMA

My goal is to let everyone hear your song how you hear it in your head.

Music Mastering - The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is a high-end mastering studio built to serve Chicago's independent music community. Combining some of the finest mastering equipment with a relaxed, professional environment, The Boiler Room also features the expertise of a veteran engineer who has mastered thousands of albums; more than any other mastering engineer in Chicago.

Mastering Audio - Analog City Sound Makers

We are Passionate about sound. We were formed in some of the biggest recording studios in Paris at the end of the analog reign. We’ve lived through the transition between analog and digital. This is why today Analog City Sound Makers proposes to you a unique and different mastering experience.

 - Disruptive Audio - Atlanta, GA

Mangled Guitar Orchestrations, Disturbed and Destroyed Audio Mayhem, Psycho Electronic Musical Tapestries and overall Melodic Insanity....

Creative Analog Mastering  - Leftright Audio - Mastering & Mixing

Dan d'Ascenzo aka Deetwo is a creative Mastering and Mixing Engineer Certified Mastered for iTunes. Partner with Robert Babicz at RB Mastering Studio Belgium

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Paulo Jeveaux

Latin Grammy Winner, Billboard Top 10 Dance Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - Senju Mastering

Hello musicians out there! My name is Taylor Clark aka Senju and I am here to make sure that YOUR songs are TOP QUALITY mixed and mastered to compete with the loud and heavy commercial songs out there! I know your music is important to you and you want your hard work to be shown in its best quality so you can show people without fear!

Audio Engineering - PKO.blivion Mastering Services

Digital mastering services preformed by an innovative engineer. I'm an experienced multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ who specializes in mastering music intended to be played at high volume through a large speaker configuration.

Mastering - Louie Gonzalez

I want to help take your music to the next level!!

Professional Audio Mastering - Morrison Studios

Morrison Studios is a professional audio engineering studio located in Boulder Creek, California. We are an approved Apple Digital Masters mastering house. Simon Morrison Founder & Chief Audio Architect

recording | mixing | mastering -

thanks for looking & please check here:

Mastering - High Five Mastering

High end mastering facility offering online mastering at the most competitive prices! Our studio is equipped with the best mastering equipment (Prism Sound, Maselec, Chandler, Avalon, PMC, TC Electronic..) We offer selection of services such as online mastering, stem mastering, mastered for iTunes, mix supervision, digital editing, DDPi creation..

Online Music Mastering - Tom Durack

With more than 25 years' experience recording and mixing hit records for artists around the world, I bring to my mastering practice a keen appreciation for the mixer's art, and for the amount of work it often takes to get a mix just right. I approach each project according to its specific needs. Your record's own best self is the goal, every time.

Mastering Engineer - Blanco Mastering

Award winning mastering engineer with over 23 years experience in the music industry, 2x Grammy & 10x Latin Grammy award winner with over 100 nominated projects in the past 20yrs. Experience in all music genres working with major and independent record companies, artists & producers world wide.

Mastering Studio  - Oakfield Mastering

Mastering with love and passion!

CD mastering, post, audio edit - Lou Hemsey Music & Film

"Creativity is the Master... Technique is the Slave" Audio CD Mastering with Heart and Soul!

'Turn Up' - Studio NGM

Our job is to fill the gab between what comes out of your creative mind and what comes out of the club speakers. Advanced Technology Studies at London College Of Music and many years of experience in Club Music.

Recording Studio, Mixing  - ScottechProductions

As a recording graduate from Citrus college, a recording/radio production graduate at Pasadena City College, and current student at Cal State Dominguez Hills for Digital Media Arts, I offer a Associates Degree in Recording Technology, and experience in the field. Also I offer a board operator certificate from the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Mixing & Mastering services. - Charity Mix

Charity Mix helps upcoming artists to get a better sound for their music. Mixing & Mastering services, pay as you want!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Genevieve Cyr

Studio Engineer with 9 years working in audio industry. Specialization in mixing and mastering for a variety of musical genres (electronic, folk, Hiphop). Own studio space with top-tier converters and out-board equipment, as well as digital processors.

Sounddesign, Mixing, Mastering - Tobias Lorsbach

I`m a producer for electronic music, sounddesign and a mastering engineer

Make Qualitative HeadBangers - Ethan Tlatelpa

Ethan Tlatelpa is the name, I moved to Austin Texas to start living out my dream in the audio industry. I attend Media Tech Institute and will earn a pro tools certification by the end of this year. I will move back to NY where I can take my skills to any artist. I make and produce my own music along with my team who are also pro tools certified.

Recording Studio - Gizzard Recording

Gizzard Recording is a dedicated analogue recording studio situated next to London's Olympic Park in Bow, East London. The studio was set up in 2002 by Producer-Engineer Ed Deegan to focus on working with and developing production techniques from the analogue era.

Audio Engineer - Carbon Mastering

Hi Nice to meet you all, I hope to fulfill all you ask of me and a little bit more. All the best Darren.

Mixing & Mastering Service - Matteo DiMarr

Matteo DiMarr aka M1...No hype. No gimmicks..a discography spanning 4 DECADES. A Toronto House Music Legend and Canadian Electronic Music pioneer.

Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Miika Weimann

Miika Weimann is a lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist with exclusive training in Classical music. He attended The University of North Alabama majoring in Entertainment Technology with a minor in Music Performance.

Mixing, sounddesigner - Emil Marcano

Im a hard working person with a lot of experiences to share. I love the art of music and its science. I enjoy to record, mix and master sounds using digital work stations. Im always looking for friends, clients and companies in this industry for colaboration, learning and growth.

Mixing & Mastering - Forest Kids Collective

My name is Paul Gabriel Marchesani; also known as the Forest Kids Collective. With over 27 different musical aliases and over 1000 published tunes. I've been writing and producing all styles of music since 2010. I currently engineer & produce NPR Live Sessions for VuHaus via WRTI 90.1FM. I've done over 100 productions of global and local acts.

Bass Player - Doobi Codi

Im a bass player with over 25 years XP.

Mastering, Mixing, Courses - Serious Mastering

Mastering studio since 2001. Taking time to work together with the artists to get the result they are most happy with. Handling various genres with the aim to provide the customer with maximum value for their money.

Music Producer - Dytone

Music Producer & DJ. Millions of views on youtube & support from major artists.

Professional Mastering Studio - Independent Mastering, LLC

Grammy Nominated (Best Engineered Album) with 20+ years full time in mastering for all formats.

Mastering Audio - Apostolos Siopis

No time for making tutorials, and fancy youtube videos, just mastering.

Mixing | Mastering | Post - Mervin T Thomas

Mervin is a very young aurally gifted Producer/Mix/Post-Production engineer immersed in the Music Industry for the last six years. Starting off as a live performer and producer, he has worked his way up to being one of the few AVID Certified Protools Engineers in both Music and Post-Production, in India.

Music & Sound Engineer - Nikki Semenov

I'm a music producer, recording engineer, mixing & mastering engineer.

Mastering Engineer + - phillip s. rodriguez

Los Angeles native with thousands of disc recordings under his belt. What unique concept does your project have? I would love to help you achieve it.

Music Production Studio - Lotte Lindenberg Records

Small recording studio inside a classy hotel in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany.

Online Mastering - Sola Mastering

Better Price. Better Sound. Sola Mastering provides excellent service and amazing sound at affordable prices.

High Quality Audio Mastering - High Lab Mastering Studio

We offer a high-end, audiophile spirit processing for your tracks. Using the sharpest technologies available at the moment... PCM / DXD up to 768 khz / 32 bit , DSD 512 and soon 5.1 multichannel Just listen...

Mixing-Mastering Studio - Subkultur

Mastering adds the final touch to your music before it gets released and distributed. It brings out the beauty of your music in order to SoundBetter.

Recording Studio - MIAL

For The Music Makers

Mastering Music by Ear - Rachel Field

I'm a Mastering Engineer and co-owner/operator of Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA, where I have mastered projects for Eddie Vedder, Brandi Carlile, Thunderpussy, Pearl Jam, and more. I have experience with all genres. My top-flight hybrid analog-digital mastering chain is versatile enough to accomodate variety.

recording, mix and mastering  - Adeline Simon

speciliized in recording and mix and mastering a song.

Mastering engineer - Sinetracks Mastering

Music is a safe kind of High.... Final Polishing Dealer

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dionis

Fast and cheap mixing of your songs from pop-rock to brutal death metal. Reamping.

Record Producer - Broken Demon

Worked on several projects that have been supported by some of the biggest brands (Premiere League India), Radio Jockey (Swathi from Radio Mirchi) and several influencers and actors (Abhirami Venkatachalam). I strive for quality and signature sound.

Sounddesign & Mastering - GLAVIVA ® Sounddesign

GLAVIVA ® Sounddesign & Musikproduktion • Labelcode LC30611

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Headroom Mastering

High-end mixing & mastering with a passionate, personal touch. All-around music lover with a passion for high-fidelity sound in love with tweaking knobs. Worked for gold- and platinum artists. Credits include Universal, Sony Music, Spinnin', Black Hole Recordings & more. My goal is to translate an artist's creative vision into the perfect sound.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering. - Simon Spud Beggs

Professional Credited Engineer, Major Label Projects. Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator.

Beats, Mixing, and Mastering - Adam Lerschen

Grammy-Quality Mixing & Mastering Service available to all artists, producers, and beat makers!

Session musician + Mastering - Andrew Roseman

Fighting sterile creative practices since 666 BCE!

Music Producer - Brett Truitt

I’m a writer/producer for Prescription songs in Nashville. I’ve worked in electronic music to pop to alternative rock to country to tv/film. I have credits with: Betty Who, R3hab, Shoffy, Chord Overstreet, Banners, Quinn Lewis, Win and Woo, Phangs, Michelob Ultra, Tommy Hilfiger, Stars on ABC, Teen Mom, and Netflix's Lucifer.

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