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The Infidel Netwerk is a collective of musicians who wish to spread and disseminate original music, at affordable prices, and provide platform for those who wish to communicate and collaborate and spread further artistic creativity. We are part of the post-record label transition, reclaiming art for the musician and the fan.

We offer many services as part of our post-record label community, and SoundBetter is going to be one of the platforms for which we hope to reach our fans and clientele better. We offer a variety of services and some of the primary ones include:
1. Full audio mixing.
2. Full audio mastering.
3. Full song composition.
4. Beat composition for MCs and pop vocalists
5. Additional vocal work to be done by a vocalist within the Infidel Netwerk roster.
6. Songwriting. If you are need of a melody and basic song structure, we can provide that to you.
7. Vocal Comping and Tuning. Got a bunch of vocal takes, and you want to make a "perfect take" that is a composite of all of them? We can do that. And if you desire we can tune any minor audio mistakes. All for an affordable price.

We also offer other services including:
Custom artwork designs for bands and companies, editing and FX for video projects, artistic mentorship and production via Skype, lyrical songwriting, audio effects and sound design, remix work from a variety of Infidel Netwerk artists, as well as a variety of session musicians and vocalists who can complete their work in our locale studio here.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Terms Of Service

We typically will offer 3 revisions with no extra charge, and we will offer full audio and/or video consultations with the client for each of these revisions if desired, so we can get to the details.

Gear Highlights
  • KRK Rokit Powered-8
  • Nektar Panorama P4
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