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Audio Engineering - PKO.blivion Mastering Services

Digital mastering services preformed by an innovative engineer. I'm an experienced multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ who specializes in mastering music intended to be played at high volume through a large speaker configuration.

Mixing/Mastering/Retracking - Gainlab Studios

Today's production practices have changed significantly with the changes in music consumption habits, which poses new challenges for the studios in terms of both workflow and technical terms. Gainlab Studios has been established with this in mind to respond to these changing trends to provide the most up to date professional audio service.

Online mastering audio tool - ULTRAGAIN

Ultragain is your online mastering audio tool, specialized for the artists who make electronic music. All work is processed in a studio by a professional specializing in electronic music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Leandro Abreu - Panta Studio

I am Leandro Abreu. Worked on short films audio awarded in Brazil and in Argentina. My studio has worked for over a decade with music production and over 30 artists produced. Game remixer, count on several award-winning remixes besides composing for games.

High End Audio Mastering - Monrad Productions

High End Audio Mastering services. . Get a "RealFeel" demo master of your song delivered in 48 hours, for free! Prices: - "Regular" mixes: around $70 USD /song and $700 USD / album. - "Mastering-friendly" mixes: up to -20%; - "Mastering-unfriendly" mixes: up to +20%; - Stem mastering: +50% .

Mastering Engineer - Ken Kit

Hi, my name is Ken and I'm a Mastering Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Mastering, Producer, Drummer - Justin Sweatt

Hello! I'm a synth player and drummer known for my recording project Xander Harris.

Producer/Composer/Guitar/Piano - Christian

I'm a musician from sunny California with quality experience in writing and producing eclectic music and performing on either guitar, piano, or voice. My interests include: composition, arrangement, production, hybrid and fusion genres, sonic clarity, improvisation, and general musicianship.

Remote Audio Production - JabunAudio

JabunAudio aims to provide a variety of services for musicians, animators, game designers and other people who work with audio on a regular basis.


Your music_ality, many years of experience, broad knowledge of hard- and software and the love for the soul in music itself are the key points that drive me to achieve the best possible master.

mixing and mastering - Ali hadian

7years of experienced in audio visual field and Digital Audio Workstations 5 years of experienced in Mixing and mastering music with 3rd party plugins(waves,fabfilter,softube,izotope) and analog consoles (shadow hills mastering compressor) Experienced in recording,designing and editing sound Deep knowledge of sound reinforcement,mixing and mas

Analog Mastering - UP MASTERING

We are a professional Online Analog Mastering Studio

Mixing&Mastering, Composition - MW Audio

I am a mixing and mastering engineer, as well as composer and audio engineer for film. I at the moment am the Head of Sound at a Post-Production company in Wimbledon.

Music Producer, Beatmaker - Humble Sound

Hi, I've been doing music for over 8 years. I write in style: Edm, Trap, Future Bass, Chiptune, House, in other directions

Mixing&Mastering, Producer  - Professional-mixing-mastering

We offer professional quality work on your project since the year 1997 we work as sound engineering live performance/ recording studio, editing, mixing, mastering etc. Experiences guarantee the high level of music production your projects. Experience begin in Czech Republic where we are Located we have been working with the most famous artist .

Mixing and mastering engineer - Pinkie Pee

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

remote mixing & mastering  - ali rafeh

I have worked in many session

Online Mastering - Sola Mastering

Better Price. Better Sound. Sola Mastering provides excellent service and amazing sound at affordable prices.

Mastering - Archetype Sound

Mastering is the final process every recording needs to go through before it's ready to be heard by audiences. While there are some software companies offering "do it yourself mastering tools" and "automatic mastering", these options just can't compete with the quality of professional mastering.



Mastering, Mixdowns,  - 36 Hertz Mastering

Lathe cut vinyl, Audio mixing and mastering

Mixing, Mastered, Produced  - EllZEM

Recording Artist, Mixing & Mastered Engineer, Produced

Recording Studio - The Groove House

Record your songs at The Groove House's state of the art recording studio, and get the sound quality of Nashville and LA at HALF the price.

Mixing and Mastering  - Master Funk

I'll make your song ready for radio, streaming services, and online stores. Simple as that. I do all genres from disco to house music to jazz. Electronic and multi-track recording projects and of course hybrids of both.

Mastering - A1 Mastering

Real Human Analog Mastering within 24 hours

recording, mix and mastering  - Adeline Simon

speciliized in recording and mix and mastering a song.

Music Mastering - Machine Mastering

Machine Mastering caters for a broad range of music genres and provides audio mastering services for a wide selection of artists. We combine an unique analogue and digital audio set up to achieve high quality results that reflect the exclusive requirements of our artists to deliver excellence in post production.

Mixing & Mastering - Luxury Sound

Hi! My name is Nikita. I have been mixing and mastering for 7 years. I live in Russia, so if you want exotic, then you can work with me.

World Class Mastering - Masterful Audio

Over 20 years experience, from the biggest 3 labels to undiscovered independent artists, combining deep respect for history, with the latest non-public DSP innovations from the best minds in audio. REAL mastering, with no cookies to cut, and no automated processes/methods. I work for people, not upload forms, so let's begin our journey together!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Felipe Bulim

A 21-year-old Brazilian audio professional who specializes in mastering.

Remote mixing & mastering - Dylan Pietersen

I am a mix engineer from Pretoria, South Africa. I have completed certification from Avid as a Pro Tools User, Pro Tools User Game Audio and Pro Tools Operator Music.

Mastering Engineer - Guven Ersoysal Mastering

Digital, Stem and Analog Mastering services in Istanbul.

Music Composer/Producer  - ADM

We the best music.

Remote Mastering  - Mike Lion

For several years I have been producing original songs with personal mixing and mastering. Genre Edm - House - Techno - Electro but I can also work on other musical genres. My prices are always on offer! If you have a demo song and you want it to sound professional to distribute it on Spotify and worldwide, do not hesitate to contact me!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Acho

Achieve a MODERN, PROFESSIONAL and ANALOG sound in your productions with the help of an experienced professional audio engineer

Mastering engineer - Marci Fenyvesi

Full-time mastering expert.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ofshane

Dj Producer & Tomorrowland Mixer For One World Radio. 100 000 Followers 1 million Stream

Mixing & Mastering producer - Chifun Studio

It provides music creators with comfortable and professional recording and mixing space and equipment, whether it is recording, mixing, editing, mastering, arranging and other services. It aims to produce high-quality albums and meet your post-production needs.

Music producer,Mixing & Master - DJ Landan Time

DJ Landan Time is a UK born DJ, Record Producer & Remixer.

Mastering, Stem mastering, Mix - Eriatarka Mastering

Analog and Digital world class mastering, stem mastering and mixing.

Music Producer and mastering - Emilio Ponce

Hi!, so i can help you finish those mixes, if you need a beat also i can do it, lets get it done! i've been working with music and mixing for more than 10 years, i worked with big bands and solo artist, i moved to many places and that gave a better perspective on how people want a song finish and which are the results to make a song great

I mix! I master!  - Olav Basoski

I was trained as a mastering engineer at what was then CBS Records in the nineties and have been producing, mixing AND mastering electronic music for 30 years now. I've worked with the biggest labels in dance music. I know exactly how dance music should sound. Let me take your mixes and masters to the next level.

Remote mixing and mastering - Jake Seeley

Recent Creative Music Technology graduate from the University of Gloucestershire (1st with honours)

Producer, Mastering, Mixing - Höwley

Hi! I'm Höwley, a music producer from Brussels, Belgium who just moved to Vancouver, Canada. I gathered millions of plays and views with my previous FLYES project through Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube and it is just getting started. I'm here to help you with your mixdowns and masterings, for very affordable prices!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Marco Eguren

Hundreds of thousands of streams with songs i've mixed & mastered (and I can prove). Budget, fast & professional mixes and masterings. Feel free to talk to me and ask for info. :)

Mastering Engineer - Clay Francis Audio Mastering

I specialize in affordable custom mastering with emphasis on clarity and maintaining mix integrity. I have a tendency towards open, exciting sounding mixes that grab your attention with dynamic automation, and will not over compress, and will seek to enhance the best qualities of a mix.

Mastering Engineer - Kognitiv Mastering

With some of the worlds leading artists and labels using Kognitiv Mastering. Your music will be taken good care of!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Pablo Olivares

Im not the one you want, but the one you deserve :D

Mixing and Mastering - Matt Turner

Mixing and Mastering engineer from studio in Cambridge, UK.

Make magic with all i touch! - Simon Crit

What are you waiting for to enjoy and feel something like sex!?

Recording Studio - Hybridvision Studio

Hybrid Vision is a professional music company based in Luxembourg. Hybrid Vision offers a wide range of services and the opportunity to work with a team of skilled Music producers and sound engineers

i tame frequancies. - Moslem Trabelsi

Hello everyone this is Moslem Trabelsi AKA illemti. Im an audio engineer and an artist, based in Tunisia. am the one who can take your project to a next level.. So contact me for an advanced High quality services. and please dont hesitate to drop a DM here or contact me at >

Mixing・Mastering・Violin&More - VIBES TOKYO

VIBES TOKYO is run by Mixing&Mastering Engineer, Composer, Violinist Felix Pong. Felix has worked with musicians and clients such as the world renowned Japanese Anime Composer YUKI HAYASHI, BAFTA nominated Composer KEVIN PENKIN, Nintendo Switch(CORPSE FACTORY) game composer ALEC SHEA, advertisement TREEAPP (UK)

Mixing & Mastering - Phase Audio

Phase Audio offers high-quality mastering for all formats! London based Mastering Engineer - Juan Fernando Navarro

Mix & MAstering (ELECTRONIC) - Matteo Sodano

My name is Matteo Sodano, I'm a DJ producer and sound technician. if you want to have your sound finished, take a look at my sound better to finish your works. my genre is electronic which varies from tech house to the purest electronic. Mixing,Mastering and Production

Mastering Engineer - Mitchell Dyer

I can Master for any genre. I am confident I can take any song and translate it to sound grammy-quality; to have their songs sound as loud as possible while maintaining and enhancing the details of the song. I had a client compare my Masters to eMastered services and Abbey Roads Mastering. They ended up choosing my song over those competitors.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Salah Aboseif

Whatever creative decision you want to make, I can make it happen. My imagination is limitless, and I can provide ideal audio quality that matches your preferences.

Mastering Engineer - Ricardo Kato

I truly believe every artist sounds unique, and the music production process should accurately resonate it into their project. So, before anything, I like to know about the artist's music, goals, and expectations.

Producer | Instrumentalist - Duncan Page

Hi, I'm Duncan Page - Canadian producer and musician, experienced in folk and rock mastering.

Music Producer, Mix and Master - $UBHAM MUS/C

Commercial quality productions and mixing and mastering with unlimited revisions and a quick turnaround time.

Mixing, mastering. Keyboards - Arctic Lyd

Over 20 years of experience, worked with artists like Ken Hensley, The Blues Express, Geir Bertheussen Blues Express, and many more

Mastering - Antoine Rotondo

Mastering engineer that's worked on thousands of major label tracks (Disney / Atlantic / Warner). I cater mainly to creators, producers and labels. I've served major tech brands such as Merging Technologies, Trinnov and Landr as a specialist/manager. I've adopted a creative approach to mastering that makes virtually any track sound amazing.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Yng Hstlr

Mixed and mastered tracks that have over 50 million streams across YouTube & Spotify. 31,000 monthly listeners on Spotify 16,000 Subscribers on YouTube 1000+ songs worked on 8+ years of experience Extremely passionate Eager to hear about your vision and help contribute to it I always give every project 100% and exceed my clients expectations

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