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Remote Mixing and mastering - Anomaly Records (Carlos Gomez)

Hi! I'm an Audio Engineer focusing on Music Production, Live Audio, Audio Editor and Video Editor. I'm from California but currently living in Mexico City looking forward to work on multiple types of proyects bringing the best quality and service to my clients.

Mixing and mastering, 1-3 days - The mixing Apostle


Producer, Graphics, Web - Loftwah The Beatsmiff

Loftwah The Beatsmiff is a Hip Hop producer based in Australia.

Audio Engineer /Music Producer - JAYDKAYS

An innovative and enthusiastic Audio Engineer with extensive skills in writing, producing and editing music, mixing and sound design across genres. I commit to achieving sound excellence using various technical equipment and software programs to ensure optimal sound quality.

Top Class Mixing and Mastering - Michael Manitshana


Top Class, Major Label mixing and mastering is my goal for your projects. My objective is to make sure your songs competes well against other major record label mixes. To achieve this it requires experience, knowledge, patience and good interpretation of the material. With my 20 years of mixing experience, you are at the right place.

Music Producer - Pete Spruce

I work until I make it right.

Music producer - Naoto Tamura

I'll get take your music to its ultimate form!

Mixing / Mastering Engineer  - kooj

I'm a producer engineer specializing in Hip-Hop / Pop / Alternative music. I have a very diverse music background from tracking and mixing orchestral arrangements to producing hip-hop tracks. Whatever your song needs I can provide.

Music Producer, DJ, Engineer - Nikhil Prakash | re:boot

Music Producer/DJ signed to Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced, Black Hole Recordings

Mix/Master Engineer & Producer - Eestbound


4X Platinum Engineer/Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist with a passion for analog audio equipment. I intimately understand the physics of sound and its effect on people, a knowledge I use to manipulate in creative ways.

All facets of music making - Neiro Collective

Hi! We are a collective of creatives operating on all facets within music making. Our team consists of songwriters, producers, and mixing/mastering engineers with various musical backgrounds. We operate in a wide variety of genres.

Producer | Engineer | Wizard - Trey McIntire

Your music is already great. So, let's make it sound like it does in your head.

Composer,Producer,MixnMasterin - Sudeep Shrivastava

8 years of experience in Recording, Mixing and mastering. Producing Music for Lalit Pandit (Jatin-Lalit) working with various top artists,singers-song writers in India and overseas .

remote mixing and mastering - Diego Bae

I have 6 years of experience doing music production, mixing and mastering music, Im also a guitar player, bass player and singer

24Hr Remote Engineer - Svn.

Svn. The. Singer. is a singer, songwriter, producer and engineer from Worcester, Mass that became known for his anonymity and racking in millions of streams online.

Audio Mixing and Mastering. - Vélez

Multi genre dedicated producer. As a proof of my work, I have released my very own multi genre project named as Asymmxtrical. Project In which you can evaluate my work in different genres and sub genres. You can find it on all major music streaming platforms, such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube. Customer satisfaction is my main concern.

Mixing/mastering/Producing - David Bailey

A producer with 3 gold and 1 double platinum record under his belt, give me music and i'll take it where it needs to go.

Producer, Mix & Master - Francisco W Monteiro

Music Producer, arranging (acoustic or eletronic), mixer and master.

Music producer, and mixer - lanclier

I've been producing for 5 years. I've made some stuff that sounds like absolute shit haha, but also stuff that sounds amazing. I've learned a lot over the years and I want to expand on my skills and work on new projects. I work out of my home studio. If you want to hear the stuff I've done, search for lanclier on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Recording and mastering studio - Imagina Production recording

Mixing engineer. Follow your session with Skype

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Small Pond

We're a Recording Studio in the center of the creative hub that is Brighton on the South Coast of England. Our studio is built around a Pro Tools Ultimate rig, and a 1979/80 Neve 8108 console, and loads of lovely gear inlcuding a great range of modern and vintage amps (mostly valve.. we like valves..)

Mix/Mast/Sing/Write/Prod - Aste Mari


Affordable, high quality, intentional, mixing & mastering services !

Music Producer Mixing Engineer - Konstantin Ladurner


I can help you get your music to sound like it can compete with the best in the world.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Henning@Xpoint1

3D audio mixes. From Dolby Digital© (5.1), binaural Headphone 3D, to Dolby Atmos©, to 11.1 immersive soundexperiences. Stem-mastering Online- (Remote-) Recording and -Directing

Mix\Master Online, Producer - Stefano Fumagalli

More than 10 years experience in music business, I provide a top level service with reasonable prices. I can mix and master your tracks with a mix of analog and digital gears. If you are looking for a producer songwriter I can Arrange in every style. I worked with Sony Music Italy, RAI (National Italian TV), CNBS Class News Network, BMW, and more.

Mixing & Mastering - Sorrowful

Life is good tho.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Lovish Arora

I will mix and master your song with quality.

Recording Studio, Mix & Master - City Studios Lisboa

Fully equipped recording studio with both great gear and better ears. The engineers' portfolio include 80+ piece orchestras, upcoming portuguese and brasilian hiphop artists, as well as pop, rock and metal acts. Bigger names include Poolside (USA), Suns of Thyme (GER) and Adi Ulmansky (ISR)

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Nerf_392

I've been mixing and producing for two years. I am specialized in Techno, EDM and Rock.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - brittonthemix

I will professionally Mix & Master your song.

Mix Mastering Ghost Production - Mahdiar Rahmati

Revive your Mix and Mastering by Blowing my soul...

Mixing & Mastering - Andrew Rowan-DeMille


apg a&r | vocal mixing & mastering hit me up on instagram @fyepwr

Mixing, Mastering & A. Repair - delpinomix

Mixing & Mastering Engineer, formed in Berklee University. Musician and Audio Repair & Enhance specialist. I am flexible on my rates, especially for longer bookings. My passion is to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.

Soy Productor Musical - Julio H

Productor Musical del genero urbano de artistas como: Ñejo, Nicky Jam, Ñengo Flow, Tito El Bambino, Andy Rivera, Reykon, Espinoza Paz, Nacho, Brray. Para Producciones O Mezcla & Mastering de Reggaeton, escribanme. Buen Dia!

Producer and Mix & Mastering - eggroll

I have been a music producer, mixing and mastering engineer for 5 years. I will professionally mix your track and master it. Let's get to work!

Music Producer, Mixing&Master  - Bunduc

Bunduc, was born on 9 July 1999. At the age of 17 he began his passion for techno music, testing himself in production and mixing In 2019 it releases its first works on labels such as: PTR Physical Techno rec, Take My Space, Trauma Techno Germany, Black Square, Oxytech Records, Mephyst Label, Black Drop, Opium Trax.

Mixing & Mastering - Mike @ Earthrise Audio

Pro Tools Operator Certified Engineer.

Music Producer - B-Dos' Music Services

I produce music under the name B-Dos. You can hear my work here: I've been producing for the past 5 years and have dedicated several hours every day to become the best at what I do. My music has been featured on a few bigger SoundCloud labels like Quality Goods Records, Phuture Collective, etc.

"Drake" Type Mixing Engineer - Joshua McNeal

I will mix, pitch correct, and master your Drake type songs

Remote Engineering & Recording - Sakura Studios

I can make your vocals absolutely pop and cut through the mix. Very fast and efficient mixing, especially on mp3/wav beats! Can also record your vocals if you're in Toronto.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Alan Whelan

Let me mix and master your projects to release standards. I am here to get your product to where it needs to be in today's music business. I am person who is not finished until you are 100% happy and I strive for perfection in everything I work on.

Técnico en sonido - Seba Palma

Edición, mezcla y masterización de audio. Productor, Beatmaker.

I make it ready to go LIVE ! - emrenjezed

Providing good surprises and excitement is my standard. I'll make your songs and projects ready to be heard. Producing, Mixing, mastering and even songwriting assistance, I'll be your music's best friend and help it go the distance. Where's the catch ? Well...There's a serious risk of being blown away. Cause I can do it all in two days. Let's go !

I Mix Hip Hop - imixhiphop

Specializing in remote analog Hip Hop Mixing / Mastering. Professional since 2002.

Music Producer, Mixer - Drew Wilken

I'm Drew Wilken, a multi-million streamed electronic music producer with features on some of the biggest tastemakers in electronic music and their labels, for example Trap Nation and Proximity. EDM is my specialty, and I am great at getting things loud, punchy, and sparkly.

Music engineer/ producer - cgmbeats


5 years of recording/ engineer experience and proud SAE graduate. Will do as many revisions and versions of the song as you'd like as well as free mastering. I've done work for all of the artists in my credits. my Instagram is @cgmbeats.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jacob ''JP99'' Pettersson

Jacob ''JP99'' Pettersson is a 21 year old Recording, Mixing & Mastering engineer based in Sandviken, Sweden. During his 4 years he have went from an aspiring engineer to having consistant bookings. JP have in the last year alone worked on over 100+ projects from different independent artists and groups around Scandinavia and the US.

World-Class Recording Studios - Infinite Recording Studios

Infinite Recording Studios of Boston is the coming together of talented songwriters, producers & engineers from many different backgrounds with a common goal: creating exceptional recordings that express who YOU are with limitless possibilities. We produce in ALL styles, ALL genres, ALL languages.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Noah Aultman/Cassidy Music

All music has its own voice. I have the ability to mold that voice to create an atmosphere that captivates and immersifies the audience into a the world that the artist want to portray. Songs can have minimal words if any at all and still have the ability to speak 1,000 words. I love working with sounds and artist to enable the 'voice' to be heard!

Mixing Engineer/Producer - vincr9

I can make your production sounds the best it can and help you to improve it !

I can mix, master, produce - Horiza

Hi ! I produce music on FL Studio since more than 4 years now, and i'm specialized in EDM like future bass/melodic dubstep, but i can also create rap musics. Feel free to contact me for services.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Danbeat

I am a degree in music, I am a producer musician, I do mixing and mastering for independent artists and I manage an audiovisual production company.

Mixing and Mastering - Bunker Studio

I am a young upcoming Mixing-Engineer.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - OnlyAMH

I am a Music Producer / Sound Engineer from Point Blank Music School. I am currently looking to work on projects with other artists and also provide my own mixing and mastering services.

Mixing & Mastering - Unavailable

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: I'm currently unavailable. I will update this if I ever become available again, but until then I won't be checking messages. Thanks.

Mixing & Mastering. Producer.  - Diego Trigo

Welcome to my profile. I´m a sound designer. I've been working with many musicians and walked the path of being a producer and a recording, mixing and mastering technician for more than ten years now.

Mixing engineers - Atlantis Metronome

Mix in iconic vintage studio!

Mixing & Mastering engineer - Manuel

Professional mixing and mastering engineer with experience in hip hop music.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Matan

Grammy nominated for an album of personal work.

Recording Studio - Incantation Audio Engineering

To be in cantation is to be in the act of creating music. Is it magic? Yes, it is.

Pro Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mixed By Richard

My goal is to help artists develop their true sound & enhance the quality of their work. I will work tirelessly until the mix is exactly what you're looking for. The genres I specialize in are Hip-Hop, RnB & Pop, so no matter what type of music you make I will be delivering nothing but top-tier quality for a fraction of the price!

Mixing, Producing, mastering - AudioMixOff

Was created for the purpose to have fun in a learning competitive environment for Everyone We Have Producers Songwriters, Audio Engineer We Have What You need

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