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90% of audio mastering is working with a professional who has a trained ear. With almost 30 years experience, I have the competency to provide powerful and clear masters. All of my clients receive free mentorship! Hire me as your consultant and receive crucial advice on your mixes. This insight helps you get better while lowering your cost.

I provide stem mixing, hi-resolution stereo mastering, electronic music production education and mentorship. I am capable of working with artists of any genre with a focus on Drum & Bass. With almost 3 decades of experience in the industry, I have established myself internationally as a professional who understands the essential techniques that go into producing a powerful master!

My process is unique in the sense that my work is transparent. Whereas a lot of mastering engineers within the scope of EDM will color your sound, my intent is to allow your creative expression to come through fully without my adjustments becoming too apparent.

Notably when it comes to compression, my mixes are transparent and loud without sounding squashed. One of the methods I implement is the use of mid/side processing. This offers greater width and apparent loudness without an actual gain in decibel levels.

I look forward to serving you!
Your boy, Jo-s

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  • English
Gear Highlights
  • Macbook Pro
  • Ableton
  • iZotope Ozone
  • too many industry standard plug-ins to mention.
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