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We enhance your artistic vision and always provide a dynamic and musical mastering.

With some of the best analogue and digital mastering equipment, perfect room acoustics and great knowledge, we finalize your production and make sure it´s ready for release in any desired format.
We all know how much work it takes behind the creation of a song or an entire album and therefore we want to be part of that process.
We are more than happy to provide tips and feedback at the end of the mixing stage! This way we can make sure to do the best job possible for your production.
We offer our new customers a free mastering sample!

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Nevo Mastering is part of the studio complex Nevo Studios in Sundsvall-Sweden.
Our mastering room is completely built for the one purpose and has incredible frequency reproduction and detail.
Our engineers has many years of experience in the music industry. We have all worked with recording, mixing and mastering in professional studio environments for many years, but also live sound and productions for TV, film and radio.

All three of us has a musician background and has worked in different genres.
In addition to that, we are all major consumers of music and have a broad competence and knowledge within most genres.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific production and how we can help you finalize it for release!

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

13 Reviews

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  1. Review by Marcus Edvardsson
    by Marcus Edvardsson

    I mean.. It's just amazing. This review will just sound like a cliché but Nevo Mastering really brought out THE sound out of my mix that I didn't thought was possible. We tried different mastering studios and the others was not even close! Me and the artist didn't have to discuss who to send the master to.

  2. Review by Robin Lindqvist Rissna City
    by Robin Lindqvist Rissna City

    Musical mastering. Always great communication. I´m always tracking and mixing with Nevo Mastering in my mind as the final step.

  3. Review by Linus Lundström
    by Linus Lundström

    Our songs and our sound really got to the next level after the work that Nevo Mastering did on them. We look forward to future collaborations.

  4. Review by Johan Arveli
    by Johan Arveli

    Besides the kick ass ears and kick ass gear, the communication is great which is truly important.
    And all this leads to an amazing result in the end. As a mixer I very much appreciate feedback and will happily change anything in my mix to make the mastering sound as good as possible.
    Super happy returning costumer for the last 3 years.

  5. Review by Mikael Andersson-Knut
    by Mikael Andersson-Knut

    Top class mastering and perfect service. It is important to get a personal connection with the people that master your songs and that is what Nevo mastering is all about, great feedback and fast delivery. Been working with these guys for a long time, great place, great gear, great ears.

  6. Review by Patrick Rapp
    by Patrick Rapp

    Truly proffesional and nice guys with the best ears and gear. They always put your performance and music in the first room.

  7. Review by Henrik Ekdahl
    by Henrik Ekdahl

    For me as a singer recordings means a lot of tension. Therefore it's important who I work with. The Nevo People are not just Great sound engineers, they are also great people.

  8. Review by Mikaela Simonsson
    by Mikaela Simonsson

    Nevo delivers great mastering!
    They are helpful; answering questions, offering a free test mastering. Not only a good studio - friendly people to work with. I recommend you to let them master your music.

  9. Review by Kent
    by Kent

    Great service, great mastering, Roger Bergsten is a mastering king.

  10. Review by Robin
    by Robin

    Hadn't heard of the studio before so I tried their free test mastering just to see if it was worth it as we had a friend who did the mastering for us for free. The master was great and the service and approach superb. It didn't take long to decide to go forward with the whole album at Nevo. Warmly recommended!

  11. Review by Fredrik
    by Fredrik

    Great sounds, great service, great communication! Will come back for more.

  12. Review by Eddie
    by Eddie

    Great service, great sounds, great guys!
    Eddie, Tallest Tree

  13. Review by Jimmy Almén
    by Jimmy Almén

    Very quick and smooth communication via mail and phone. Good thing with their trial master for free. And the possibility to redo the mastering if it doesn`t come out as you wish the first time. And reasonable prices too/ Jimmy Almén - "Sagofrön"

Terms Of Service

We always work until you are completely satisfied with the mastering and therefore never charge extra for revisions. Free mastering sample for all new customers!

Gear Highlights
  • MANLEY Massive Passive
  • AVALON Vt747
  • FAIRCHILD 670 (Drip)
  • TC Electronic System 6000
  • CRANE SONG Hedd192
  • NEVE 2253
  • GYRAF Gyratec XIV
  • TK-AUDIO Tk-lizer
  • IGS Tubecore
  • NTP 179-160
  • ATC SCM100
  • ATC SCM20
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