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Editing, Mixing, & Mastering - Will Savoie

Tracked everything and it's not sounding how you picture it in your head? I can help however you need! Whether it's vocal tuning, mixing, mastering or anything else. I have been trained by engineers who have worked with Taylor Swift, Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton, and many other big names.

Mixing/Mastering - DDNM Studios

Taking beautiful songs, and making them gorgeous!

Produccion, mezcla, mastering - Nicolas

Musico, compositor y productor independiente. Con mas de 8 años de experiencia trabajando en el mundo de la produccion musical y el audio.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Michael

I let your music speak to you. Clearly!

Producing, Mixing & Mastering  - Adrien Langlois

Professional musician for years at first, I entered an Audio engineering School called ESIS in Paris. Ended up in Nashville Tennessee, working with the greatest such as Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift), Julian King, Eddie Bayers, and many others... More than a job, its a passion

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Christopher Moss

Helping those who need Mixing and Mastering on a budget! Quick, Affordable and cold as hell!

Mixing & Mastering, Producing - Dustin Tyler

I am an audio engineer with almost 20 years of experience. I do mixing, mastering and production.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - 409 Estudio

Recording Studio, production, mixing and mastering. Latin grammy winner 2017, latin grammy nominee 2020 and 2021.

Recording Studio - Woodensound Studio

From artists to artist. Not only technical, but highly creative! Guitarrist and bass player with unique sound. Composer and producer. Bring your music to life!

Mixing, Mastering, Session Man - Tomo Miladinovic

I'm a Pop Producer/Mixing Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist from Croatia. I specialize in producing entire pop/rock tracks from scratch, as well as mixing and mastering. I own a recording studio with high quality, rare/vintage gear and instruments. I have more than 15 years experience as Session musician, Mixing, Mastering Engineer and Producer.

Mix&Master, Future top artist - FEEL(it)

Mixing&Mastering till really awesome result. Can bring new colors into Your song via featuring. Check me on spotify - FEEL(it).

Mixing | Mastering | BeatMaker - Uriel Martinez

Mixing and mastering engineer, I want to help you get a professional sound.

Music Producer - Smil3y

I offer professional mixing and mastering service for your EDM/House track for an affordable price :)

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Joe Sanchez

Audio Engineer with 10 years experience offering the following services: - Song Writing - Production - Mixing - Mastering - ADR - Voice over - Vocal Production

Mixing/Mastering engineer - milchi

Hey, it's MILCHI on the line! I'm a DJ\Producer and I also work as studio engineer. I'm writing\mixing\mastering songs for 2 years and I will make your song sound more professional than it is.

Producer Mixing Mastering - ProdByZak

Worked with artists such as FBG Duck, G Herbo, and The Kid Laroi. I produce beats, mix, and master all in house at a state of the art studio in downtown Chicago.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Keeper Records

You don't have to know everything to be the best you can be!

Hip-Hop / R&B Producer - Antonio Buonanno

Hip-Hop/R&B Producer/Beatmaker

Mixing Especialist Engineer  - Pedro Toro

Brazillian gold and platinum hip hop/rap producer and mixing engineer.

Pop/ Hip Hop Mix & Master - Anslem Lai

Commercial campaigns and personal projects, let’s make some noise.

Mix/Master Engineer & Producer - Mike Snell

Recording/Mixing/Master Engineer who's worked with Kanye West/Teyana Taylor/Timbaland/Danileigh/Future and many more!

Hip-Hop Producer and Engineer - Odd Numbers

Odd Numbers is a Hip-Hop producer and engineer with a long list of credits in the Irish Hip-Hop space. Offering high-quality mixing and mastering services at an affordable price to help you achieve a more commercial sound.

Rap Music Producer/Engineer - Nick Morris

Do you need a professional, billboard charting rap/hip hop engineer or producer? Look no further! I am now offering my Mixing & Mastering services on SoundBetter! I have a professional recording studio in my home and work at several recording studios across Los Angeles! Artists i've worked with: Hotboii, Blueface, Calboy, SpotemGottem, + more!

Remote Mix, Master, Production - Schrödey Absurd-Studio-Hamburg

WARPATH - Guitar TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD - Guitar BLACK WATER COMPLEX - Guitar HAMMER DEICH - Bass+Keys+Guitar Producer and Studio owner since 1993 Songwriter Remixer Remote Mixer Recording and Mastering engineer

Mixing Engineer / Producer - Haisen

We aim to make a mix that suits YOUR song, quickly and efficiently. At the speed that the current industry requires, with the quality it demands, but always respecting your vision and needs.

Full-Time Music Produce. - Hassan D YP (BOY)

A full-time music producer /mixing & mastering engineer. I offer Industry standard services. the style of my studio work is inspired by top-ranking artists and music producers /engineers all around the world.

Audio Engineer, Rapper, Label - Roméo Levi

Audio engineer with over 12 years experience.

Music Producer - Daniel Finn

I am a Berklee trained Music Producer and Audio Engineer and was personally mentored by Berklee's premiere mixing engineer Rich Mendelson. I am fluent in Pro Tools and Ableton as well as Melodyne Studio, Izotope Music Production Suite, Slate Digital plugins and many more.

Music producer - Ed Grace

Do you want to take your song to the next level, up to the industry standards, easily?

Mixing and mastering engineer - Márcio Fernandes

Bringing over 19 years of experience and collaborations with Latin Grammy-nominated artists, I specialize as a gospel / worship mixing and mastering engineer.

Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Auston Beeding

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer with 7 years of experience in music production and music mixing/mastering. I have plenty of experience in genres such as pop, indie-folk, pop punk, and more. I work quickly with lots of time on my hands.

Audio Mixing & Mastering - TETRAHEDRE PRODUCTION

SAE Institute (Paris) certification as Sound Engineers Sound System Management & Performer Electronic Music (Techno, Psytrance, Downtempo)

Social Networking - My Music Viral

Social networking, beats, artist development, album design and mixing and mastering.

Producer/Audio Engineer - Stash Jonez

Hi, my name's Stash and I'm a music producer/audio engineer from London, UK.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - NS MUSIC

Let's work together and take your music to the next level !

Darkwave Music Producer - Skubut

I will help you design your own unique, one of the kind Darkwave song.

Mixing Engineer - Itsdiegoyall

Hello! My name's Diego Reyna and I'm here to take your music to the next level. I'm a music producer, mixing/mastering engineer, audio engineer and sessions musician graduated with a bachelor's degree in music production.

Analog mixing and mastering - Valery Merte

Mixing and mastering engineer with lots of famous credits. Top Los Angeles studio with analog gear.

Hip hop and r&b Mix engineer - wizarduvozz

I am a fully licensed and certified sound engineer, with over 5 years of experience and a degree in audio for post and music. I am looking to collaborate with artists who has talent and a vision.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - jl_productions

Elevate your music to new heights! As an aspiring Mix & Mastering Engineer and Beat Producer turning my passion into a profession, I'm here to perfect your sounds. I'm currently pursuing my diploma in Sound Engineering & Music Design to deliver unique and professional results for you. Let's collaborate on your tracks and make them something special

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Cole Pilgrim

If you want to hear your music professionally mixed for a fair price, I'm your guy. Mixes -$75 Mastering-$30, Editing-$40 I'm a 24 year old music lover and graduate of a four year accredited university with a degree in music technology. From studio internships, I learned how the pros help artists' creativity shine. I want to do the same for you.

Record, Mix and Master - Sticky Music Studio

Small but well build budget recording studio with a great atmosphere. Great control room, where you can make beautiful, creative mixes. Nice set of mics, lots of instruments to get inspired by. Helpful staff.

(Vocal)Mix&Master Engineer  - Jawedsway

Hi, I'm Jawed aka Jawedsway. But you can call me Jay! I'm a 28 year old Music Producer, Writer and Mixengineer. Have had over 50million total streams one of them being my own tune with JLV called "Come My Way" with over 16M. My daily work is recording artists in my studio in London. I do any genre from Afro to Melodic Techno. Let's work!

Multi Platinum Mix Engineer  - Greyson Smith

Credited rock/pop Engineer with professional studio experience. Green Day, Keith Ubran, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Harry Styles, Demi Lavato, The Struts, Doobie Brothers, Sam Williams, Dwight Yoakam...

 Mixing, Mastering, Production - Ara Sarkisian

Hi, I am a Producer/Engineer/Mixer located in Los Angeles, CA. I love working in different genres and feel at home in most of them. Most of my experience involves recording/producing/mixing rock, pop, gospel, indie, jazz and hip hop.

Mixing, mastering, producer,  - Connor Wiseman

I am a graduate student with a music technology degree from Salford University in Manchester UK, I have a long history of different skills such as, mixing music (mixing engineer), mastering music (mastering engineer), live sound (front of house mixing at events), music composition, (music production), film music (Foley & sound design), recording,

Music Producer/Mixing & Master - Simon Robinson


I have been producing electronic music for over 8 years. With a wide experience in EDM genres. I have also played at festivals in my local area and been on BBC Radio a number of times. Alongside production i am also available to hire for very affordable mixing and mastering services. Ableton Live User.

Producer, Mixing, & Mastering - Zachary L. Engram Z'LEA Traxx


Zachary L. Engram known as "Z" by some and "Triumph" by others, produces music for Contemporary Gospel, Christian Rap, and Rhythm & Praise (Gospel R&B) artists. I have a solid flow and awesome work ethic! My goal is to satisfy my client by helping them to accomplish the goals they have for the sound of their music! Ask me anything you would like!

Producer-Mixing Engineer - Timo Taivaskero

Let me help you with mixing and mastering! I want to make you happy with the end result each time. Let's discuss your project - send me a message.

Mix Engineer / Sound Designer - Jose J. Santiago

Award winning mix engineer and sound designer. In 2017 I won the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for best sound design for the independent short horror film "Defarious".

Music Production and Mixing - The Woodshop Recording Studio

  Located one hour north of Victoria in the scenic Cowichan Valley, The Woodshop is one of Vancouver Island's largest recording studios. Featuring quality equipment, experienced personnel, and a spacious, well designed workspace, the Woodshop can provide a relaxed, professional environment for your next project.

 - No Place Audio

No Place Audio is owned-operated by Matt Humes, an engineer of over 10 years. My specialty is mixing and mastering, ITB (for now).

 - TONSPUR Musik Studio

Das TONSPUR Studio arbeitet seit 15 Jahren erfolgreich als eine der ersten Adressen für anspruchsvolles Mixing und Mastering in Deutschland.

 - Clementine Studio

A top notch facility in the heart of Chennai City , South India , an amazing access to Talent and a wide networking of musicians .

 - Pro Sound Recording Services

I am more than happy to work with anyone and will work hard to fit into your budget. I offer multi-track recording with a variety of microphones and equipment, which can make your recordings two times better than CD quality. I have been educated in recording, editing, mixing and mastering and have a degree in audio engineering.

 - Extract Engineering

Your Talent Is Our Speciality With a devoted focus on the artist’s vision and end-goals, we channel the creative energy of the artist through the trained and focused lens of our engineering and production experience to create timeless musical art that speaks to the true intention of the artist.

 - Guillermo Pigni

Sonidista y músico con una formación integral y amplia experiencia laboral. Orientado al sonido en vivo y en estudio, a la producción musical y a la docencia. Especializado en Masterización. Desde hace dos años es dueño en sociedad de su propio estudio, Tango Estudios.

Producer, arranger, songwriter - Andrea Piraz (Solid Music)

I worked as producer arranger for 20years, and still doing it in my Solid Twin Studio Solid Twin is a professional studio located in Cagliari, a little and beautiful city in the south of the Sardinian island, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Only 5 minutes far from the seaside, offers the best quality services

Mixing, Mastering. - Simon Pillard

I listen, I try to turn the good parts up and the bad parts down, making the project sound as close as possible to what it needs.

 - RaIV Audio

Engineers Adam Chase and Alexx IV have over 10 years of combined experience in studio recording, mixing and mastering. If you would like to get in contact feel free to email us on

 - Enrico "Suhan" Casoni

Italian Audio Engineer resident at Bullet Studio Recording in Milan. One of the most important engineer for rap music in Italy.

 - FLANK Recording Studio

Tracks recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, audio restoration, live recording, live sound production, quality demo production. HQ HD Digital Recording System MOTU 24 i/o; Quality Studio monitoring: Rehearsal rooms with PA system; Expirienced Sound Engimeer; private secured car park; toilets & shower; booking & managment:

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