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Eliran Ohayon 20 years expirience

About Mastering Process

Mastering is the final stage in the recording process. Mastering is usually performed using one of two kinds of source material: stereo mixes (the most common method) or stems. The following text details the process involved in mastering for CD release using stereo mixes. If you want to know more about mastering from stems, click here.

Mastering sessions can happen both with the client in attendance or unattended, if the client is not local or cannot make the session for other reasons. In fact, with high-speed internet connections, the majority of the process can be handled long-distance if needed. You can upload your mixes to my secure server and I can post mastered versions for your review.

My approach to mastering includes five steps:

1. Evaluate your recordings, goals and reference material
2. Sonically polish each song to achieve its full potential
3. Assemble the album, including setting song spacing
4. Submit the first master for client review and changes
5. Generate the final master, perform quality assurance on that master and prepare

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