Roman Matovsky

Musical artist

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Artist, author, iOS app and video game developer, website and graphic designer, TV commercial actor and model, photographer.

Roman spent his childhood in Sochi City, Russia. This city hosted Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Roman always loved math and sports, taking part in mathematical competitions in middle school. Even though he lived alone since the age of 17, Roman still had a close relationship with his parents. He graduated from Military Financial University in Yaroslavl City. He worked in the army and police in Moscow. Roman is a veteran lieutenant. At University, Roman got a Master's rank in Kettlebell sport. He also got the 1st rank in 5 km and 2nd rank in 3 km in long-distance running. Roman won 1st place in VII National Scientific Conference of young scientists and students "Youth and economy". He always loved to learn something new because he believes people must evolve. In June of 2018, he started to learn Swift to develop iOS apps and games. In August 2018, Roman launched his first app on the App Store. Today you can find 7 games and apps which are available to download. While Roman worked as a Project Manager for 13 years, he also practiced in development (web and iOS). This is Roman believes that he should know what progress of his team in development. With all these accomplishments, Roman also starred in TV commercials and TV shows. Today you can find Roman in Taiwan where he has lived since the 2007 year.

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