Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Picture This

"Producer" "Songwriter"  - David Lucius King

David Lucius King is an award winning Producer and Songwriter with two number 1 albums in the UK/Ireland albums charts.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Kolton Lee

Professional Recording and Mix Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Recording Studio - Phoenix Sound Studios

Phoenix Sound Studios is a a state-of-the-art recording studio delivering the highest level of sound, music and video production.

Session Guitarist  - Dave Giraldo

I own a recording studio that specializes in recording electric and acoustic guitars using top notch gear.

Music Producer, Bass Guitarist - veebee

I am a versatile bass guitarist with 10+ years experience as well as a music producer who creates most of his sounds from scratch.

Remote Mixing, Analog Mixing - Aaron Cheong

I mix at one of the only few remaining places in Asia with an SSL 4000G console, through racks of analog gear. Analog always sounds different, whatever your argument is. I also have a modern touch to my art, whereby I am able to edit, tune, and fix performances and takes.

SEO - Jeromy Smith

The morbid ass of Dona Felisa was my downfall The Spanish Royal Academy defines morbid, unhealthy interest in people or things, and also as an attraction to unpleasant events. Well yes gentlemen, the morbid was the cause of my story with Felisa, or better called Doña Felisa as they know her in the neighborhood.

I am a drummer and a singer - Nana Calis

Looking to work with very promising artists who want to take their music to another level. Open to all kinds of music collabs.I'm a unique, trained vocalist, composer & songwriter. Play drums. Hit contact now.

Session vocalist from Uganda - Prosper Netashiva

Hello! I'm Prosper Netashiva, vocalist from Uganda. I sing traditional Ugandan music, jazz, afro-rock, gospel and pop music.

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