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Professional-mixing-mastering on SoundBetter

We offer professional quality work on your project since the year 1997 we work as sound engineering live performance/ recording studio, editing, mixing, mastering etc. Experiences guarantee the high level of music production your projects. Experience begin in Czech Republic where we are Located we have been working with the most famous artist .

Audio Mixing your song will create including online mixing service, by using mix bus and others arrange effects which will take your music to others the highest level. Audio Mastering in this stage we will polish your song the way to get maximal potential, loudness and clarity. Perfect and ready for upload into Public etc. Final form of your project/song will make you proud.
• remove podcast background noise from your podcast
• removal of basic pops & clicks
• fix podcast volume levels
• and more...
• rearrange podcast audio extra charge
• I will take of your raw recording, remove all the mistakes, the uhms and ahhs, and edit each episode for content just as you like it. I will integrate your intros, outros and other audio branding, then add audio mastering to make your podcast shine.

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