Top Vocal Comping Pros for hire

A great vocal comping pro will edit together or 'compile' the perfect vocal performance from multiple takes

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Producer, Recording Engineer - Allen The Producer

Allen The Producer is a Full-Time Producer.

 - Studio Night Runner

Hello, My name is Luke, I am a 10 year Music Producer, and now a Mastering Engineer. I master electronic music for the Dance and Rave Scene. I Master my own work and have Mastered for Progbox, a Progressive Label. I am now expanding into other Genres of Electronic music. Contact me for more details about low prices, but high quality WAV Mix Downs.

songwriter, mixer, producer - Torvald

Want a mix or production? Want a song?

Producer, mixing engineer  - Michaelrcharman

I've been working professionally in the music industry for almost 3 years now and part time 5 years previous. I love mixing work and designing sound scapes

Male vocal specialist - Jonny Moore

I'm an independent producer/artist who specializes in lead Vocal writing, harmonies, tuning, timing editing, etc. I have a wide baritone-mid tenor range and a terrific ear and I'm primarily offering tuning/timing/comping treatment services as well as possible session work in a area (can also provide remote male vocal tracking)

Crafting Artistry in MUSIC! - BirdlandSound

Sometimes all you need is the right person on your side, to make your music come alive! I focus on artistry, helping you craft your music based on who you are. I have years of experience, in Gospel, Jazz, Swing, Pop, Musicals, Composing, mixing, engineering, and production of all kinds.

Singer, Harmonising - Charly Pauko


Producer, Mixing Engineer - Ole Sturm

Reliable, fast and cute.

Vocal Producer/Songwriter - Steven Thad

Hello! My name is Stephen Leslie, and I'm a singer/songwriter from the DMV (a.k.a DC, Maryland, Virginia)! I've been singing since I was a kid. I'm great at creating hooks, harmonies, melodies, and verses! Check out my work on SoundCloud (@steven_thad),Instagram (@steven_thad), and Spofity (Steven Thad)!

Remote Mixing - C.W. Bretz

My approach to mixing is one of dedication and passion. My focus is enhancing the song(s) while aiding you every step of the way. When you sit down and think about it that's all mixing really is, Enhancing the vision someone else created.

 - Cold Weather Studios

We strive in turning our clients music into amazing fucking art.

Producer, Engineer, Software - Matthew Aidekman

I'm gloriously addicted to listening. Sharing that addiction is just what flows afterwards. I'm dedicated to making sonic reality a dimension of life people experience deeply through acoustic design, building sound technology, and music. Perhaps it's convenient but I'm convinced this addiction can better the world.

Multi instrumentalist composer - Vincentium

Hi, I am a multi instrumentalist and progressive composer available for music based work from artists anywhere in the world.

Lead and Background vocals - Laura Rivera

I'm a dominican singer who recently moved to the States, but I've been singing professionally since I was 6 years old... Singing is my passion, so I approach every project with love and enthusiasm!!!

Mixing - MixedByGreatness (Engineer)

Hi i'm a audio engineer named greatness. Because all my mix's come out great. I will provide professional indusrty quality mix's for a low price. I'm talking about prices as low as $15 u.s. currency.

Producer, Remote Mix & Mast.  - Anthony Raglin

I create relative audible art.

One-Stop-Music-Shop - Avrii Castle

Music creator based out of Miami, Fl. I cover everything from Songwriting and producing, to Mixing and Mastering. Worked with artists such as Tech n9ne, Polow Da Don, Maffio, Yashua, Shep Goodman, Aarron Accetta, The flip tones, Monsters and Strangers, And many more.

Tuning, Mixing, Mastering etc. - Prosonic Studio

I have over 20 years of professional experience working as a specialist audio engineer in music production, audio production and audio restoration.

Vocal Producer - Robin Earl - Voice Coach

I produce music and coach voice for artists and songwriters all around the world, but primarily here in Nashville. Having coached vocals on hundreds of sync placement songs and records of over 15 different genres, I continue to work with singers of all levels and aim to quickly discover and fix any issues.

Mix Engineer - Nuncio Squadrito

I am a mix engineer with 4 years of experience. I am experienced but I am still a junior engineer so I don't mind working cheap to fill out my portfolio some more.

Recording/Mixing Studio - Wicked Squid Studios

Wicked Squid Studios is a high level audio engineering collective based out of Rochester, NY with over 50 years of collective experience in the audio production industry.

Recording,Sound Mixer - Thando

My job is to convert the client's vision into high quality

Producer, Singer/Songwriter, - Slackjack

Putting my mind into music 🎶😊🤙🌞

Mixing & Mastering - Lomenha Produções

Avid Certified Pro Tools 2018 Operator Post

Mixing Engineer - Ryan Schumer

Offering the speed of digital with the sound of analog. The combination of my ears, experience, gear and approach will make your music stand out!

Lofi/Hiphop producer. - Edward Garcia

This guy is a bedroom (broke, somehow) producer based on Isabela Philippines. Since I have no equipment or musical instruments, I make my own beats from sample packs and loops. I'll do my job here to earn money to support myself and my family. You can hire me anytime and prices all up to you.

Mixing Engineer and Singer - Lumynesynth Productions

Mix engineer, editor, arranger, and orchestrator specializing in vocals

Recording/Mix Engineer - Alexx Nielsen

Young and hungry

Vocal Edit Mixing Mastering  - TheSecondFlat

At TheSecondFlat you will achieve the best results for your projects, since we dedicate the greatest attention to every detail of the creative and technical process in order to obtain the full satisfaction of the artist. We have a scandal equipment and unbeatable facilities that allow everything to be done in the most professional way.

Professional Singer - Bluey


I'm a professional singer/songwriter and recording artist from London who loves music. Have been singing and performing since I was young and have released tracks independently and through major labels, Sony and Island. I've also worked with Labrinth, Dallas Austin and toured with the likes of Alicia Keys and Justin Beiber as a support act.

Audio Engineer & Producer - Dan Lewis

I am a recent graduate from the Music Technology Specialist course at the University of West London. I am an Audio Engineer, Producer and co-director of music platform called 1520 Project. Please do get in touch if you need your tracks to be mixed or want any music produced.

Remote Sound Producer Engineer - Happy Hmm Productions, LLC

20+ years of experience climbing the mountain of progress. Jack of all trades, master of some.

I'm a singer and producer  - Willie Key

Hi, my name is Willie Key and i'm very glat to be part of this great site.

Audio Engineer - Jason Colburn

Audio Engineer located in Birmingham, AL. Let's talk about how to bring your next project to life! Whether it's vocal tuning, drum timing, guitar editing, or mixing your project, let's work together to make it happen. Or if you're interested in live audio engineering, contact me to see what I can do for your next event!

Audio Engineer / Music Tech - Qris

Hello, I've been expecting you...

Mixing Mastering  - Julinho

Hello my name is Julinho i´m a Brazilian music producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer with many years of experience and have recorded mixed and mastered thousands of musicians ranging from all genres of music but especially Brazilian and Latin music. I play piano, bass, guitar and have access to great Brazilian musicians.

Mix Engineer and Music Produce - Patrick Denny

Producer, mix engineer - Patrick has spent 6 years working across the board in the Dance and Caribbean spheres as an artist, behind the scenes in Pop writing rooms via his mentors “The Invisible Men”, and since lockdown, firmly in the mixing room. Let me help you realise and take your artistic vision to the next level.



Producer, Engineer, Musician - Shoestring Recordings

If you want a mixer who's mixed famous artists, you've landed on the wrong profile. I am here to help independent artists produce the best possible recordings of their songs. I'm inspired by talented people whose songs I'm excited to mix and I can't wait to hear yours.

Music Production, Engineer - Chris / Jeremy

We are a Canadian based music duo, wanting to contribute our skills and experience to help others develop and polish off there songs.

Content Creator - My Articles

MyArticles is a writer’s community where writers can share their stories all over the world. Signup and share your stories to all over the world. Follow your favorite writers, create groups, forums, chat, and much much more!

 - Aron Miranda

A musician with some works in publicity and short films, also a educator and post-producer.

Music Producer, and Session M. - Jules Hendrix

- Professional Production and Mixing for Electronic, Pop, Blues, Funk, Folk and Acoustic - Session Musician (Guitar, Bass and Drums)

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Lee Wiggins

Hello I have been a Freelance Engineer/Producer for the last 8 years. I currently work as a freelance tracking engineer at a studio in Manhattan, New York. I have work with countless Artist from all genres and always welcome something new.

Recording & Mix Engineer - Brian C. White

Hey! My name is Brian White, I'm a Multi-Platinum recording / mix engineer, from Los Angeles, California with numerous Billboard Top 10 records to my credit. I've had records come out with G-Eazy ft. Yo Gotti, & YBN Nahmir "1942". YBN Nahmir - "Bounce Out With That" & Nelly ft. Jacquees - "Freaky With You" to name a few.

Mix Engineer - Rich Willan

Mix engineer with over 7 years experience

Producer, Mixing Engineer, VO - Mor Tadmor (M.T Studio)

26 years old from a green town in Israel, my name is Mor and for the past 13 years I'm an active singer-song writer, guitar and piano player. On 2013 I took school at BPM college in Tel-Aviv for Music Production & Sound Engineering classes and since 2016 i give a variety of services

I am a cool singer - Teresa Brashear

Hi, there! Let's work together Teresa Brashear grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from California State University. She is a mom, a HR manager at an IT company, and a successful writer. She loves to spend time working in the garden, learning French and Chinese, and playing volleyball.

Mix, Master, Vocal Tuning/Comp - A X A

One stop shop for quality sound, from Mixing to Vocal tuning/Comping, Stereo and Group Stem mastering, etc.

Producer/AudioEditor/Podcaster - Billy Scher

My bag o' tricks has a lot of goodies. With over 10+ years of music making experience, I'm efficient in many music/audio tasks. From fully producing/songwriting a track, to comping vocal takes, to editing/mastering a Podcast, I deal with audio in many ways.

Songwriter - BurntWill

have worked with countless artists worldwide for over 30 years

Music Producer/ Mix and Master - TRILOF

I am an Audio Engineer and Music Producer. I was inspired to start producing music in 2014 because of my interest in electronic sounds and the inspiration from artists like Excision. I attended the Artist Development and Recording Arts program at The Noize Factory in Toronto, Canada.

Session Vocalist & Topliner - Georgia Meek

Most recently heard on ITV2's Love Island and at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2020.

Songwriter, production - Steve Soboslai

Hi everyone, I am a down to earth music producer based in Nashville, TN. I have a studio on Music Row.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Davol Frye

Davol is the owner and operator of mastering service. He has been running his own mastering studio since 2009. CREDITS : Columbia (Sony), Universal , Warner, Spinnin Records (Main, Doorn,Dharma,Heldeep,Talent Pool), Armada, Selected, Controversia (Alok-Spinnin Records), Protocol, and more. All my credits are real.

Recording Studio: Drums String - OIGO estudios

La Experiencia de Hacer Arte con el Sonido / The experience of Making Art with Sound OIGO = OIdos Grabando Ondas

Audio professional - Patrick Doyle

Your music is important. It represents your ideas, beliefs, ideologies and philosophies. Emotion has to pour out of the speakers, it has to be right. That's where I come in! Whether it's a drum part that needs editing, or an entire track needs to be mixed and mastered, I will ensure that what you hear in your head is what comes out of the speakers.

Music Producer - Dytone

Music Producer & DJ. Millions of views on youtube & support from major artists.

Mixing, Mastering - Alex Layne

Not everyone needs a tuba player, but quality engineers are hard to come by too! Work includes engineering on Khalid's Free Spirit, Tory Lanez, and many more.

Vocalist / Keyboardist - Medi Kay


Professional vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter. I have 12+ years of experience in vocals and keyboard recording/performance. Allow me to deliver quality vocals or harmonies for your next project!

Music Producer & Top Audio Guy - Jon Neale

I can complete all your audio needs, all the equipment and creativity to bring your vision to life. I have worked with a range of independent artists growing their seeds of songs into albums.

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