Top Vocal Comping Pros for hire

A great vocal comping pro will edit together or 'compile' the perfect vocal performance from multiple takes

Bass, Production, Mix, Master - Frank Slater

Creative Producer/Engineer with years experience, a degree in Music, certification from Avid and I just love to make music.

Awesome mixes! - Michael Wolf

I'm an experienced mixing engineer and my job is to take your songs to the next level! I take pride in working on the mix until it sounds just right, and the artist is very happy with the result.

Beat Maker, Singer, Songwriter - TABUSHA

In terms of my beats, I pride myself on my modern yet future sound (Tabusha on SoundCloud!) I'm a highly versatile songwriter, you can give me a topic or a "type" and I'll hit it bullseye. I also sing/rap, I have a wide range.. from a full deep tone to an airy high head voice!

Freelance Engineer/Producer - Taylor Jee Yoon Hawkins

I'm finishing up my Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology and looking to gain some additional experience with the aspects of music production that I have fewer opportunities to explore in the classroom.

Music producer - Jimmy

Feel free to submit your request! I can finish your production. Make it sound bright, clear, vocals in tune, in time, punch etc. Easy to work with. Lots of recommendations, but new to I've got a studio at westwood music, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. Work overseas, online and local.

Editing, Mixing, and Mastering - Lamplighter Music

If you have tracks, send them to me! I can help you with any stage of post-production for your music, podcast, or film.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Prophet Mixing

Graduate from Los Angeles Recording Arts School with an Associate's Degree in Audio Production. Worked side-by-side with 4-time Grammy award winning Engineer Joel Numa as well as Engineered sessions with Duke Dumont, Young Chop, and many other artists at Wyman Records and Big Fish Audio. Currently Lead Engineer at Artist Development in Valencia,CA.

Female Vocalist and Songwriter - Amani Albertsen

I am a professional singer-songwriter that caters to what you are needing. I have been singing and performing for over 15 years! If you are looking for a vocalist for a song or advertising? Need someone to write lyrics to your music, no problem! I would love to help, just let me know how I can do that. Any genre and style! Let's talk!

Remote Mixing, Production - Coconut Hill

Coconut Hill is a music production facility based in Birmingham (UK), home to mix engineer, producer, and musician Matt Millard. Helping you take your recordings to the next level whilst ensuring they reach commercially releasable standards.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Leff Brain Music Production

My name is Geoff Weber, and music is my number one passion. I've been playing since I was 8 years old (26 now) and I began experimenting with recording at age 12. I currently work out of a commercial studio and pursue freelance projects too. I have an extremely good ear and keen attention to detail. I'll make your tracks sound the very best!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Shrijith R

Quality mixes over a short period of time

Recording, Mixing & Production - Cameron Forbes

I love making music. I work with new artists who haven't put anything out and guide them along to getting their first release. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to find your music on iTunes and Spotify. Let me help you bypass the beginner mix and production mistakes so your talent can shine.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Cole Studios

Mixing Engineer and Music Producer with 6 years of experience working alongside artists, producers, and vocalists from around the world. Let's make something unique and wonderful!

Music Producer, DJ - Billy Heins

House, Deep house, Tropical house, Dance, New-Disco, Indie Pop, Pop, Synthwave, Chillwave, Lofi. Instagram; Facebook - @billyheinsdj

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Andy Schulthess

Are you looking for someone with experience and the right skills who can bring your recordings or mix to life? I'm a professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer with 10 years of experience. I will find the perfect solution for you and your goals. Please contact me!

HD Professional Drum Tracking. - FatCatDrummer

I'm not just a "session drummer" like you'd expect to find on networks like this. Not only have I been teaching and doing session work for over 15 years, I'm also an accomplished audio engineer with an expertise in drum audio and over 10 years running my own custom drum company. Needless to say, my knowledge, experience keep me top tier quality.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - LOF Audio Production

As an honors graduate from one of the top audio engineering schools in Canada, my 10 years of experience with audio production and podcasting will ensure you're 100% satisfied with every order. You can expect excellent customer service in addition to quality work.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - FMA Studio

Our mission is to help our clients get where they want with their music projects, with utmost respect to their artistry. We offer high end remote services such as mixing & mastering, vocal recording, vocal tuning and beatmaking at affordable prices.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Jack Martin Audio

Experienced Recording Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer based in Devon. Music is what I know, do, and love. There is nothing more important to me than creating a project that goes beyond what you imagined. I have been fortunate enough to work with names such as Liam Payne, Ken Scott and Gavin Francis amongst many others.

Mixing Master Extraordinaire - 3k Studios |

Come work with an innovative and versatile engineer who's worked with countless genres and artists but delivers with the consistency of quality each record and project. I take great pride in delivering work that brings your ideas to life and helps connect with you and your listeners.

Engineer & Musician - Tori Knix

My Name is Tori Knix, I have worked with Chxpo, Aaron Cohen, Dave East, Marty Baller, etc. and so far during 2020-2021 I have reached over 160k people independently.

Music producer,Singer,Musician - Freddy Sweet

Very open and professional with a fun spirited soul the gift to pull the soul out of a artist to become the best of them self, I've won many major awards but I like to always start from scratch with Artist . My biggest Award was receiving the "Humanitarian Award from President Obama a huge honor ,

Mixing Engineer - David Maayan

Mixing engineer and music producer with 10 years of experience. Produced and mixed various Hip Hop albums and songs in the Israeli music industry. Will mix your project with care, and will not rest until it sounds exactly how you wanted it to sound, and then more.

Studio Vocalist - Kova


Powerful pop vocalist ^ Unique & Modern ^ Knowledge in sync licensing

Expert Multi-Genre Vocals - Sandata Vocal Kitchen

Seasoned vocalist, Malaya whips up rich and flavorful vocals to any pitched music projects needing lead vocals from fresh and simplistic, to lavish arrangements. –AXS described her as " incredible excursion that traveled both around the globe and through time... Her tone is a divine gossamer spun from opulent gold fibers..."

 - Mike Quinn

Creative music composer, event manager and sound operator/engineer.

Music Producer and Mixer - Boaz Wolf


Mixing engineer, producer, programmer and Pro Tools expert. I specialize in vocal comping and manual drum editing (no beat detective!). With over 15 years of experience I will make those tracks shine!

 - Isaac Bichachi

Isaac Bichachi is a classically trained composer and pianist as well a producer/mixer. He has composed/produced and mixed music for major TV networks, name brands and established as well as up and coming artists. Isaac is based in sunny Miami, Florida.

Live//studio mixing+Production - Rhythm Canyon


Audio Mixing Engineer - A Nation Muzik

Hello my name is A.B. I went to Full Sail University for Music Production. I am an Audio Engineer. I look forward to working with you!

Mixing, Beat making, Editing - Chris Sacco

Audio Engineer based in Clifton, NJ specializing in Mixing and Editing. Also an experienced Producer/Beat Maker. Shoot me an email detailing your project needs and I will get back to you.

Mix // Master // Produce - Liam Knott Audio

I am a recording/ mixing/ mastering engineer based in Manchester. I have had number of records played by DJs such as Jon Morter (Of RATM Christmas Number 1. campaign fame) and had work featured in UK rock/ metal publication, Rock Sound.,,I can work at a variety of price ranges to suit most budgets and include mixing and mastering for free on recording projects.

'Mixing' 'Mastering' - Keith Roger

Hello. I'm Keith from Orange County, CA. I will work with you to make your song sound the way you envision it. I am very flexible as far as revisions. I wont be satisfied till your are happy with the finished product.

Writing, Mixing, and Tracking  - Mixed by King

What's up world, I'm KING.K... Ive been doing music for 18yrs as an Artist/Writer/Engineer I attended SAE Institute in Atlanta, Ga. Im originally from Los Angeles, Ca. I enjoy the challenges of making music sound great and the satisfaction it gives the world when they hear said music.

Music/Film Audio Production - Zachary Pepe - Audio Engineer

Hello, I am a audio engineer from Toronto Ontario. I am looking to expand my portfolio by offering high quality audio services at a lowered cost.

RECORDING ENGINEER, PRODUCER - preechmusic studios

hey im bryan im a music producer/recording engineer been producing and recording for over 10 years been using both analog and digital audio production work stations have worked with celebrity artists also many indie artists HERES A LINK TO MY SOUND CLOUD FOR INSTRUMENTALS. "kurupt"

Mixing/Recording Engineer - shaggyontheboardz

Chris Ascher (aka "shaggyontheboardz", or just "Shaggy" for short) is an American mixing/recording engineer and record producer, specializing in Pop, R&B and Hip Hop. I have a “perfectionist” mentality, so I won’t send anything out to a client unless I’m 100% happy, and want to make sure the client is also happy.

remote mixing, music producer, - Mat Sound Mixing studio

Musician, producer and mix engineer. I’m specialized in rock,pop and metal genres.

Producer Mixing Engineer  - Raz Burg

Hello, My name is Raz Burg and i am a Music Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer. Worked with lot of nationally and international from pop and rock music to jazz and classic music including instrumental music. My goal is to bring out the best of each artist Im working with and to make your music sound best.

Music Producer - Hatariboyz

Lets be creative and grow together !

Record Producer, Engineer - Hunnid Billi

Looking to for your next big hit? Need Studio time? Book Hunnid Billi to make your next hit record.

Mix Engineer - Chron Music

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mix Engineer, Record Producer - Preme Cordice Music


Producer of music via Tracking, Mixing, composing and Song Writing. I have TV credits for multiple Hit and Emmy award winning TV Series. Former Tracking engineer for Epic Records.

Mixing Engineer/Mix Ninja - Northern Noize

I am a dedicated and motivated mixing engineer. I take pride in every single project I am a part of and never settle for "good enough". If I don't feel I am the right person for the job I will refer you to someone who is a better fit!

I'm a Studio&Mix Engineer - JaVonte Snipes

I'm just a simple guy that want's to make your vision come to life. I want to take your ideas and make them a reality.

Music producer and composer - Chobed

My name is Obed Chavarry. I'm an independent composer and music producer, releasing songs in spotify, youtube and soundcloud and also working for the radio stations group RPP (Lima, Peru) It is my wish, to provide uplifting, passionate and inspiring music for visual artists, in a way that it can help and support the exposition and creatively deliv

Production, Recording and Mix  - Auralation Studios

Creativity is our strength. We think out of the box. From pre-production to tracking and producing, our concern is bringing your aural imagination to life. You are the client and we work for you. No egos, no agendas, no searching for writing credits. We produce. We track. We mix and master. And most of all, we listen to you.

Engineer / Producer - 2000tracks

Mixing Engineer with over 15M Streams. Affordable Prices!!

Full-Service Music Production - Zodlounge Music

Based in Nashville, Zodlounge has worked on countless records. From recording and mixing Ross Ellis' The Highway #1 "Buy and Buy" to arranging and recording bass guitar for Starset, Zodlounge's unique ability to cross genres seamlessly has made us a sought after asset to many artists' careers.

Editing/Mixing/Mastering - LantzMixes

Get your tracks tuned, edited, mixed and mastered from a 15+ year veteran of audio production.

Creating fun melodies - Nico C

Melodies, Singing, Lyrics / / New into it but I think I can make only hits!

Beat Maker/ Music Producer - Slater Manzo

Hi! My name is Slater Manzo, and I'm a music producer and beatmaker. I offer to mix your music services to bring your song to the music industry's standards, with a lil Manzo spice. My music proves it with over 2 million streams on Spotify alone.

music production - dark cat

hi, I am here to help you with your music ! do you need a producer for a track ? do you need some inspiration to start your own track ? do you have an idea that sounds good, but you want someone to take it somewhere else ? do you want to talk about music philosophies or get some feedback on your music ? (free) message me !

Producer/Engineer - Charles Sergio Huston

Top-tier production/engineering with millions of plays as proof.

Singer, Songwriter, Performer  - Just Ferdinand

Music has no limits or boundaries. Its beautiful sounds are organized to create a verbal illusion to create a living fantasy.

Mixing & Mastering - Hernan Bruckner

Mixing and Mastering for musicians by musicians! I am an award-winning producer and multi platinum artist that turned his passion for audio from a hobby to a full time profession. I have 20+ years of experience on a wide variety of genres.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Eli Catania

Under the alias, "VAANCE," I have accumulated over 5 million streams with my original music. I have over a decade of experience in composition, production, vocal processing, and mixing & mastering. I attended the College Conservatory of Music and have played festivals such as Ohio's famed "Numbers Fest" and "Breakaway Music Festival."

Songwriter, Composer, Singer - Samielmusic

The best songs, the hits of the moment for your record company, for your production or that single that will take you to fame, or maybe you want that very popular song for your company or for your brand, both for radio or TV show

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex

Hi, I'm an experienced music producer and would be keen to help you with your mixing, mastering vocal comping etc tor a low fee.

Mixing-Vocal Editing-Producing - Bastien BOURCET

I'll do everything i can to bring out the best of each artist I work with. My work is not finished until you are 100% satisfied !

Record-Produce-Mix-Master - Dan Broad

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Composition, Programming, Session Guitar/Bass.

producer mastering engineering - joey carr

joey carr retired professional percussion and recording artist 30 years of experience received a audio engineering from audio engineering institute in 2011 and a second audio engineering and electrical engineering degree utsa. Chief Audio Engineer cornerstone central church 2012-2017 owner/producer red c recording studios

audio engineer, edit, tune - Talya Zaidenstadt

Looking for someone to tune your vocals? I work with Melodyne and Autotune to help you get the sound you need, as fast as you need it.

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