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I am a professional vocalist, with many years of vocal training. I sing basically anything but have worked on jazz , world, sing/songwriter and pop music recordings

Elisabeth Karsten was born in Porsgrunn (Norway) in 1973.

She started entering the “world of music and art” at the age of four. First within the field of ballet and shortly there after also music, primarily singing. Her mother Inger was a brilliant piano player and cooperated with opera singers and had solo concerts. Her father Bjørn was more of a jazz lover and a free spirit.

Music and ballet followed Elisabeth throughout her whole upbringing, where she attended as a performer of ballet or singer in musicales locally in Telemark or with Den Norske Opera. At the age of 12 she started giving dance classes on a regular basis as her dance instructor felt it would be a good initiation to trusting her own capability as a n artist and also she felt she had the skills to do so.
It was at the age of 15 and after having been a co-player in Faust with Den Norske Opera that she was offered to become a vocal student with Jan Sødal at Den Norske Opera.

This training continued until 2008 Due to the mix of ballet, Martha Gram jazz ballet, show dance, step and modern ballet she was introduced to allot of different music.
This variation made a huge influence on her and how the navigated when performing Gradually she fell
more and more in love with musical expression

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