Top Vocal Comping Pros for hire

A great vocal comping pro will edit together or 'compile' the perfect vocal performance from multiple takes

Vocal Producer-Record Producer - Chris



Los Angeles

Vocal Producer-Record Producer

I have been specializing in vocals for many years and worked on lots of cool records. The most recent artists include Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa. I have worked on vocals that are super pop to totally indy and vibey, from Cat Stevens to Demi Lovato.

Vocalist/Songwriter/Topliner - ROJAZ



I can write/sing in English and Spanish, speedy at coming up with melodies, and my forte harmonies. Available to remotely record mid-alto vocals, finish lyrics or melodies, and arrange vocal harmonies.

Session Vocalist, Songwriter  - Michelle

Los Angeles

Session Vocalist, Songwriter

Versatile expert vocalist and songwriter. Artist on NBC The Voice (Team Blake.) Ad placements with Maybelline, JC Penny, Mastercard and more. Ranging from Soul/Pop to Musical Theater to Cinematic vocal styles. Prompt turnaround.


Pop Producer/Songwriter/Mixer - David




Pop Producer/Songwriter/Mixer

Music Producer/ Ghost Producer and Songwriter. Working with Universal Music, Sony Music, Steve Angello, Axwell and more.

Artist, Topliner, Writer, BGV - Stephcynie


Artist, Topliner, Writer, BGV

An independent storyteller who uses a unique blend of smoky and enchanting vocals as well as smooth vocal arrangements. I've learned from performing and working with legends to be quick and precise.

African Singer - SOLLO7




African Singer

Your project needs to be different. A raspy tone will give it that touch. I have that raspy West African tone.


Vocal Editing - Matthew



Los Angeles

Vocal Editing

Vocal comping, pitch correction, time alignment, and gain correction is an integral part of the production process; and one that often goes overlooked. It is exceedingly rare that a vocal performance does not go through an editing phase before going to mix down. I'm here to get your vocal production correct.

Singer, Producer, Pianist,Comp - Juan



Buenos Aires

Singer, Producer, Pianist,Comp

Throughout my career I worked with well-known Artists such as Jose Luis Rodriguez, Emanuel Ortega, Dani J, among others, gaining a lot of experience as Producer, Director, Singer, Pianist and Composer. Although I worked with differents genres, my main specialities are Latin Music and Tango.

Writer Producer Mixing Studio - Nick

Los Angeles

Writer Producer Mixing Studio

I'm Nick Warner and I'm here to make you and your ears happy! I am a vocal production specialist, mixing engineer and Post-Production editor. I have the experience, dedication, personality and education to get the job done right! My work has accumulated over 100 million streams and I would love to add you to that list!

Demo Singer and Songwriter - Christine




Demo Singer and Songwriter

Quality demo recording at a fraction of the average time spent and quality songwriting at the fraction of the cost. 48-hour turnaround for vocal production, vocal reference, and songwriting. Professionally trained vocalist, with vocal production, and song writing experience.

Songwriter, Vocalist - TOBI


Songwriter, Vocalist

$1500+ :)


Audio Engineer, Vocal Comping - Lacei

Los Angeles

Audio Engineer, Vocal Comping

Audio Engineer, Vocal Comping, Proficient in Pro Tools, Pianist, Singer-Songwriter, Performer

Producer/Singer/Songwriter - dawsonLIED



Have you ever wanted to be able to translate your thoughts and ideas into music? Do you want to make high-quality music that keeps up with the current trends? My job is to take your ideas and use my experience to make it possible! Vocals are the most important part of every song; I've refined my techniques to bring out the power behind them.

Vocal Producer, Singer - Charlin




Vocal Producer, Singer

Vocal Producer and Live/Session Soprano Vocalist for top Gospel/Christian artists.

Songwriter, Vocal Production - Mona




Songwriter, Vocal Production

I have connected with Songwriter/Artist Mickey Shiloh who is now acts as my mentor. Also, becoming an official songwriter for her company HRDRV. Received recognition and won TDE Engineer, Derek Ali, indie artist competition and will be working with him.


Produce, Mix, Guitars, Vocals - ANIMALTRONIX

Los Angeles

Produce, Mix, Guitars, Vocals

My specialty is combining live instruments with modern synthesis to find that vein of human-ness in every track. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer, producer & mixer. And as a singer myself, I'm particularly good at coaching the best vocal performances out of singers, capturing that performance and producing it across the finish line.

Songwriter and Demo Vocalist - David




Songwriter and Demo Vocalist

I'm David Kelly and I do music in Seattle. I have 10+ years of vocal experience and coaching, a strong ear for melodies and harmonies, and top-notch lyrics.


Vocal Orchestrator, Producer - Cameron


Vocal Orchestrator, Producer

Bring the vocals tracks to life with orchestration by multi-award winning arranger, Cameron Golinsky.

Creative Producer of Music - Qamelian

United Kingdom

Creative Producer of Music

Ivor award winning songwriter, musician and producer looking to work with equally talented individuals.

Lyrics writer, Music producer, - Gil

Tel Aviv

Lyrics writer, Music producer,

They say: Unique, Creative, Not just another one, It seems like you are many years in the industry, Different



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