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A great vocal comping pro will edit together or 'compile' the perfect vocal performance from multiple takes

Vocal Producer-Record Producer - Chris

Los Angeles

Vocal Producer-Record Producer

I have been specializing in vocals for many years and worked on lots of cool records. The most recent artists include Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa. I have worked on vocals that are super pop to totally indy and vibey, from Cat Stevens to Demi Lovato.

Pressing some Knobs - Sebastian

79713 Bad Säckingen

Pressing some Knobs

10 Years of experience in some of the most known genres of music


Singer-Songwriter - Mia



Still in the development stages


Singer, Vocal producer, VO  - Joell


Singer, Vocal producer, VO

Fresh, bold and unique! Industry professional with 10+ years experience. If you’re looking for a standout vocal with character and personality, I’m definitely your guy. Able to deliver you the most catchy contagious top lines. Ready to offer and show all my experience and insight. Songs featured and played on BBC 1xtra.

Singer, Songwriter & Topliner  - Bellsavvy


Singer, Songwriter & Topliner

Hitmaker singer-songwriter, with edgy, versatile vocals with strong toplines, recently introduced by Billboard and featured in multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists.

Songwriter, Vocal Production - Mona


Songwriter, Vocal Production

I have connected with Songwriter/Artist Mickey Shiloh who is now acting as a mentor. Also, becoming an official songwriter for her company HRDRV. Received recognition and won TDE Engineer, Derek Ali, indie artist competition and will be working with him.


Productor musical - Beatmaker - Adyi


Productor musical - Beatmaker

Joven Productor Musical y Beatmaker con 6 años de experiencia en el mundo de la música. Guitarrista por origen, amante del sonido y la producción musical.


Instrumentalist|Vocal Producer - August


Instrumentalist|Vocal Producer

Drummer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Bassist, Hired Gun, Producer & Songwriter.

Producer / Male Vocalist - Amos


Producer / Male Vocalist

I sing sultry yet heart-wrenching lead vocals, arrange unforgettable harmonies and textures, and produce musical journeys exactly as you conceive them. I thrive in the studio, behind the piano, and providing live BGVs for a few of your favorite artists.

New Wave! Singer-songwritter - Maga


New Wave! Singer-songwritter

New Wave. Music and creativity for your brand, musical project, advertising and more!

Toplining, Vocal Production - Robbie

United Kingdom

Toplining, Vocal Production

MAGIC RECORDS, KIWISTAGE, ARTIST INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, SWUTCH RECORDS are labels my tracks have been signed to. I work over many genre's but mainly POP/EDM, and I can also process Vocals over your instrumental. Songwriting is my true passion and I take incredible pride in the work I create. Nothing gets written off until you are 100% satisfied!

Vocalist-Female, Engineer - Dianna

Los Angeles

Vocalist-Female, Engineer

Hi my name is Dianna and I have been playing and writing music since I was 5. I have been on the Grammy Ballot and worked with Grammy award winning producer Josh Stevens and multiplatinum Producer Kim Fowley. Kim Fowley always said I had a radio voice! I have helped many songwriters over the years bring their vocal visions to life.

Vocal Editing - Matthew

Los Angeles

Vocal Editing

Vocal comping, pitch correction, time alignment, and gain correction is an integral part of the production process; and one that often goes overlooked. It is exceedingly rare that a vocal performance does not go through an editing phase before going to mix down. I'm here to get your vocal production correct.

Vocal Producer, Singer - Charlin


Vocal Producer, Singer

Vocal Producer and Live/Session Soprano Vocalist for top Gospel/Christian artists.

Demo Singer and Songwriter - Christine


Demo Singer and Songwriter

Quality demo recording at a fraction of the average time spent and quality songwriting at the fraction of the cost. 48-hour turnaround for vocal production, vocal reference, and songwriting. Professionally trained vocalist, with vocal production, and song writing experience.

Top Michael Bublé Sound-a-like - Shane


Top Michael Bublé Sound-a-like

In 2007, I was asked by Universal Records to be their sound-a-like for the great Michael Bublé and their album then got to No. 1 in the UK Compilation Album chart. Since then, I've gone on to be one of the UK's most sought after vocalists in all areas of vocal performance and entertainment.

Songwriter/topliner/vocalist - Julia



Hello! I’m Julia Nem, singer/songwriter. I create toplines and lyrics in English, Spanish and Russian. - Worked with famous Russian studios RS Music and 44 Pro - Vocalist for the British recording studio Dymond Studios - Created a vocal part for the song It’s a Heartache Thing by Mark Newberry that reached Number 4 in the UKCountryradio.

Producer/Singer/Songwriter - dawsonLIED



Have you ever wanted to be able to translate your thoughts and ideas into music? Do you want to make high-quality music that keeps up with the current trends? My job is to take your ideas and use my experience to make it possible! Vocals are the most important part of every song; I've refined my techniques to bring out the power behind them.

Production | Mixing | Master - Mike


Production | Mixing | Master

If you are looking for impressive results at an affordable price, i'm your guy. Expect good communication, prompt turnaround and "the little extras" that make the big difference.

Singer, Producer, Pianist,Comp - Juan

Buenos Aires

Singer, Producer, Pianist,Comp

Throughout my career I worked with well-known Artists such as Jose Luis Rodriguez, Emanuel Ortega, Dani J, among others, gaining a lot of experience as Producer, Director, Singer, Pianist and Composer. Although I worked with differents genres, my main specialities are Latin Music and Tango.

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