Top Game Audio Designers for hire

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

TV/Film/Game Composer - Carter Harrell

Original musical composition and production for visual media and video games out of Nashville, TN. Producer and multi-instrumentalist. Let's work together!

MusicComposer & SoundDesigner - Joel Loopez

Music Composer for Commercials, Games, Films or any media

instrument recordings, mock up - Dimos Stathoulis

Hello world. I am 34 years old leaving in beautiful Greece with my family. I have 4 degrees in music theoretics ,a degree in classical quitar and a diploma in computer engineering. I make a living scoring for media, making mock-ups, teaching in private conservatories, performing with various bands live, or recording guitars for artist's albums.

Music composer, Sound designer - Oleg Permeacov

My projects have been made mostly for game development, social, mobile application industry. Have developed more then 150 projects for worldwide companies. About 15 years of experience. Huge amount of music has been written. Have own band "Devio Hail".

Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering - Andre Jonas

Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Based in Kiel, Germany – Your Vision Is My Mission

Music producer, sound designer - Sofa Sound Design

I am Creative Sound Designer & Music Producer based in Bristol, UK. I have over 3 years of experience within the sound and music industry. I learnt my trade at the famous DBS music college in Bristol where I studied music production & sound engineering.

Music Composer and Producer - Geoffrey Carter

I have been involved with music for over 36 years, but I also have an advanced degree in engineering which I used in working on climate change. I am the scientific artist, ready to compose, produce, and mix masterpieces for your project. I've worked with artists, production music, and soundtracks. Whatever your needs, I have you covered!

Beat Maker, Music Producer - Ander - MPC Estudio BCN

I came from the electronic music to bring new vibes to now day's music. Ander B is a DJ / producer and live performance artist based in Barcelona, Catalonia.

 - LzR Audio Engineering

Freelance studio and live sound engineer/producer. Mixing/Mastering/Editing studio plus 16 track location recording. Production packages available.

 - AD Studio Pro

AD Studio Pro will provide all of your traditional audio post work, which we define as mixing to picture, recording talent, Film Producers, Ad Agencies, Corporate Producers, sound designing for picture and game sound and various musicians/artists

Music producer/video editor - Crisis TV

Hi there, my name is Chris and welcome to Crisis TV. On this program, I produce quality hiphop, rnb, electronic and trap instrumentals. I promise you will like what you hear ;) Heres a sample of some of my work so far

Film Music Composer - Carlos Proteus

Carlos Proteus is the stage name of a film scoring composer, sound designer, audio producer and musician.

Write Lyrics - NKD

Write songs that people can relate to their lives

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jordi "NYKT" Cardeña Moreno

I'm studing a degree of Audio post-production engineering at Eumes, Spain. Right now I am on my last year of the career. Also I have a diploma of music production and DJ at Plastic Pioneer Academy (Barcelona).

Composer / Producer for Media - Rob Peters

I'm Rob, a Dutch composer and music producer for all kinds of media. I've worked on feature films (Kill Switch, Just Friends), award winning short films (Green Screen Gringo, Het Internet), commercials and records including gold and platinum albums. My style is a hybrid of electronic and organic, ranging from loud and epic to intimate and small.

Music producer, synths, guitar - Duque

I produce musical landscapes, turning sounds into deep emotions .

'producer', 'writer', 'artist' - Family

Hello everyone, I am a professional musician and producer, I love making music

Recording studio - The Excitable One Studio

The Excitable One Studio is a Commercial Recording Studio started by Excitable One Industries L.L.C. to help local musicians and grow Houston's music scene

 - The Image & Sound Factory

Recording and Mix studio located 35km up north from Brussels. We offer facilities and engineers for Recording, Editing, Mixing en Mastering. We have experienced Production Sound Mixers, Boom Operators, Sound Engineers, Sound Designers, Foley Artists, Re-Recording Mixers and Mastering Engineers available for Film, TV and Music Productions.

 - Hussnan 'Haz' Mushehdi - Sound Engineer - HD Studio - Recording, Mixing, Production.

Suite Studio in the heart of london. Fully BBC Spec Recording room. HD Recording. PMC Monitoring. Full Mixing Room. We can create amazing High Quality recordings and Perfect mixes. From voice-overs to Albums, from Promo to Release we can do it all. The limit is your Imagination… (and budget) :) We can do anything

Music Composer - James Tint

I am composer, arranger and music producer for film and game Music.

Mixer, Sound Designer, Artist - Shannon Addonizio

I am a songwriter, composer, and sound designer! I love playing with melodies and sounds to create a final project that sounds awesome!

Mixing and Editing Audio - Jcaofficial

Mixing, Editing, Mastering Audio engineer and Producer

Music producer, drummer, beat  - Mixer_drummer

HI! I am Max. I am composer and music producer.

EDM - 728hq4

My pitch

Music Producer - Michael J Duren

I produce unique electronic music. Anything from Dance, EDM, IDM, to Hip Hop. I also do Mixing and Mastering.

 Film & Game Composer - Lucas Masoch

I'm a multimedia artist and soundtrack composer who's worked with a variety of genres and has expertise in mixing and mastering music. I've composed over 6 hours of music so far.

Create Art - Prince Fusion

Produced for The Vivid Project, Harrison Cole, Sembari, and Retro. Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Composing, Songwriting services available

Music Producer - Junky Joy - Music Creation LAB

I'm a music producer, specialized in creating soundscapes for any communication medium.

Music Composer, Producer,  - Dario Tartagni

Graduated "Summa cum Laude" at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. I'm a professional composer, piano and keyboards player. I am an expert in digital composition and music production, and I have excellent skills in sound engineering. I am familiar with every style of music, I work fast and I always deliver top quality music.

80s & Bass Music, Sound Design - Dandroid

Hi! I'm Danny, a music producer, sound designer and DJ from Budapest, Hungary. I do: - Music Production - Sound Design - Mixing - Game,Movie OST/Audio

horns, electronic landscapes - The Saxophone Warrior

25 year music industry experience, having worked with artists from genre's such as jazz, metal, funk, fusion, pop, electronic and rock artists, Chris Ward brings experience mixed with a modern take on horn integration into musical landscapes.

Composer, producer, mix&master - Kantolasound

Composer for media. Currently working on the video game Kilta by myTrueSound.

Music Producer - Sivan Aydin

Turk artist, cartoonist and producer Sivan Aydin, aka Şivan Aydin, was born in Istanbul and raised in a sleepy suburb in South West Turkey. Today she lives and works in Istanbul. Armed with a diverse musical past she merges her classical upbringing and emo teenage years, and includes elements ranging from dreamy soundscapes to hard-hitting 808 beat

Sound Design, Composer, Mixing - A.Shark

I have been creating electronic music since 2003. Sound design and creation of orchestral music for Russian cinema and computer games. Mixing vocals and rap with Russian character and crystal precision.

 - clorOH! Media

Mixing and Mastering Studio...

 - Arturo Barragan

I am a profesional sound designer with a complete mayor in audio engineer and music production.

 - wattabass sound

Hello, I am a professional audio engineer and musician. I have over five years experience composing mixing mastering and editing music and other audio and I have a degree in Music Technology and Production.

Sound Designer, Sound Editor,  - J Sounds

My name is Jayvon Rymer, I am a freelance sound designer and sound editor in Los Angeles, CA. I do a lot of work on short films, animations and game audio. I'm always looking to work with new people and on interesting projects! Check me work out:

Produce, Composing, songwriter - MK (MIIK DREILLION)

I'm an EDM producer and a beat maker. I'm started producing at 16 years old. I'm living my dream. I want to be a golden producer, DJ, and artist! There one day I'll make it come true.

Music Producer - Dj Marvilous

I'm Jemini. I've been producing & engineering music for myself and other artists for about 7 years now. I've been working in Vegas for some of the biggest world-class DJs such as David Guetta, Diplo, and The Chainsmokers. I'm very detailed oriented and I will make you Sound Better! If you're looking for a modern sound to quickly catch the attentio

we snapshot emotions - Approximate Records

Thanks for reading. I'm here because I can't seem to get enough sound - I just want to make; I like weird, I like unique, I like textures, I like rhythm. Anything that I can do to better serve the message somebody wants to convey, the more fulfilled I feel. I look forward to hearing from you.

music designer and beatmaker - Ra vega

I see sounds since i was little, i like composing new challenges every day, for me the world was made with music.

Composer, Virtual Orchestrator - Angelo Marrone

Composer, Musician, Arranger, Virtual Orchestrator. I'm open to explore. I have always a good stress endurance keeping mental clarity. I Like: Watching and understanding, knowing and getting excited. Wandering without a goal, always with an empty suitcase. I Dislike: Whoever critizises a fish for climbing up a tree, everyone is a genius!

 - Fabio Accardo

I work with the composition and the production of soundtracks for movies and television programs, creation of sound FXs and background music for advanced multimedia apps and videogames, jingles for TV/radio advertisements, corporate presentation music, foley FXs for movies and animation pictures, absolving also tasks of postproduction.

Sound Artist / Audio Mixing - Blacknoise

The most complete Sound Artist you could find!

Composer, Audio Design, Guitar - Obadiah Brown-Beach

I have a well-varied background in music composition, production, performance, songwriting, and sound design for games, film, and television. Music and audio examples at:

Sing, Produce and More. -

I have produced 2 Gospel Albums and I also sing R&B, Pop, Soft Rock and more. I create music instrumentals for people of any genre.

Music Producer, Composer - Underfoot Music

Published soundtrack composer, 2 self-produced albums, 2+ years of music production and 5+ years of audio engineering. Lover of synthwave, psychedelic rock, hip hop, and r&b/soul. Hard-working and eager to turn good ideas into great music.

Full Service Music Production  - Tweek Muzik Entertainment

GRAMMY NOMINATED & Platinum Selling Production company - our clients can produce Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B songs and or just tracks. We have also done songs for films (Think Like A Man / TLC Bio-pic) and commercials (Nike, Peloton, NFL, NBA etc.).

 - Audioproducciones Patrick Mildenberg

Profesional recording studio located in Beautiful Bogota in Colombia specializing in recording real musicians .

Music producer - Anze Iglicar

Based in center Europe, Anze Iglicar (The Glitch), has been a professional producer and composer, songwriter for over 15 years. Involved in to many projects and productions (bands, artists, dj`s), also for television, film, and advertising.

Sound designer - Vera Sorrentino

I'm a skilled sound designer. I graduated with top marks in "Music and new technologies". My specialty is sound design. For example I produced original sound effects for a videogame for XboxOne and Playstation4, for the immersive tunnel in Cinecittà World, and for the film "Cristiano Rolando" for Amazon Prime Video.

Music composer & Songwriter - Thommy Kane

I write, mix and produce film score music for Movies, Television, Short Films, Podcasts and Youtube videos. I can do whatever is required from an epic orchestral piece, to an emotional cinematic piece, to a hard thumping trap beat or EDM dance track. Whatever the scene requires I can do. Just tell me what you need. I also write songs.

composer, sound designer - dub punk

I make any music, any genre you can imagine even that is not exist... yet!

Sound Tech/Design/Production - nK7 Sound Studio

I can help you or give you advise with anything related to sound design or sound enhance. Also can help you with electronic beats in general (urban beats & techno) Be open to experiment out of the box ;)

 - Senio Corbini

Live and Studio Sound Engineer, Avid Trainer, Sound Designer.

 - Swift Dreamer

Are you looking for a instrumental to sing or rap on? maybe something needs mixing? Hand your problems over to me and I promise you will not be disapointed.

Music Producer - djasger

I can make songs in most styles

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