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These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

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Songwriter, Singer, Topliner - Mary Sweet


THE GEM OF EDM // Dance Pop Princess ✨ Professional songwriter, singer, topliner. Released on A State of Trance, Ophelia, Lowly./Trap Nation, I Am Hardstyle, inHarmony & Find Your Harmony, Simplify., Ninety9Lives, and more. Stellar songwriting (self-taught + Louis Bell masterclass), toplines, harmonies, ad libs

Rec Studio/Music Producer - MeccaGodZilla

I am a music producer, MC and visual artist from NY. I visit Japan often for inspiration. I own the company MANAFEST VISION MEDIA LLC. and to date we have been fortunate enough to make music with/for Armani Exchange, Capcom, NIKE, Warner Music Japan and much more. I am offering very affordable "mastering" packages. Let's Talk!

Producer, Engineer, Software - Matthew Aidekman

I'm gloriously addicted to listening. Sharing that addiction is just what flows afterwards. I'm dedicated to making sonic reality a dimension of life people experience deeply through acoustic design, building sound technology, and music. Perhaps it's convenient but I'm convinced this addiction can better the world.

Production, Mixing, Guitar - Rob Knepper

22 year old producer, mixing engineer, & multi-instrumentalist. Specializes in electronic, indie, pop, hip-hop, but capable of working with wide variety of genres. Shoot me a message and let's work together!

Hip Hop Producer & Mix Engineer - It's Tempo

I started off as a breakdancer and fell in love with classic hip hop. I pursued a career as an Audio Engineer and graduated as one of the top in my class at Centre For Art's & Technology. I am now currently selling beats and mixing projects full time.

Creative Electro-Acoustic Prod - Playhost

Producer specialized in blending acoustic & electronic music. I have a forward-thinking perspective and love the different. If you're looking for someone overly creative, I'm afraid that's me.

Audio Engineer/Music Producer - Savilion

My name is Paul “ Savilion” De Francesco, I am an honours graduate from the audio engineering program at the Harris Institute. Since 2003 I have done freelance audio engineering here in Toronto. I have worked out of my own facility where I have built up an arsenal of skill and equipment.

Music producer, Audio Mixer - Shahi Hasan

Hi experience music producer mixing engineer. Based out of Livermore.

MIxing, Editing - Joel Perez

Hi, my name is Joel and I'm a young Mix Engineer. I recently graduated from Full Sail University with a Bacheloors in Recording Arts.

Sound Design, Film/Game Audio - Bert - Eklen Sounds

I am jointly provide true and natural audio services for feature films, short movies, videogames, commercials and more. Cleaning and repairing dialogue, creating sound effects and ambiences from zero, doing full postproduction of sound files, mixing audio for film/TV/theatre. Doing creative sound design for best feeling of your project in audio.

Full Music Production - Detox ☣️

Everything ☣️

Sound Designer, Audio Editor - Florian Titus Ardelean

Florian Titus Ardelean is a Romanian sound designer, film editor, field recordist and location sound mixer. He has worked as sound designer on over 40 films, including "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" (Jury's award, Rome Film Festival), "Chasing Rainbows" (Gopo nomination for Best Sound), and "Toto and His Sisters" (Cinéma des Étudiants Award, Cannes Film

Recording Studio, Mix & Master - City Studios Lisboa

Fully equipped recording studio with both great gear and better ears. The engineers' portfolio include 80+ piece orchestras, upcoming portuguese and brasilian hiphop artists, as well as pop, rock and metal acts. Bigger names include Poolside (USA), Suns of Thyme (GER) and Adi Ulmansky (ISR)

Mixing/Mastering, Songwriter  - Kevin Lucid

Kevin has over 10+ years experience in music theory. He has a keen ear for musical levels and can blend instruments and drastically boost the overall musical experience. He also has a great talent of songwriting. Not only using simple words that stick, but also understanding bar sequences and groove patterns to provide a catchy experience.

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Alan Lin

Pop and RnB producer, also mixes and masters

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Thomas Bond Sound

Over 20 years experience in all areas of production and sound design. Specialising in drone, ambeint and soundscapes.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - D.FIX Music

My goal is to serve the artist, serve the song, and serve the music. I work closely with both major and independent artists to help create amazing, emotion-filled mixes & productions If you choose to work with me, please send me your tracks to mix, along with any notes and details about the songs, what they mean to you, the emotion you're convey

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Duarte Guelha

Hello everyone! My name is Duarte and I'm a 20 yo sound engineer and musician. I've been in the music industry since 2011, starting in classical music school and, in late 2016, became a punk drummer and bassist. I'm finishing my degree in sound engineering in Lisbon's Superior School of Music.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Visual-Tek

Music Producer from Argentina, specialized in electronics and heavy music or dance music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - aduck5panel.

Mixing? Mastering? Songwriting? Beats? Do you need 'em? Look no further! I've been making sounds for about 19 years, and making them professionally for about 4. I believe the most important thing in audio work is bringing artistic visions to life. I hope to use my skills to help others create exactly what they envision their art to be.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Brain Piercing Studios

Hello, My info : - 6 year professional mixing experience - Degree in Audio engineering - I have a home studio - I can play some guitar parts if necessary - I have experience with mixing various genres

Session Guitarist - Alban Treuet

You need a Rocky Solo ? A Funky rythm ? Or some jazz chords on your songs ? Don't search any longer I'm your guy !

Keys/Programmer/Producer - Eugene "Man-Man" Roberts

I am a keyboardist, programmer, music director who tours the world and loves to create amazing music with others. I am the MD for John Legend and many others. credits including KanYe West, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Teddy Riley and more.

Sound for Film & Festivals - Asha Hay Audio

Asha has eight years experience recording and mixing musicians- utilizing legendary consoles and hardware in over 10 studios, and countless venues & festivals. Asha specialises in location recording for film. He loves bringing his clients vision to life, and producing rich sounds to enhance their story.

EDM, HOUSE, HC HOUSE, REMIXES - Cap'n Diggity Coconutmilk


Multi-instrumentalist - Ollie Meakins

Hi, I'm Ollie - I'm 30, and I eat, live and breath music. I've been playing since I was 8, and have a degree in Music Performance. I can play drums, piano and guitar to a high standard. I can also DJ. I'm also an accomplished songwriter. Genre? Pretty much any of them. I love working for other people, and would love to help you make your song.

composer,session bass player - Alex Fouquet

Starting his musical career performing as a live musician, Alex has toured as a bass player for major productions in Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, with a variety of artists and companies such as Cirque du Soleil’s Cheval-Théâtre.

Sound Editing Designers - Dragonfly Music

Over five years of making music for commercials and films all directions

songwriter, music producer - Denis Mitrakhovich

I'm a young singer/songwriter, music producer, mixing and mastering engineer. I write and perform my own songs under the name of 'Denmi'. Not only do I write song for myself as a solo artist, but I also make music for different people or businesses. I've written over a hundred tunes of diiferent genres from dubstep to epic soundtracks.

Composer/Keyboard player - Roland

I have been a keyboard player for 17+ years. Also a composer, have been doing freelance work for a while now. My taste ranges from piano-oriented light music, to extreme metal.

Literaly anything audio u need - W210 LABS

All the audio engineering you need in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, also works remotely. Recording, mixing, mastering, live sound reinforcement, production, everything inbetween Specializing in Techno & EDM

music and video production  - tuffbird

we do sound and we do it well.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - AsparTateSounds

Jialei Lee - 5 PIECES LOVE STORY: FX, Foley, and Complete surround mix. (2017) Merril Miller - Murals. Album production (2016) AsparTateRecords - IRIS, les chanson du printemps, Album production(2015)

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - ZenFull Sound

I have mixed for undiscovered talent here in Atlanta. I am looking to expand my network outside of Atlanta. I have credit for sound design for a student film titled Hashtag F.

Indie Pop Producer - Ive

I’m a music producer and composer. I feel passioned of deep and minimalistic sounds. I prefer to compose indie-pop, indie-rock, electronic and acoustic music.

Drummer, composer, arranger,  - Melvil Moindron

2 years at the Music Academy International in France.

Crafting Artistry in MUSIC! - BirdlandSound

Sometimes all you need is the right person on your side, to make your music come alive! I focus on artistry, helping you craft your music based on who you are. I have years of experience, in Gospel, Jazz, Swing, Pop, Musicals, Composing, mixing, engineering, and production of all kinds.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - DeadShedRecords

Music Producer looking to expand my portfolio


The Cyclone Sike Alive is the leader of the musical collective CENTRAL NETWORK from Chicago, Illinois.

Freelance Mixing Engineer - Martijn Van Renterghem

Hey, I'm a Belgian sound engineer living in Glasgow. Over 6 years experience in Live Concerts (all kinds of genres). Lots of experience with Live Recordings or doing Mobile Recordings. Able to mix live gigs with OWN or assigned equipment. Flexible, young, easy, chilled out guy with references in LIVE and THEATRE world.

Media Composer - Evgeny Teilor

Professional composer and sound designer

Producer, Composer, Mixer - The Riddim Naation

Reggae Dancehall Producers who have worked with most of the biggest names in the industry.

Composer/Producer/Sound Design - Liane Silva

Music composer, producer and sound designer, with electronic and neo-classical influences. Specialising in blending synthesized sounds with orchestral ensembles and vocals. MMus Composition for Film and TV (ongoing) BA (Hons) First Class Honours in Professional Musicianship Vocals

Producing, Sounddesign  - High 'n' Rich

One record with Hip Hop prodigy Arizona Zervas, Releases on HEXAGON, Universal and more 2 years working experience at Cymatics.FM Extremely precise remaking and sound design skills, Powerful Mix & Mastering abilities 85% accuracy in Perfect Pitch and chord recognition up to 4 notes

Everything audio related - MST producer

Laidback Luke told me I am the next Flume.

Remote Sound Engineer/Designer - Harry Barker

5 REMOTE SERVICES From Experienced, Award Nominated Sound Engineer and Designer: Soundscape, Sound Design and Composition for Media or Live Events, done remotely. • Mixing and Mastering for your songs done remotely • Remote Violin/Viola Professional Recording • Drum Programming done remotely • Post Production Vocal Comping and Treatment Remotely

 - HCT Production

Based from Toronto, Ontario our company, HCT Production, is focused on providing exceptional sound engineering/editing services. Whether you need a remix, instrumental track or professional sound editing, contact us for a quote.

MusicProducer,Composer,Guitar  - Danny Leo

I am a musician with 20 years of experience in live concerts. I’ve been acting as a composer, lead singer, guitarist and keyboard player in several bands, recording studio musician. I had many live performances. I also produced music in my home studio and worked in several professional studios, recording bands, editing tracks,making backing tracks.

Sound Design, Mixing - Liquid Gravity Studio

Film Sound Post-production and Music Mixing

Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Stone Box Studios

Sound recording mixing & mastering studio specialized in online services.

Music Producer, Mastering - Bastian

Electronic Music Producer with several Beatport Top 10 Hits. 25 years of experience in production, mixing and mastering. Current projects: "Heerhorst" and "Fukkk Offf"

Sound Design,Producer, Mixing  - Mindless Factory

Dynamic, Versatil and Creative

'Audio Engineer', 'Producer'. - KSG C-Sharp

Vibrating To The Wave Of Life...

Composing, Mixing & Mastering - Insidius Media

Hello, I'm Ilija, and I've been doing and playing music for last 13 years. I am doing original music content all by myself, from the idea, all the way to final product. I also mix and master all of my songs like every professional artist.

Recording & mixing engineer - Frans H.

Punk rocker who is finishing BA studies for Music Production. Recorded, mixed & mastered all types of music in my studies but expertise lie in the realm of guitar based band music. Want to try and learn more! Have done dialogue recording & editing along with sound design work for YLE & live engineering in alternative music club Vastavirta-Klubi.

Songwriter & Recording Artist - T-Y


Delivering a prestine sound using proper equipment delivering professional vocals. Analyze what's requested. Brainstorming ideas until its fitting. Creativing unique melodies that pulls listeners in. Then crafting the verses all while impacting the whole element & atmosphere. I am a whole vibe as well as lyricist in my material I craft hit records.

Sound Designer/Vocal Engineer - MIX MASTERING & SOUND DESIGN

LOW COST BUDGET HIGH QUALTY TRACKS 5 Years + Experience in my field!

Producer Mixing & Mastering - Joe Rawlinson

Ten years of producing & mixing experience working with both live bands & electronic music producers. Ive had releases under the alias 'Dark Entity' on independent labels in the DnB scene which have also been supported by many well known DJ's in the scene, including airtime on BBC radio one, Radio Gloucester & many others.

Audio Engineer - Payton Mullins

I am an audio engineer. I would love to mix or track for you! I work with musical composition or editing podcasts, all of the sorts!

Producer, Songwriter, Mix Eng - George Sadler

Allow me to help create and mix your sound for a professional sound!

Engineer & Sound Designer - Bentley Dean

Based in the Home of House Music and trained by a pioneer of House Music.

Music Producer - Julien

Hi, I'm Julien a Music production student, based in London. I've been involved in music composition/production since I was very young. I'm interested in helping people in music to have experiences in the business.

Music Producer/ Beat maker  - PYRX MOZART

PYREX MOZART aka Times10. Music Producer/Songwriter/beat maker from Atlanta, Ga.

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