Top Game Audio Designers for hire

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Composer for Media - Ivan Titkov


Post Production, Foley Sound,  - Kosher Sounds

Hello! My Name is Maura Scherrer. I graduated in 2007 from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I have a BFA in Sound Engineering and a minor degree in animation.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Simon Saunders


BBC Radio 1 voted Champion Sound. London based Producer, composer, mixing/mastering engineer, sound designer & recording artist. Fat Boy Slim, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Claude von Stroke, Eats Everything & Jacques Lu Cont. 60+ tracks successfully produced.

Artist, Producer, Engineer  - J-Doc

I am J-Doc , a self-taught and constantly learning artist, producer, engineer. I am here to make myself better by extending my work globally. Feel free to contact me and ask me anything. I hope I can help you and you can help me! Continue to grow and be free.

Musician / Producer - Paul Hayworth

Hi, I am a working musician, producer and sound engineer working in multi-genre art based music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Panic Room Studio

Panic Room Studio is a voiceover recording and postproduction, music mixing and mastering facility based in Gdansk – Poland.

Music Composer - Marios V. Apostolakoulis

I am a film,video game and theater music composer/digital sound and MIDI specialist

Music producer / mixing master - Nuggifreshbeatsllc

My goal is too exceed expectations on all projects no matter the budget. Im the guy your looking for when your budget is minimal and you need expensive results.

Music Producer - dudi Beats

I can catch your vibe.

Producer/Mixer/Sound Designer - Michaël Deybach

I'm Michael, a producer with a good amount of experience in various styles such as Hip-hop/Rap, Trap, Drum n bass, Synthwave...

Musician Artist  - Akalanka Ekanayake

He has worked on many notable projects, including France (2021), Crimes of the Future, and Hacker (2019).

Remote Mixing, custom programs - Ars Arcanum Productions

Ars Arcanum Productions is run by a graduate student in electro-acoustics specializing within production and composition of contemporary music. Up and coming and especially similar with new technologies and possibilities that are far from being traditional.

Film Scoring, Audio Mixing - Clinton Clark

My name is Clinton Clark and I am an Emmy award-winning composer and studio musician with experience in motion picture scoring and musical landscapes for nationally touring planetarium projects, such as "Voyager the Cosmic Nomad" and "Where Time Began." This award winning work includes underscores for AT&T, American Express, McDonald's.

Guitar Sessions, Productions - Starr Productions

I'm a musician/producer and guitarist . I write songs- Beats, Soundtracks . I come from House Music, which, in my view, has got the same roots as Hip Hop (Old School) : Soul, Funky, Jazz and Disco, with some Latin pianos and moods

Film Audio Expert - Fabian Hee

I'm a sound designer and audio editor who's also an accomplished filmmaker, nominated in multiple film festivals.

Producer, Keys, Singer, Mixing - Arnoult Malfait

Gravação e trilhas - Freak Estúdio e Produtora

Estúdio de gravação e Produtora de Áudio. Responsável pelo Selo Freak de música independente.

Film Composer & Sound Designer - Ryan Baker

I’m a film composer and sound designer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I love writing scores with unique sounds made from string instruments like the ronroco, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass. I use a combination of real and virtual instruments to create a professional sound that can meet the requirements of low and high budgets.

Cello, Music Producer - Nubia


Japanese Game & Anime Music Maker

Mixing and Music Production - David Sound Wizard

Traveled the world for 11 years mixing artists like Marina and the Diamonds, Blood Orange, Tove Lo, Sofitukker, Nelly Furtado, Cut Copt, Washed Out and many more

Film & VideoGame Composer/SFX - Jay Ordonez

EPIC that's what you want your project to be and that's why you're getting in contact with me!

Music producer/instrumentalist - Hugh Orford

I am a mostly electronic music producer with skills in playing instruments such as saxophone bass drums and harp. I will create a compelling and experimental tracks with a range of genres. i have been selected as a BBC music introducing artist so have experience working with musicians and talent.

B2B Audio & Music Experiences - Glocal Sound

VISION - We help brands, companies, NGOs, foundations and institutions to connect and emotionally interact with their communities through original and unique audio and music experiences.

Cello_Arrangement_Ambitronica - Armed With Bow

I'm the independent, creative minded cellist you're looking for to add some string magic to your track. Whether you're just looking to fill out your track with some string parts or you're looking for some creative input for a cello feature on a track, I've got you.

Audio Engineer;Session Drummer - Jacob Ramirez( Mandala Music)

With a background in drumming for many different artists and groups and many different styles I can drum to nearly anything. I also am a great audio engineer with strong points in mixing,mastering, and post production. No job is too big or small feel free to ask me any questions!

Composer, Recording Studio - Michael Engesser

Michael is a prolific composer-arranger and recording engineer. Working in his purpose-built music studio he continues to be part of projects all around the world in Film, TV, Videogames and Music Production.

I play, produce, mix & master - Teera Lucksanapiruk

I've written music for brands like coke and Honda. I've done audio post for nationally broadcasted TV series as well. I care about the music of the people that I work with, just as if they were my own.

Mix Engineer & Music Producer - Diego Demarco

I'm a fully trained mixing engineer versatile in a broad range of generes. I have studied from the best in Berklee and SAE Institute and can enhance your track up to the professional level you are looking for.

Music and Sound Design - Lux Music Design

Lux Music Design is a music and sound design studio, founded and directed by Latin Grammy Award winning producer Ernesto Santos.

Remote Mixing, Composition - Thomas Benson

Clients include - Wheatus, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mike Doughty, Space, The Hushtones.

Music Producer & Composer - Marcos Arevalo

The highest quality and most accurate soundtrack or song you can get.

Mix Engineer & Bassist - EJ Sound

Music that thumps and caresses is my passion! Loud mixes, dynamics and the right vibrations all live here through my Mix Engineering. As a Bassist I am very well trained with upright, jazz and 5 string to get the correct feel for your track!

Remote Sound Design - Julian Delfin

Sound designer and audiophile with a passion for creative storytelling through audio.

Session musician | singer - SNDMNTN Productions

I am a seasoned bandleader, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer, and recording engineer who loves the process of collaborating on music that moves the body, heart and human spirit.

Music Producer - Zenyth the Architect

Over 10 years of music production experience, i am capable and confident in producing any instrumental you need.


In a time when screens and displays are our principal source of information and entertainment, new technologies, tools and platforms, experiment to create innovative narration, communicate with images and sounds, support in theory, art history, and professional ethics, on Audiovisual narrative, image and sound treatment, animation & programming

 - Leo Perantoni

Composer, sound designer and producer from Brazil. I have a degree in music technology, and composition with a focus on orchestration. 5 years of experience doing game audio, music and sound design, and producing my own compositions and works.

music producer - niv cohen

My name is niv cohen I own a recording studio in tel aviv I work with the top industry of music and advertising business in israel and have a 20 years of experience. I specialised in music production recording and mixing and own top of the line recording gear and tons of great instruments and cutting edge stuff. I work really fast and very creative

Music Producer,  - Frank Quickmix Hassas

Producer and Writer of The Real McCoy and Maxx. The Real McCoy had countless Top 5 Hits in the USA, UK, Japan and Europe and sold more than 8 million records worldwide. Furthermore Quickmix was honoured by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for the Song Another Night, which stayed 50 weeks the US Billboard Chartsl

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mix In The Box

Mix In The Box Online Mixing & Mastering Services

Music Producer, Composer - Maiden Clarity

I am a singer, songwriter, music producer, composer and have been writing music for the past 10 years. I mainly compose soundtrack instrumentals for hip hop artists, film, tv and video games/apps, and have my own music project called Maiden Clarity.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Wolfe Audio Production™

Musically inclined music creator ready to produce your next single.

Electronic & Hip Hop Producer - Bluesanova Studios

Bluesanova is one of the top producers behind the fresh sound of indie hip hop in India. Blending powerful drums, addictive melodies with lush synths and sharp hooks, Bluesanova is one of the most unique voices to come out of Mumbai. He has crafted hits for artists like Dopeadelicz, MC Altaf, 7Bantaiz and Emiway.

Producer - Ago Carollo

Producer, songwriter, arranger, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, remixer. I worked for Papa Roach, Miguel Bosé, Roxette, Vasco Rossi and many more.

Music Composer - Owen Jefferies Music

I create bespoke music and sound for film, games and other interactive media.

Music production, Songwriting - Kate & Years

Looking for your next melodic uplifting production? Kate & Years (KAY) can help you out with whatever style of production and songwriting you need for your project! With Years releasing his Beatport #1 hit of Axwell & Shapov - Belong (Axwell & Years Remode), you can trust us to allways be on top of the game when it comes to creative melody making.

Music Producer, Dj - PSI?SICK

Dark Industrial Acid Techno Producer and Psytrance Producer

Producer  Recording Studio - Edmond

I'll create a radio-ready music

Film & VideoGame Composer/SFX - Jay Ordonez

EPIC that's what you want your project to be and that's why you're getting in contact with me!

Film & Game Composer, Pianist - Catherine Yang

Want to take your film, game, or creative brainchild to the next level? Pack a punch with zero dialogue? I'll write the perfect music for you. I've scored projects for brands like American Humane, MasterCard, and Soko Glam and countless films (short and feature). Achieving your musical goals is my top priority. Let's collab!

 - Bedy Good Productions

Bedy Good Productions is a Toronto-based music production company. Everything you may need sound-wise for your project (sound design, audio editing or original music) – we can do it. We are doing what YOU need. And we are doing it bedy good.

 - Sheffler Music

Hi my name is Zach and I'm a composer/musician/engineer with a degree in Music from Belmont University with an emphasis in Music Technology and Business. I am currently living in Nashville, TN and will happily help you out with any of your music needs.

Producer & Songwriter - Adam Kelly Productions

I am a composer, producer and multimedia artist from Dublin, Ireland. I have attained a Bachelors Degree in Music from University College Dublin before completing a Masters Degree in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin.

Producer + Composer  - Art Music

I've produced hip hop, RNB + dance music for vocalist, as well as scored entire soundtracks for film! Love all music and compose all - from classical to punk rock!

Guitar, Mixing and Mastering - Fraser Edwards

Award Winning Mixing/Mastering engineer and Guitarist, specialising in Power Metal and heavy Rock/Metal.

Sound Designer, Music Composer - Titan Audio Group

Experts in maximizing the emotional connection with sound and music. Mixing and Mastering, Sound design and music composing. We create audio experiences for Video Games, Film, TV, Radio and Animations

Song writer - KIng Kros


Remote Music Production - Matthew Force

I can get you just about anything you need. I'm well versed in accurately reproducing guitar and synth tones, as well as replicating the sound and feel of just about any genre of music. I specialize in mixing your raw tracks into high quality music, but I'm no stranger to writing and producing from the ground up! What can I do for you?

Session Guitarist, EDM Mixing - Bradley Hutchings

Bradley Hutchings is a session guitarist and composer based in Neukölln (Berlin). He has worked with bands such as Malena Zavala and Francess Lion. Under his alias, Guava, Bradley released records on R&S and Rhythm Section. Amongst writing music for ad campaigns for Virgin Media and Huawei, he has also composed for Netflix spy-drama The Same Sky

 - Vlad Avy

I am a Canadian record producer and engineer based in Toronto, providing professional mixing and mastering services. I come from a diverse background of film & animation scoring and sound-design, as well as a decade of experience in both playing and recording live music.

Composer - Ryan Yuda Pramadita

Hello I'm a Music Composer

Composer | Producer | Musician - Peter Lopes

Contemporary musician and composer, studied at the Conservatory - Music Course Silva Monteiro. Influenced by various music genres such as pop, rock, electronic, minimalist music and soundtrack.

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