Top Game Audio Designers for hire

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Sound Designer, Composer - Fabio Di Santo

Sound Designer/Composer/Sound Engineer fascinated by sound crafting and dedicated to the infinite applications of audio. Specialised in productions for media, interested in the relation between people and the surrounding soundscape, expert in Ambient composition. Constantly active on new projects, currently available for freelance work.

Music Composer, Music Producer - Noternight

Original music, score and soundtrack for video, film, advertisement, games, campaigns, podcasts etc.

Electronic Producer  - Antoine Balaine

A creator of sounds, music, and emotional landscapes, Antoine Balaine is a French-Argentinian artist currently living in Los Angeles. A true parisian by birth, he graduated the prestigious Berklee College of music specializing in music production, composition and arrangement.

horns, electronic landscapes - The Saxophone Warrior

25 year music industry experience along with project manager experience in web, I bring perspective from both fields to help streamline and simply work flows. let's get your project done, quickly and efficiently, so you can move on to getting it out there faster.

Composer and Arranger - Gabriel Iocca

so I don't have much experience because I graduated in erudit compose a little time ago

'producer', 'writer', 'artist' - Family

Hello everyone, I am a professional musician and producer, I love making music

Music Producer, Mix and Master - LAMAHU

BeatMaker, Producer, Songwriter

Game Soundtrack Composer - Nick Cutler

I just want to contribute.

 - Swift Dreamer

Are you looking for a instrumental to sing or rap on? maybe something needs mixing? Hand your problems over to me and I promise you will not be disapointed.

Music producer, Sound designer - Tamás Fodor

My name is Tamás Fodor. I was born in 1992 in Hungary and have always been interested in creating music with computer. I started with trance and house music and had my first release in 2010. Since then I had many releases and I gained supports from some of the most famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold and many others.

80s & Bass Music, Sound Design - Dandroid

Hi! I'm Danny, a music producer, sound designer and DJ from Budapest, Hungary. I do: - Music Production - Sound Design - Mixing - Game,Movie OST/Audio

Music Composer and Producer - Geoffrey Carter

I have been involved with music for over 36 years, but I also have an advanced degree in engineering which I used in working on climate change. I am the scientific artist, ready to compose, produce, and mix masterpieces for your project. I've worked with artists, production music, and soundtracks. Whatever your needs, I have you covered!

Composer, Sound Designer - Tomas Chatila Music

It all starts by a story. Expressing it immediately in the most natural way is the way I function as a composer.

Music produce for Branding - ongaq Co., Ltd.

Graphical, Immersive, Atmospheric, Theatrical, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Video Game Music, Ad, Electronic, Rock, Anime and Other. Music production based in Tokyo with a recording orchestra, making all types of music for brands, films to TV series, games and ads worldwide.

Composer, Guitarist, producer - Richie Major

Looking for Opportunities to create music/sound for your project

 Film & Game Composer - Lucas Masoch

I'm a multimedia artist and soundtrack composer who's worked with a variety of genres and has expertise in mixing and mastering music. I've composed over 6 hours of music so far.

Music Producer, Mix & Master. - Ditty Beatz

Im a self taught musician who started at a time when there wasnt as much information online so I had to learn through trial and error. Going on for 10+ years now I have worked with well established as well as underground artists from all over the world. I come from a Hip-Hop background but can adapt to any genre.

Create Art - Prince Fusion

Produced for The Vivid Project, Harrison Cole, Sembari, and Retro. Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Composing, Songwriting services available

Cloud Pop Hip Hop Producer  - Gabriel Santana

My unique speciality would be creating an electronic hip hop vibe.

Lo-Fi Sound Designer - Kirill Gridin

I'm experienced electronic music producer that loves to sound design, experiment with any types of sound and recordings. So please tell what you need and i will help you! Cheers.

 - clorOH! Media

Mixing and Mastering Studio...

Sound Artist / Audio Mixing - Blacknoise

The most complete Sound Artist you could find!

emotional music & sound - Oleg Pliasunov

Created music score for 64-episode TV-series ordered by the most viewed in the world Russian-speaking TV channel - "Russia-1"

Game Composer + Sound Designer - DANiEL SHAE

Music and Audio as serious or as whimsical as you need it, and in any genre to boot. Whatever your project requires: orchestral, pop, funk, rock, world, chiptune—you name it, I can make it. Let's work together to find your project's one-of-a-kind voice!

Beatmaker/Music Producer - 400MGB

Never give up, remember why you started

Remote Audio Production - SimonValentineAU

Shaping your music into broadcast-quality audio ready for an audience.

Mixing/Mastering/Composition - Ars Nocturna Audio

I'm here to help take your project to the next level with industry-tested skills.

Post Production & Sound Design - Clap Studio

Clap Studio - Because you want to hear claps on your Premiere:)

Sound Designer  - Blare Vidal

As a Sound Designer I possess the extraordinary ability to shape the very fabric of reality through the magic of sound, prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other! I've worked successfully in the electronic music scene around the world, opening for Steve Aoki, Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn) and many others.

Film Composer, Sound Designer - SomLiminal

Sound Designer and Composer with a passion for creating immersive and captivating audio experiences for visual media. From Hip-Hop to Classical Counterpoint, I cover a wide range of genres and extensive harmony knowledge with great mixing & mastering skills.

Audio Contortionist - Mike Schmidt

sound design, composition, synthesis, beat making, live pa artist, sound & studio technician.

 - Hussnan 'Haz' Mushehdi - Sound Engineer - HD Studio - Recording, Mixing, Production.

Suite Studio in the heart of london. Fully BBC Spec Recording room. HD Recording. PMC Monitoring. Full Mixing Room. We can create amazing High Quality recordings and Perfect mixes. From voice-overs to Albums, from Promo to Release we can do it all. The limit is your Imagination… (and budget) :) We can do anything

Music Producer - W/SCHWER Music Production

W/SCHWER Music Production was created by the music producer Jacek Wolański and offers various services like Sound Design / Soundtrack, Voice-over, Mixing & Mastering, or even Digital & Physical Distribution of the albums.

Mixing and Editing Audio - Jcaofficial

Mixing, Editing, Mastering Audio engineer and Producer

music designer and beatmaker - Ra vega

I see sounds since i was little, i like composing new challenges every day, for me the world was made with music.

Music Producer/Engineer - Curtis Kondra

A creative looking to expand in the freelance universe. There's nothing more in the world that I love than music. I focus mainly in electronic, but have worked in various other genres as well! Working in the studio, I have worked with Juno Award winning artists, and Grammy nominated engineers and producers!

Music/Audio for all your needs - Caio Barbosa

Music & Audio for Games | Films | Ads | Bands | Foley & Sound Design

Music Composer & SoundDesigner - Matheus Aquino

Music Composer & Sound Designer | Creating immersive soundscapes for video games and films

 - Pezmosis Music Productions

Professional Sound and Video for the Creative Mind. Pezmosis is located in beautiful Oak Ridges, Ontario. Specializing in recording, mixing, and mastering audio at cheap rates.

I make music, playbacks and ka - MickyMusic

I make music, playbacks and karaoke versions , video and gaming musical scoring.

Composer, Audio Design, Guitar - Obadiah Brown-Beach

I have a well-varied background in music composition, production, performance, songwriting, and sound design for games, film, and television. Music and audio examples at:

Music Producer - Dj Marvilous

I'm Jemini. I've been producing & engineering music for myself and other artists for about 7 years now. I've been working in Vegas for some of the biggest world-class DJs such as David Guetta, Diplo, and The Chainsmokers. I'm very detailed oriented and I will make you Sound Better! If you're looking for a modern sound to quickly catch the attentio

Music producer, sound designer - Sofa Sound Design

I am Creative Sound Designer & Music Producer based in Bristol, UK. I have over 3 years of experience within the sound and music industry. I learnt my trade at the famous DBS music college in Bristol where I studied music production & sound engineering.

Music producer, drummer, beat  - Mixer_drummer

HI! I am Max. I am composer and music producer.

Pianist/Percussionist/Composer - Nathaniel Stella

I can help record any piano, percussion, or compositions for you as I have experience as a professional percussion player with 8 years of time played. I have been playing piano for around 14 years and have written and performed just about every kind of music you can name and I am not finishing a degree in music production at Full Sail University.

Music Producer - Michael J Duren

I produce unique electronic music. Anything from Dance, EDM, IDM, to Hip Hop. I also do Mixing and Mastering.

Full Service Music Production  - Tweek Muzik Entertainment

GRAMMY NOMINATED & Platinum Selling Production company - our clients can produce Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B songs and or just tracks. We have also done songs for films (Think Like A Man / TLC Bio-pic) and commercials (Nike, Peloton, NFL, NBA etc.).

iraqi musician singer artist - Hasonwff حسونوف

hmhmat همهمات

Estudante de musica (pianist) - Gabriel Vinicius

Um Instrumentista em formação, querendo se adaptar as novas tecnologias do mercado musical

Produce. Mix. Repeat. - Mike Zimean

The Audio Guy you've been looking for. UK iTunes chart topping producer. GameJam winning sound designer. Film award winning foley artist. I'm all about music and sound.

Sound designer/engineer - Can Uzer


I am a Helsinki-based sound designer, with a background covering areas such as recording arts, interactive audio, film sound, game sound, and live music, as well as game design and storytelling. I have fluency in numerous tools including Pro Tools, REAPER, Audition, Wwise, FMOD, Unity, and Pure Data.

 - Arturo Barragan

I am a profesional sound designer with a complete mayor in audio engineer and music production.

UK Based Recording Studio  - Paul Wilkinson

Music Producer, Songwriter, Mixing & Mastering Engineer. Genres: Drum & Bass, House Music, Dubstep, Hip Hop & Trap/Drill.

Sound Design, Mixing/Mastering - Luke Brindley

My name is Luke Brindley and I am Audio engineer looking for projects to add to my portfolio and to use as part of my degree. Offering cheap rates to get the Job done.

Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering - Andre Jonas

Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Based in Kiel, Germany – Your Vision Is My Mission

Music Producer - written

I specialize in composing music and producing music i'm also an emerging producer.with a debut solo album to be release #AllMyDays:#ProducedByWritten "ComingSoon.

I'll make you sound good! - Syntonic Sound

Original Sound Design, Background & Ambiences, Composition, Editing. Mixing and Mastering

Music Producer, Composer - Underfoot Music

Published soundtrack composer, 2 self-produced albums, 2+ years of music production and 5+ years of audio engineering. Lover of synthwave, psychedelic rock, hip hop, and r&b/soul. Hard-working and eager to turn good ideas into great music.

Sound Design and Mix  - Fox-Audio

Fox-Audio is a dedicated audio restoration service for video game and film post production. We provide services like field recording (cars, guns, animals, ambients, etc.) and sound designing too.

 - wattabass sound

Hello, I am a professional audio engineer and musician. I have over five years experience composing mixing mastering and editing music and other audio and I have a degree in Music Technology and Production.

Sound Designer - Games & Video - CGSound

I'm a sound designer for video and game projects, with particular interest in realistic and abstract environments, character sound design, field recording, 5.1 mixing and emerging audio implementation systems. Work highlights: Recording artist on 'Sweat' Melbourne International Film Festival 2015 Sound designer and composer on VR game 'I-86'.

Composer for Film and Game - George Christie

Following a breakthrough role as assistant producer, sound designer and project manager for a 40-episode political radio program for the United Nations Development Program, George has composed for a swathe of internationally loved TV shows, including Hard Corps (produced by Dwayne Johnson), NASCAR (Fox TV), and Bad Girls Club (Oxygen).

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jordi "NYKT" Cardeña Moreno

I'm studing a degree of Audio post-production engineering at Eumes, Spain. Right now I am on my last year of the career. Also I have a diploma of music production and DJ at Plastic Pioneer Academy (Barcelona).

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