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Hi ! My name is Mats and im an guitartist arranger composer i have been playing as a promusician for 30 years doing solo guitar concerts ,100s of cds as solo artist ,arranger ,composer ,producer and as a guitarist!
Im extremily versatile and i think i have definite own style!
i play metal progressive with (Morgan Agren last frank zappa drummer in vargtonprojekt) Classical music with my beautiful Ramirez ive done records with singer songwriters ,pop singers, napoletan folk music, world music such as hang camera featuring Billy Cobham,exprimental music , a swedish contemparary composer wrote Drivved for me a suite for sologuitar in 4 movements (using EBow pedals & classical guitar i wrote 2 Italian movie soundtracks : "La porta delle 7 stelle" Cocapop , both with Italian director Pasquale Pozzessere i wrote also some commercial spots and 3 guitar books and 1 guitar video! i collaborate since 1998 with Universal publishin/Addictive tracks/Flipper music/Matchmusic/Warner as composer, i can definitely give you a different sound for any project i like a lot odd time music or pop as long as its good quality music ooh i use a lot the Ebow i can record for you in whatever format you want to i use ProTools Neumann Microphones ENGL amps and plugins soundcard i use Universal Audio Apollo mk twin 2 !you can check out my music

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Gear Highlights
  • EBow
  • ENGL apps for Universal Audio by Brainworx
  • Truetemeperament fretting systems
  • ENGL Amps and pedals
  • Apollo Mark twin II by UA
  • Neumann Microphones for acoustic and Classical guitars
  • Protools for recording 48/24 and up!
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