20+ years experience in electronic music production and performance.
A critical ear, by a 3rd party, is the most important aspect of mastering.
Allow me to service your mastering needs.

I have been producing Drum & Bass since 95' as Jo-s, and various EDM styles as Moralz more recently.
I am also an experienced vocalist.
My background was formalized in the analog domain.
I bring extensive knowledge into my mastering sessions, garnered by over 20 years experience.
You want someone who knows what corrections to listen for, without altering your original vision for the song.
My greatest strength, is bringing warmth, punch and width to a mix without over saturation or compressing.
In this way, you achieve a greater sense of space and perceived volume, without smashing your mix.

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Ozone Advanced
  • Waves

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

I offer a quick turnaround of stereo mastered, 16bit wav files.
You provide a 24 bit, stereo wav file of your final mix down with at least 6db of headroom.
DO NOT add processing on your master bus.

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