Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Aerosmith

Photo of Max Carola

Max Carola

Music Producer,Mixer,Engineer
Naples, Italy
10 Reviews
  • Mixing Engineers - $600/Song
  • Producers - $1000/Song
  • Remixing - $700/Song
  • 4 More...
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"My job is to bring life to your music" With several decades of producing, engineering and mixing Max Carola can give your music the sound and power needed to jump to the next level. Max's ability to find the right tone is the real secret weapon an Artist or a Producer can find to bring the magic of the music to the crowd.

Photo of Robert L. Smith

Robert L. Smith

New York, NY
75 Reviews
  • Producers
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Mastering Engineers
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Oscar & Grammy winning, Emmy nominated Producer/Engineer/Mixer. 30 years of Gold & Platinum experience. Recent clients of note include Lady Gaga, U2, The Ting Tings, Chaka Khan, Glee, Placido Domingo, Ingrid Michaelson, Cristina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, Baz Luhrmann and Duran Duran.

Photo of Reformata A/V Studios

Reformata A/V Studios

Mixing & Location Recording...
Greenville, SC, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
  • Recording Studios
  • Editing
  • 3 More...
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Greetings, I'm Eric Hoffman, owner and engineer of/at Reformata A/V Studios. I love music in general, so whether it be a Jazz Trio or the most brutal of metal, if it moves me I'm game. Whether it be mixing, location recording, or authoring your DVD, allow me to take my 20+ years of passion and pour it into your project. Read further for more...

Photo of Fantasy Studios

Fantasy Studios

San Francisco, CA
1 Review
  • Recording Studios
  • Producers

Fantasy Studios is a world-renowned recording facility located in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an integral part of the Zaentz Media Center, we provide exceptional services for the music, film, video, and game communities.

Photo of J.Saliba


Boston, MA, USA
  • Recording Studios - $500/Day
  • Producers - $500/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $500/Song
  • 4 More...

Hi, I make records, usually without anyone wearing headphones, becasue of this kink I have a HUGE bag of mix tricks to bring recordings in less than ideal conditions to a universally presentable and professional place.

Photo of LoLA Music Studios

LoLA Music Studios

Recording Studio
Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Recording Studios - $1000/Day
  • Mixing Engineers - $600/Song
  • Producers - $1000/Song
  • 1 More...

LoLA Studios offers High Definition master recording and post production with a Vintage vibe, surrounded by classic pieces of Music equipment, keyboards and instruments.

Photo of Frankie Vinci

Frankie Vinci

Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA

    Multi-Platinum Songwriter, Producer Multi-instrumentalist Frankie Vinci is now available for online productions, or co-writing . His production company "Da Vinci Music" is currently developing many artists in all genres .. Pop, Rock, Country , R&B/Soul, Dance, etc.. Frankie is also composing Tv Themes, Film Scoring, etc..

    Photo of Sanctum Sound

    Sanctum Sound

    Boston, MA, USA
    7 Reviews
    • Game Audio
    • Remixing - $2000/Song
    • Post Mixing
    • 4 More...

    Sanctum Sound Productions & Sanctum Sound Studio... Boston's PREMIER professional production studio for over 14 years. Songwriting, composition & production for artists, film, & all media.



    Mastering, Restoration
    Cambridge, MA, USA
    • Mastering Engineers - $125/Song
    • Mixing Engineers - $600/Song
    • Producers

    Led by chief mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner, who wields 30-plus years of experience in the mastering and production industries, M-WORKS is today one of the world’s most esteemed and versatile audio mastering studios. In the past 25 years, M-WORKS has mastered over 7,000 projects, dozens of which have won Grammy awards and have been certified.

    Photo of The Park Recording Studio

    The Park Recording Studio

    Ocean City, MD, USA
    • Producers - $100/Song
    • Vocal Tuning - $100/Track
    • Vocal comping - $100/Track
    • 4 More...

    We are a full service recording/mixing/mastering audio facility located in North Ocean City Maryland right on the Md. De. Line. Our studio was designed and built by Emmy Winning Engineer Micheal A. Cirile, worked for ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, MSG, USA Network, HBO, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Films,DJM Films, Sony MusicStudios,